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Smart Office Solutions

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Looking to unlock the productivity potential?
Our smart office solution gets you going!

Keeping pace with office demands, while reducing time and effort, and still staying productive at work is possible with smart office solutions. OrangeMantra brings a solution that creates a productive environment in your office, where people are able to collaborate, communicate, and work in better and more efficient ways. Our solution empowers you to streamline your workflows and manage whatever contingencies and bottlenecks that come your way with lesser pain.

Technologies That Drive Smart Offices


IoT solutions assure increased performance for your workforce along with a productive delightful working environment.


The powerful sensor technology we use smarter and up-to-date management of office assets and business workflow.


Cloud enables access to data anytime and from anywhere and also facilitates remote monitoring of the organizations.

Smart Office Solution Elements

Smart Wayfinding

Smart Wayfinding

Let the users navigate around the office intuitively, without getting lost or confused.

Our solution provides a digital floorplan in a mobile app that helps users see where they are now and where they need to go for the next meeting.

Using this digital floorplan, they can get personalized navigation instructions according to their current location, without having to navigate through confusing hallways that all look the same.

Our unique solution is designed to shows relevant and personalized information, in real-time.

Smart Room Booking

Find vacant rooms and book them in a few clicks, no matter where you are!

With our smart office solution, you can gather clear and accurate information about the available rooms in your office.

Our smart assistant even finds a perfect room for you, based on your preference and location. You can arrange space for a spontaneous meeting and book on the fly, directly in the app.

Room panels outside the meeting rooms can also be used for booking them anytime.

Smart Room Booking
Smart People Finder

Smart People Finder

Searching for people through a maze of floors and departments had never been this easy.

Modern workplaces have multiple rooms, floors and departments, where people move around a lot. Finding a specific person can be a challenge bigger than you imagine.

Our smart solution acts as a tool that can assist you with easily locating all your colleagues in the office space, without having to check multiple areas and locations physically.

Conversely, users can choose to hide visibility in app settings if they don’t want to be disturbed.

Smart Reminders

Have you ever skipped meetings because they just skipped off your mind?

Hectic schedules and heavy workloads often lead to difficulty in remembering important business meetings, which your employees cannot afford to miss.

OrangeMantra’s smart office solution helps you to always been on time for every meeting. It calculates the time needed to reach the venue based on your current location.

Users get automated notifications when they need to head off to be there on time.

Smart Reminders
Smart Facilities

Smart Facilities

Coffee machine not working? Report issues and get them addressed at the earliest!

Office-related issues and problems related to facilities are common in large offices, but getting them resolved quickly is a challenge for businesses as well as employees.

With our solution, anyone can easily report issues to facility services and even add location and pictures if needed. Quick reporting often means accelerated response.

This translates into higher employee satisfaction and less time wastage for facility services.

Smart Analytics

Make insight-driven workplace management decisions that are smarter than ever.

The right workplace decisions reduce wastage of time and resources and make the workforce more satisfied and productive as well.

We bring a perfect smart office solution that is capable of providing useful insights about space utilization rates, no-shows, and employee availability in general.

This analytics-based information can be used to make better workplace decisions.

Smart Analytics

Benefits Of Smart Office Solution


Empowers facility managers make data-driven decisions for continuously improving space utilization, employee satisfaction, and cost management.


Acts as a smart personal assistant throughout the employee’s workday, making them more satisfied and less stressed to focus on their core jobs and be productive.


Drives a dynamic and result-focused working style for enhanced productivity, reduced wastage, and innovation in everyday work tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Smart office solutions are crucial for activity-based workspaces, collaboration spaces, hot desks, and lean working methods. It is an all-in-one system for employee engagement and workspace analytics. It improves communication between employees and provides a working environment for everyone. You can also avoid the cost of losing a talented employee by providing a delightful and smart working space for your in-house team.
Some of the key features of a modern smart office solution include:
  • Smart desks, conference or meeting rooms
  • Gamification
  • Modern video monitoring
  • Smart lighting and climate control
  • Indoor maps to navigate office floors
  • Cloud-based rewards and recognition programs
  • Voice control, and more.
Yes, we provide extended support and maintenance for the solution to keep it operating optimally. However, this will be chargeable depending on the support you require.

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