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In today’ s digitalized era, people strongly desire to access the key information available on the Internet with ease no matter if they are sitting on their office chair or on the move. The quickly emerging smart devices play key roles in accessing such digital information.

Organizations are empowering their business models respectively, thereby leveraging their content that is globally available and accessible. This eventually makes them eligible for countering the threats coming across. As a website designing and development company, we have served many big brands, including the following in the publishing industry:

Publishing websites and OrangeMantra Services

Everyone who writes wish to get it published. The main intention of publication is to reach wide audience and get notified. Owning a publishing websites forms an ultimate media to sell, cross-sell publications of various categories. OrangeMantra caters to various needs of clients and provides customized websites as per their need substantiatively.

Our Real Estate Website services include:


  • Virtual Pubs / Magazine Website
  • Publication e-commerce Store
  • Self-book publishing websites
  • Student writing websites
  • News websites
  • Research/Technology websites
  • Authors’ website
  • Book buying portals
  • Print-on-demand/free e-book

Mobile Apps

  • Virtual Pubs / Magazine App
  • Buy books App

Branding Assistance

  • Banner and emailer Designs
  • E-brochures
  • Product Design
  • Business Cards & More

Marketing Services

  • Top Google Postioning in SERP
  • Traffic Monetizing Services for Pubs
  • Social Media Marketing
  • SEM & E-mail Marketing
  • PPC and FB Ads
  • Increasing Stickiness of Pubs
  • Creating Marketing Channels
  • Affiliate Marketing for Pubs

Powerful CRM System

  • Back Office Process Management
  • Track your Services
  • Note leads
  • Schedule follow-ups
  • Live-chat system
  • Cross Selling of Publications

Content Marketing

  • Blogs
  • Articles
  • Authors/Publishers Community pages

We’ve been delivering successful projects since 2001

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Salient Features of Publishing Website

Expand the audience group
Protection of publication
Offline versions
Text search
Search Engine Optimization
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Some of Our Precious Clients


An Indian Magazine focused on IT News and Articles, DataQuest, goes live ( and all the readers and followers of this renowned IT magazine are lucky enough since they would now be able to get their daily newsletter and retrieve the latest information on the go.

Presenting a dynamic website design and subsequently getting it alive appeared as a tough challenge to us. All we needed at every new step was a discussion with the client. Though the set of requirements was comprehensive, the complex design of the website later became the key that helped us finish it within the given deadline.

User Friendly Resources

A leading online publisher of teaching support material and supplementary curriculum, which is in operation in about 25 years and has more than 700 titles active at present. Keeping the reputation of the leading publisher in view, we targeted to present the things exactly how they are supposed to be, i.e. keeping the things innovative, engaging, practical, and creative.


Armada International, a leading defense magazine in publication since 1976, is now available in its web-based edition. Its readers can now go online and read the magazine on the go on their smartphones. Providing the client with the desired website, we were supposed to keep the quality layout and print standard maintained. Serving Armada International was more than just an experience to us.

How OrangeMantra Helps

OrangeMantra embellishes businesses in their respective domains by making them available and reachable globally. We convey the message – achieve the pace of growth with the powerful media and our resources, as

  • We understand your need for advertisement and therefore provide you with the required channel.
  • Our business improvement solutions help you enhance your advertisement performance and become globally reachable.
  • Achieving dynamic growth and eventually transforming into an agile business enterprise is something we can help you with.
  • Improve the efficiency of your content and get it digitized and monetized.

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