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Travel and Hospitality Industry

The advent of the web and mobile technologies has changed the way we travel as travelers today know the value of connectivity and expect personalized experiences. Providers too understand the need for embracing digital transformation for ensuring the delivery of personalized services to their customers. At OrangeMantra, we extend advanced and innovative travel and hospitality solutions that automate processes to give your customers memorable experiences at each touch point. Our solutions ensure that your business is well-aligned with the evolving customer expectations and business models.

Real Estate Technology Solutions
Want to elevate the travel and hospitality experiences you deliver?

Technology Use Cases For Travel And Hospitality Industry

Sentiment AnalysisGuest/Traveler Engagement

Engage your guests/travelers right from the initial interaction by offering them personalized recommendations on the basis of their search preferences and travel histories. Offer advanced technology-based services such as virtual experiences with the cloud and mobility.

Sentiment AnalysisOperational Efficiency

Improve your operational efficiencies and cut down the operational costs by empowering your business with innovative models for its core systems and processes. Enable connectivity for (guests/passengers and workforce) and device automation with smart technology solutions.

Sentiment AnalysisInfrastructure Management

Provide smart travel/hospitality experiences by smartening up your infrastructure with secure and automated IoT-enabled technology solutions, such as those for luggage identification, smart temperature control, smart food ordering, service desk management and more.

Sentiment AnalysisScheduling and Management

Streamline your scheduling and management processes with robust applications that strengthen the core of your business. Leverage these applications to inform guests/passengers about changes in schedules so that they appreciate the experience you deliver.

Our Service Offerings

Web Applications

  • Travel Portals
  • E-reservation
  • Web Check-In
  • Virtual Tour Websites

Mobile Applications

  • Travel Booking Apps
  • Taxi Apps
  • Hospitality Apps
  • Virtual Tours Apps

Analytics Services

  • Predictive Analysis
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Customer Tracking
  • Data Warehousing and BI

Workplace Management Solutions

  • Back End Process Management
  • Workplace Productivity and Collaboration
  • Document and Records Management
  • Administration Management

Interoperability Services

  • Accounting Integrations
  • Inventory Management
  • Logistics Management
  • Housekeeping Management

Marketing Services

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Pay-Per-Click
  • Content Marketing
Real Estate Segments
Travel and Hospitality Segments We Cater To Our solutions are designed to cater to diverse segments of the travel and hospitality industry
  • Online Travel Agencies
  • Online Food/Beverage Delivery
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Transport Service Providers
  • Cruise Companies

Why Choose Us?

  • Customized travel and hospitality solutions which are designed according to the client’s requirements
  • Use of advanced technologies for delivering innovative travel and hospitality solutions
  • Agile application development services compatible with all platforms
  • Proficient team with skill and experience to accelerate product development
  • Years of experience and a successful track record in the travel and hospitality domain
  • Best-in-class services backed by a highly reliable delivery model
  • Cost-effective services with the commitment to deliver high quality
  • Well-tested solutions designed to perform seamlessly all the time

Looking for a technology solution that takes your travel and hospitality business a notch higher?

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