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Southern China Airways

The Client :-

The Southern China Airways, headquartered in Baiyun district, is one of the biggest Airlines in China, Asia’s largest, and the world’s sixth as passengers carrier.

The Requirement :-

The client was looking forward to make an iOS app for Flight management system. As per the present scenario, information was collected via different ways (e-mail, excel, etc.) and was filed accordingly. The requirement for an app was of a kind which would give the client a possibility to collect all information such as enlisted passengers, actual number of boarded passengers in a particular flight of mentioned destination, the baggages in the cabin, food items ordered, available menus, and so on in one system. The app needs to collect information about every departed flight with a history of 1 year; so that the client and the team can fill in all the information on their own after the flight has departed. At the same time it should be easy and clear for everybody to look up and see relevant information.

They confronted inconsistencies in taking care of these colossal information inferable from human errors and lead to lot of time consumption.

The challenges: Our client faced some genuine challenges while trying to meet his iPad application development requirements. Our challenge was to ensure that we provide a reliable and robust solution and in promised time. Some of the key challenges we faced were:

Flight Details- The client was looking for an easy and clear way to make entries of all flight details at one point and in specific manner. We also wanted it to store in database to view history for at least one year.

Master admin Panel for entire app- The client insisted on having a Master Admin panel for the app, so that he can make entries as per the data. This meant that the content had to be updated only on the database, and the mobile app should fetch and render that content, in the real time.

Dual Language- Since this app is going to be used in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Beijing and China, client wanted this app in dual language i.e. English and Chinese. This meant we need to change the language of entire app on single click.

Easy and clear view of history- Client wanted a clear and easy view of flight details so that he can analyze the details and take decision based on this history. This meant, we need to create history in such a manner that will help the client to analyze the history and take decision accordingly.

Keep up the quality standards- As it was a critical app for the company, we had to ensure that its quality was top notch

Turnaround- We wanted to develop the mobile app with all required features before the promised deadline.

Southern China Airways