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Automated Solution For World's Largest Furniture Retailer - IKEA

Project Highlights

Our client is a leading furniture retailer was looking to develop a kiosk application to showcase their product catalogue. They need a solution to help walk-in customers go through the store’s product catalogs right from the kiosk installed at the retail outlet. The application has been used by IKEA for giving customers an in-store catalog option to make smart selection. Using solution customers can explore, experience, and enjoy the latest in home products.

Project Highlights
Business Challenges

For a brand like IKEA, customer engagement and conversion was always a challenge. Assigning a sales person to every customer is a complex situation considering the heavy footfall and even when customers get assistance, it remains a challenge for the sales person to be updated on the product availability and available discounts. Additionally, IKEA was unable to gather customers’ information – contact details, email addresses, products they are looking to buy for marketing purposes. Seeing the list of challenges, there was a need for an ERP solution that would do both – give users the real-time status of products’ availability and collect their information to then use as marketing assets.

Technology Solution

We started with the thorough discussion of business requirements. It helped to ensure that we have a complete understanding of the challenges IKEA offline customers come across when shopping in-store. The understanding then laid the basis for the kiosk app’s feature-set and the integration choices. Our mobile app team worked on the creation of the kiosk solution following rapid development approach. Our team of designers, developers, and deployment experts worked continuously in collaboration to build an app that would become the first point of contact for IKEA walk-in customer.

Value Delivered

One of the major outcome that the IKEA enjoyed was real-time collection of customers’ information for marketing activities. Client can access data straight from the kiosk app backend in real-time. Our deployment team worked on the launch of the kiosk app across different IKEA stores, having a separate servers. We worked on the IKEA app while ensuring that there are zero glitches in the kiosk accessibility and interface when it runs on different servers.

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