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E-commerce Industry Solutions That Simplify Selling

The e-commerce domain is witnessing a widespread transformation today as it is taken over by the ongoing digital revolution. Since e-shoppers are a tech-savvy lot, the players in this industry thrive on the quality of shopping experiences they deliver. At OrangeMantra, we are capable of creating exceptional technology solutions that enable e-commerce sellers to deliver unmatched experiences to their customers. Our in-depth expertise in the web, mobility, analytics, and digital domains make us the right choice for online businesses that want to establish themselves as reputed e-commerce brands.

commerce Solutions Development
Looking for technology solutions to address the challenges of e-commerce selling?

Technology Use Cases For E-Commerce

Futuristic Shopping Experiences Futuristic Shopping Experiences

Give your customers futuristic shopping experiences with the integration of advanced technologies like AR and VR in your e-store. Enable them to get a life-like feel of your products with virtual fits and experiences by harnessing these innovative technologies.

Customer Segmentation Customer Segmentation

Engage your customers with personalized recommendations for cross-selling or up-selling your products. Harness the power of Big Data and Analytics technology for advanced customer segmentation that serves as the basis of targeted marketing strategies.

Sentiment Analysis Sentiment Analysis

Empower your business with vital customer information by studying their behavior on the social media. Explore the potential of sentiment analysis to know your customers better and give them relevant messages and offers to win them over as brand loyalists.

Customer Support Customer Support

Provide unmatched customer support and win the trust and loyalty of your buyers. Enhance your e-commerce website and app with a reliable AI-powered chatbot that is available round the clock to address the customer queries and make their shopping experiences more interactive.

Our Service Offerings

Web Applications

  • E-commerce Stores
  • Electronic Funds and Payment Systems
  • Multi-Vendor Marketplaces
  • B2B/B2C E-commerce Solutions

Mobile Applications

  • M-commerce Apps
  • Marketplace Apps
  • Custom Mobile Apps
  • Mobile Wallets

E-commerce Marketing Services

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Pay-Per-Click
  • Content Marketing

Analytics Services

  • Big Data and Predictive Analysis
  • Customer Behavior Analysis
  • E-commerce Dashboards
  • Customer Segmentation and Intelligence

Workplace Management Solutions

  • Workflow Management Solutions
  • Back End Process Management
  • Workplace Productivity and Collaboration
  • Document and Records Management

IoT-enabled Solutions

  • Supply Chain Visibility
  • Inventory Tracking and Management
  • Location-based Marketing
  • Cloud Deployments and Management
commerce Segments
E-commerce Segments We Cater To Our solutions are designed to cater to diverse segments of the e-commerce industry
  • Online Retail Brands
  • Omni-Channel Sellers
  • Online Marketplaces
  • Manufacturers and Distributors
  • B2B Providers
  • Retail Software Providers

Why Choose Us?

  • Customized e-commerce technology solutions which are designed according to the client’s requirements
  • Use of advanced technology stacks for delivering innovative e-commerce solutions
  • Agile application development services compatible with all platforms
  • Proficient team with skill and experience to accelerate product development
  • Years of experience and a successful track record in the e-commerce domain
  • Best-in-class services backed by a highly reliable delivery model
  • Cost-effective services with the commitment to deliver high quality
  • Well-tested solutions designed to perform seamlessly all the time

Let’s help you reinvent your customer experiences with advanced e-commerce solutions.

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