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Apparel and Fashion

The global fashion and beauty industry is witnessing unprecedented growth today, bringing massive opportunities for retailers in this domain. With bigger opportunities come bigger challenges and businesses need to find ways to address them to maintain a foothold in the competitive market. Futuristic technology solutions can serve a number of benefits in this context- from predicting customer preferences to analyzing market trends, streamlining operations, extending omnichannel reach, meeting customer service challenges, and more. Embracing such solutions, therefore, no longer remains a choice for such businesses. At OrangeMantra, we bring advanced IT solutions to meet the demands and address the challenges of the ever-evolving apparel, fashion, beauty, and jewelry businesses.

Apparel and Fashion
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Technology Use Cases For Apparel and Fashion Industry

Omni-channel Reach Omni-channel Reach

Go omnichannel by making your brand visible across the entire online and offline selling channels. Be available across the web, mobile, and social media through websites, apps, and social networks that offer seamless shopping experiences and ensure strong brand visibility.

Operational Efficiency Operational Efficiency

Establish efficiency in the business operations, whether you are a manufacturer, distributor, or retailer. Streamline the entire business processes, right from procurement to the management of supply chain, inventory, production, distribution, accounting, and sales.

Customer and Market Analytics Customer and Market Analytics

Track and analyze the behavior, demographics, and shopping preferences of your customers. Discover the market trends and understand the competitors’ strategies. Leverage the analytics data for product development and formulation of the core marketing strategies.

Consistent Customer Experiences Consistent Customer Experiences

Deliver consistent customer experiences by integrating the services across diverse channels. Ensure that you keep pace with the dynamic customer demands and expectations and provide them with exactly what they look for. Gain customer trust with high-end support services.

Our Service Offerings

Web Applications

  • E-Commerce Websites
  • Social Community Websites
  • B2B Portals
  • Design Consultant Websites

Mobile Applications

  • M-Commerce Apps
  • Beacon-based Retail Apps
  • Mobile POS Systems
  • Design Consultant Apps

Infrastructure Services

  • Cloud Deployments
  • Enterprise Asset Management
  • Legacy Modernization
  • 24×7 Monitoring & Management

Workplace Services

  • Workflow Management Solutions
  • Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions
  • Enterprise Mobility Solutions
  • Back Office Process Management Solutions

Analytics Services

  • Customer Analytics
  • Market Analytics
  • Predictive Pricing Optimization
  • Predictive Demand

Interoperability Services

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Point of Sales Solutions
Apparel and Fashion Segmentss
Apparel and Fashion Segments We Cater To We cater expert IT consulting services to diverse segments of the Apparel and Fashion industry
  • Retail Sellers
  • E-Commerce Sellers
  • Wholesalers
  • Designer Houses and Brands

Why Choose Us?

  • Customized solutions that are tailored to match the unique requirements of the client
  • Use of the latest technology stacks to deliver innovative solutions for the Apparel and Fashion industry
  • Agile application development services which are compatible with diverse platforms
  • An expert engineering team possessing extensive skill and experience to accelerate product development
  • Years of experience along with an exceptional track record in the Apparel and Fashion domains
  • Best-in-class services backed by a highly reliable and performance-oriented delivery model
  • Cost-effective services with the commitment to deliver the highest- quality solutions
  • Well-tested solutions that are designed to perform seamlessly all the time

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