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Finding The Right Coaching & Consulting Platform Easier Like Never Before

Coaching and Consulting – the two most powerful key resources that can really help your business grow in the competitive market and economic environment. A resourceful hand or a little guidance is always productive in a business since businesses demand strategy changes at times and coaching helps you set the entire process in motion in order to carry out those changes. The specific actions performed under the guidance eventually result in goal achievement. We have helped businesses a lot stand and establish in the web world respectively.

Coaching & Consulting website and Orange Mantra Services

We make Consulting and Coaching websites more interesting with presentable and attractive websites. We cover all types of coaching and organizational consulting websites to the executives, leaders, public, teams, and so forth. We offer the minimalist design perfectly suitable for your services with different color schemes and more.

Our Coaching & Consulting website services include:


  • Coaching and consulting services
  • Enterpreneur Training
  • Management consulting
  • Business coaching
  • Media Training
  • Executive coaching
  • Corporates/Professionals coaching
  • Fitness training
  • Leadership coaching and More

Mobile Apps

  • Coaching and consulting services Apps
  • Enterpreneur Training Apps
  • Management consulting Apps
  • Business coaching Apps
  • Media Training Apps
  • Executive coaching Apps
  • Corporates/Professionals coaching Apps
  • Fitness training Apps
  • Leadership coaching Apps
  • And more

Branding Assistance

  • Banner and emailer Designs
  • E-brochures
  • Product Design
  • Business Cards & More

Marketing Services

  • Top Google Postioning in SERP
  • Traffic Monetizing Services for Pubs
  • SEM and email Marketing
  • PPC and FB Ads
  • Increasing Stickiness of Pubs
  • Affiliate Marketing for Pubs

Powerful CRM System

  • Back Office Process Management
  • Track your Services
  • Note leads
  • Schedule follow-ups
  • Live-chat system

Content Marketing

  • Blogs
  • Articles
  • Community pages

We’ve been delivering successful projects since 2001

Salient Features of Coaching & Consulting website


schemes for

  • Decent colors for coaching/consulting
  • Perfect text readability
  • Content centred design


  • Short generic phase below main menu
  • Image slider for services
  • List of consultation options


  • Corporate/Instituitional blogs
  • Relevant FAQs
  • Resources links


  • Contact forms
  • Map with locations
  • Protect public e-mail from spams


  • Tools to support SEO
  • Tools to support surveys, e-news
  • Social media tools

by coaches

  • Publish own blogs
  • Develop and publish assessments, news,
  • Information and courses for selected clients.


  • Billing information
  • Payment and case management
  • Support document loading and interaction

Some of Our Precious Clients

IQX Business Solutions


Providing SAP customers with user-friendly solutions to their business processes, IQX does deliver Mobile Apps, Microsoft SharePoint Apps, and Excel Apps as per their convenience. The company aims at delivering the unique solution as an extension of SAP processes, including support documents, external parties, and more during the presentation of functionality in favorable formats.
At Orange Mantra, we with an adequate understanding of their business format step forward to design the website while the client’s business analysts keep in touch with our designers. Website designing phase requires making several updates, and additions until it finishes at designer’s end. At the developers’ end, the entire design comes alive and into functioning. The US based client greeted us with applause.



The India-based company that markets its in-house physical security products worldwide with over fifteen years of experienced marketing professionals. Focused on the products in specific, the prime requirement of the client was the products should be presented adequately along with necessary and sufficient information about them.
Keeping the key points in view, designing the website and subsequently switching to the coding phase was not a big challenge for us. Once we began with the design, we ended up getting it live on the server, presenting it to the client on the go.



Based in the United States, Zunesis is the big-name organization in the VAR domain of business. As per the domain specialty, the website is the prime and perfect platform to invite clients from all over the world. Both the appearance and content ought to be professional and up to the mark, which also brings a challenge to the team of designers. Completing the website within the deadline is certainly an achievement for us.

How Orange Mantra Helps

Being in the industry for over a decade, Orange Mantra has a fair understanding of various market scenarios and businesses affecting correspondingly. We believe that problems can be resolved with a quality discussion and here is how we can help:

  • Providing key people with a relevant platform to discuss various market scenarios and result in an adequate resolution.
  • By helping people find market experts and take necessary advice whenever and wherever required.

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