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Job Description – Solution Architect

No. Of Openings: 1


    12 + years of experience in software development in the various domains, along with a minimum of 5 years of architecture & design technology area with Java/J2EE.


  • Proven experience in every step of the application software development process. The process includes key elements such as creating models and prototypes, building scalable architecture, evaluating potential risks and flaws, analyzing specifications and customizing the applications to match the business requirements
  • Hands-on experience in software development using Java / J2EE, Spring, Angular and other related technology frameworks. A fair idea about Hadoop/ Map Reduce and Apache Spark.
  • Capability of providing solutions based on AWS-integration and also overseeing the development of AWS-based infrastructure
  • Strong experience in understanding and implementation of DevOps, including CI, CD, Jenkins, kubernetes etc. Ability to understand infrastructural requirements and guide the team accordingly.
  • Strong experience in software architecture, both monolithic and non-monolithic. Also, a fair understanding of application monitoring tools. Expertise in NoSQL database.
  • Extensive knowledge and experience in native and hybrid mobile application development platforms and technologies
  • Ability to create viable solutions for various systems and architectures that are specific to different verticals and different types of business models
  • Experience in recommending suitable technology solutions for any given business concept or Enterprise applications/products
  • Experience in evaluating the pros and cons for build/buy decisions considering cost, time to market, existing infrastructure and support situations of the business
  • Experience in identifying the hardware/software capacity requirements for the enterprise applications
  • Experience and sound knowledge of various frameworks and their feasibility for building different layers of application architecture
  • In-depth knowledge of Data structures and Algorithms, Core Dumps, Threads, and Memory Management
  • A thorough understanding of OOP and design patterns, along with working knowledge of design patterns and hands-on experience on MVC
  • Expertise in creating modular application components across the various layers of an application
  • Rich experience in fine-tuning applications for performance optimization and scaling according to the needs of changing business scenarios
  • Demonstrated deployments of digital and consumer-facing software systems using industry standard environments including the Web, Mobile and Hybrid platforms.
  • Ability to collaborate closely with systems analysts, software developers, managers and other team members to ensure the successful production of high-quality application software
  • Comprehensive SDLC experience, from gathering business requirements to building architecture and developing high quality, scalable enterprise applications at a global level