Data Architecture Services

Amplify Your Business Data’s Value with Our Data Architecture Services.

Our data architecture service offerings assist you to create a robust, high-performance, and scalable data architecture that meets your enterprise data management goals and help you stay competitive in today’s modern landscape.

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Our Range of Data Architecture Service Offerings

Unlock the full potential of your business-critical data with our wide range of data architecture service offerings.

Strategy and Design

We evaluate and design data architecture to help you make the best use of your business data. We help in ensuring high-quality data and analyzing it for better governance using technical data designs, data architecture, data strategy plans, and methodologies.

Data Infrastructure

We help you create a comprehensive data infrastructure strategy by providing flexible platforms to scale business needs. Our thoughtfully designed data infrastructure helps connect data proficiency techniques with hybrid data management systems for renovating your architecture.

Cloud Data Migrations

We can help you move your data to a modern, scalable cloud database platform such as Snowflake or any other database platform on Azure or AWS. We create a custom migration plan that includes set-up and configuration of the platform along with technical migration information for all settings, training, and go-live event procedures.

Enterprise Data Architecture

Whether it is on-premise, cloud-based, or hybrid, we develop highly flexible and secure data architectures that help in the effective use of high-quality, relevant, and accessible business data. Created to scale up along with your business, a robust data architecture supports your data analytics needs such as data science, custom applications, business intelligence, and regulatory reporting.

Data Warehouses and Data Marts

Our data architects develop warehouses on advanced platforms using tried-and-tested techniques to offer a centralized, governed location for both structured and semi-structured data. Our data architecture consultants will advise where your data asset should exist whether in a data warehouse, data lake, or combination of both.

Database Platform Evaluation

We evaluate your existing AWS or Azure environments to see how you can achieve operational excellence, performance efficiency, reliability, and cost optimization. Our data architecture engineers will offer detailed recommendations and suggest best practices to improve on these key areas and achieve better outcomes.

Data Management and Security

We help you manage business data effectively by unleashing the full potential of data and eradicate all the risks. We use the best practices for data security and regulatory compliance strategies to eliminate data breach-related, monetary, and reputational risks. We implement cutting-edge data management and security systems to help you manage data availability, usability, and integrity.

Data Integration

We help you integrate your business data and essential tools to analyze and gain better insights by bringing data from various sources to one, unified view. Starting from the ingestion process followed by cleansing, ETL mapping, and transformation, we help you gather, clean, and combine data for storage, analysis, and integration to use your data to their full potential.

Data Architecture Consulting

Our experienced data architects have helped numerous businesses build robust data architecture for years. We know which techniques and strategies will work wonders for your organization and are always ready to offer personalized data architecture consulting services that you need to build an effective business data strategy.

Benefits of Availing of Our Data Architecture Service Offerings

We offer a complete suite of data architecture service offerings to help you unlock the full value of your data. Here are some of the benefits that you’ll enjoy with our data architecture services.

Seamless User Experience
Seamless User Experience

Our data architects offer a seamless user experience with automation, scalable, secure platforms, and advanced analytics.

Greater Scalability
Greater Scalability

Maximize the scalability of your application by increasing the capacity of your database to manage a huge amount of data and users.

Quick Time-to-Market
Quick Time-to-Market

We help you gain a competitive edge by responding faster to market changes by integrating new applications and providing extra services.

Faster Processing
Faster Processing

Business applications based on modern data architecture have updated codes that make applications faster and efficient for better business operations.

Minimal TCO
Minimal TCO

By investing in our data architecture service offerings, you can reduce the total cost of ownership by fixing bugs in existing business applications.

Enterprise Data Architecture Services

To Help You Manage Your Business Data Effectively

Data is a valuable business asset that serves as a basis for great customer insights, cost-effective operations, sales performance, and other aspects of a business. Today’s data landscape is booming with swiftly changing technologies, customer engagement platforms, and data mediums. As data volumes increase exponentially and business needs keep on changing, you need to build a robust enterprise data architecture framework to make the most out of your business data and stay relevant, agile, and competitive. Orange Mantra’s enterprise data architecture services offer groundbreaking, cloud-based scalability, data democratization through self-service capabilities, and quick time-to-market for new data products. Our data architects ensure that business clients have optimized, curated, up-to-date, cross-silo modern enterprise data that serves as a single source of truth. Building a modern data architecture requires strong expertise in business processes and cloud-enabled technology. Our modern architecture services focus on optimizing and supporting your business processes, people, and technology. Our data architects develop and deploy infallible data architecture frameworks that empower the people in your organizations to successfully leverage the new processes and technologies.

Why Choose Us for Data Architecture Services?


Here some of the major reasons that make us unique providers of data architecture services:

  • Expert Advice
  • Proven Leadership
  • 20+ Years of Industry Experience
  • Cost Benefits
  • Implementation Experience
  • Result-oriented Strategy and Planning
  • Strict Adherence to NDA
  • Flexible Engagement Models
  • Timely Delivery

Why Organizations Should Opt for Data Architecture Services?

Data architecture is a crucial aspect of a modern data-driven organization. It offers you the right tools to collect data and use it in a way that leads to business growth. Investing in data architecture services helps you to:

Manage and Make Sense of Your Data

Manage and Make Sense of Your Data

Modern data architecture gets you rid of the process of collecting random data and hoping that it may be useful. You will have better knowledge of what data you need to collect and how to use it for better business improvement.

Improve Data Flow

Improve Data

If your business data is only accessed by the IT team, your business stakeholders will not be able to access and use it for making better decisions. Data architecture creates paths to transfer data to the appropriate teams.

Build Structure for Data Management

Build Structure for Data Management

A proper data architecture strategy builds a structure for governing data management. Right from data collection to analysis, a modern data architecture regulates how your company uses data.

Improve the Security of Data

Improve the Security of Data

Data architecture tools and technology rely on advanced data encryption and security features to protect your business data against unauthorized parties.

Industries We Serve

We cater to business clients from various industries with our reliable data architecture service offerings. Some of the top industries that we work with include:


Food & Beverage


Travel & Hospitality

Education & E-learning


Real Estate


ISVs & Product Firms

Media & Entertainment

Core Technologies We Work With

We are competent enough to work with the following core technologies to build advanced and scalable data architecture.