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Go Viral with Your Website Usability √√Ticks
An Optimal Match between User Expectations and the Business Objectives.

We are known in the industry as the aesthetic and Intelligent Web Designers. Our website design perfectly conveys the interplay between design and the business strategy based on market and social research methods. We define our design in terms of content, organization, navigation, visual appeal and technology. Our Website Usability Check services will help you increase performance measures, customer loyalty scores, conversion rate, employee productivity, and usage rate.

We Catch and Rectify the Usability Problems:

Home Page:
  • Positive first impression supporting conversion
  • Clear Call for action
  • Logged in user’ s name displayed to create intimacy
  • Any changes are displayed on the homepage itself
  • Company address and location mentioned on the homepage
  • Inclusion of Privacy policy
  • Relevant & High Quality images and videos
  • URL site works with or without www
User Experience:
  • Avoidance of unnecessary registration
  • Professionally designed & credible website
  • Personalized features
  • Uncluttered information
  • Transparency in content
  • Captions and transcriptions for audio and videos
  • Best and appropriate color code
  • Readable content
  • Easy clicks for check box, links and buttons
  • Accessible navigation
  • Use of breadcrumbs
  • Consistent navigation on every page
  • Descriptive links
  • Memorable URL s
  • Search bar for large websites
  • Search options on every page
  • Search by type words
  • Search box is spacious for legible content
  • Call of actions in the form of buttons
  • Easily recognizable links
  • Differentiate visited and unvisited links
  • Absence of broken links
  • Responsive layout
  • Minimum number of pop-up windows
  • Consistent layout
  • Uncluttered layout
  • Groups for related content
Errors-free Website:
  • Compatible for major browsers
  • Website tested at every phase of development
  • Custom 404 and 500 errors
  • SSL certified website
  • Absolute questions included in the forms
  • Devoid of long drop down menus
  • Common and easy terms usage
  • Confirmation of submitted messages
  • Display of error messages appropriately
  • Adequate contrast between text and background color for legibility
  • Less and appropriate content
  • Readable content
  • Clear display of information
  • Useful and up-to-date content

Our user experience design services make you prototype design concepts and offer great return on investment.

Client’s Testimonials

“OrangeManta has always been very helpful and quick in response to our requests. We highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a reliable partner to help you build your website or online store.”

- Arthur

Working with OrangeMantra has been a great experience. We were struggling with a niche staffing requirement and finding the right person to fill the position was a big challenge. Thanks to OrangeMantra’s persistence, we were finally able to get a perfect match.

I am really happy with their services. Their recruiter was interested in understanding my requirements because she wanted to give me just the right resource. The best thing is that being an IT company themselves, they are good at understanding Great communication, no wastage of time and money!

I approached OrangeMantra for managed staffing last year and I was thoroughly impressed. The quality of candidates they connected with me was exceptional. The recruiter team deserves to be commended for their follow-up communication. I would definitely recommend OrangeMantra to everyone.