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Social Networking Proved To Be The Crucial Platform for Businesses

The wide industry of Social Media is contributing a lot to the world by providing individuals the opportunity to connect and share information of each other’s interest. People on a social network can communicate with one another in real time, irrespective of their geographical locations all over the world. Business enterprises operating in B2B and B2C modes of transactions also have this domain full of opportunities to grow by connecting to individuals out there.


The leading Online Christian Community targeted to unite people that adhere to Christianity across the globe. Besides the website, the client was also provided with the ChurchBlaze Android App for on the move access by its users. Users can find people within the community and make the most of social network for the best communication purpose. We are thankful to our client for providing us this noble opportunity.

Coach Revolution

Your online coach that helps you learn even more about personal development, psychology, and coaching as well as interact with people with similar interests as yours. At Orange Mantra, we believe in people and we are people-oriented, which provided us with the immense energy to make the best use of our skills and experience. Coach Revolution is running successfully now!

RMT Center

Robbins-Madanes Training is the official coach training school with over 4000 certified life coaches as of today in the Strategic Invention Methods. It takes a community to make a coach succeed – believing that powers us with the necessary enthusiasm to build an efficient coach training platform. Receiving satisfactory feedback works as a booster for individual’s morale.

How Orange Mantra Helps

At Orange Mantra, we do a thorough market research periodically and entertain each of the queries received. Understanding the requirements of business enterprises to enhance their customer base, we customize our services accordingly. We provide

  • A discussion-cum-feedback forum to post queries or experiences and get entertained by the authorized person.
  • Quick and easy search facility when it comes to finding out one or more people, as it is the key to build a community or group.
  • A feature-rich advertisement portal to make ads look effective and appealing.

We are not done yet and we know that queries and feedback posts are never going to stop prompting us to deliver even better.

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