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Out of the long list of industries served by us, astrology is the one that has its significant presence. Astrology, in general, states that there is a strong relation between astronomical phenomena and the events occurring in the human world. Some people believe it while others do not. Nevertheless, the ones having no belief in astrology find no solid reason to believe in. Well, the same goes valid perversely. Serving various industries worldwide, OrangeMantra got to design the web front for a number of astrology specialists, which is kind of a different experience in itself.

Astrology Websites And OrangeMantra Services

We, at OrangeMantra offer a completely customizable website design templates related to astrology. We promote you for online spiritual business with an efficient, user-friendly and reliable websites and mobile applications. Our online marketing strategies bring new visitors to your site and increase traffic and conversion rate for paid services.

Our Astrology Websites services include:


  • National/civilization Astrology websites
  • Online Astrologer Portal
  • Astrology Product Selling Store
  • Consult Astrologers website
  • Tarot card websites
  • Numerology websites
  • Multilanguages website

Mobile Apps

  • Astrologer App
  • Astrology Consultation App
  • Daily horoscope App
  • Astrology product App
  • Vedic remedies App

Branding Assistance

  • Banner and emailer Designs
  • E-brochures
  • Product Design
  • Business Cards & More

Marketing Services

  • Top Google Postioning in SERP
  • Marketplace Promotions and Marketing
  • Astrologers’ Community
  • SEM and email Marketing
  • PPC and FB Ads
  • Banner and emailer Designs
  • Affiliate and Micro Site Marketing for Jewellery

Powerful CRM System

  • Back Office Process Management
  • Track your Services
  • Note leads
  • Schedule follow-ups
  • Live-chat system

Content Marketing

  • Astrology/Year forecast Blogs
  • Planet Transit Articles
  • Community Pages

We’ve been delivering successful projects since 2001

Occult Wizard- WordPress Development India

Occult Wizard is a WP website on Astrology in India. …

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Some of Our Precious Clients

Occult Wizard

The website provides the information about Tarun Chopra, a practicing Vedic Astrologer, Psychic Reader, Tarot Reader, Numerologist, and Aura Reader, based in Gurgaon, India. Started practicing at an early age, Tarun takes this particular field as his career; he therefore approaches OrangeMantra for getting designed his own website. The website provides complete information, including the contact details about the astrologer.

Mystic India

The website is a holy tribute to the saints in the ancient India, who usually spend much of their time in forests being busy in acts like contemplation and meditation. Their great powers and abilities to discover divine tools and various methods to mend the sufferings of human beings were actually ultimate. We luckily got the opportunity to contribute to this noble cause. The website is the perfect online place to buy those ancient products.

How OrangeMantra Helps

Having the ability to contribute to a noble cause entitles you to do so. At OrangeMantra, we are the leading providers of website designing and development services to clients in different business domains.

  • We provide cost-efficient services with guaranteed maintenance and support.
  • We have a brand name and corresponding value in the market.

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