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In today’ s world where online applications have become a digital mirror of business activities, we at OrangeMantra realize that it has become increasingly important for you to provide both customers and employees with an increasingly modern, intuitive, and engaging experience.

For both UI (User Interface – buttons, links, input fields, and similar page elements) and UX (User Experience – the actual interaction between the user and the page itself), the interaction designers play a vital role. However, the role of interaction designer has shifted from just specifying UI components, and communicating them to the engineers, to a scenario where designers have more freedom to design contextual interfaces based on user needs. Our team of professionals takes cognizance of these usability aspects, and the end user experience and benefits as top priorities.

We work on your software applications, websites and mobile apps to get the best user interactions design possible and thus enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty. We leverage the best web and supporting technologies like Photoshop, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript (JQuery/ AngularJS/ BackboneJS/ KineticJS) and many more to create interfaces and experiences with new possibilities and enhanced capabilities.