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Mobile Application Testing Services

Our mobile app testers perform rigorous mobile app testing to ensure your mobile apps have the best performance, functioning, and reputation.

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    Superior Quality Mobile Application Testing Services

    It is observed that 25% of smartphone users delete an application after a single use and never re-install it in the future. This means all the time, money, and effort spent on developing an application goes in vain. So, how to lower this alarming rate? Superior quality mobile app testing services are the solution that you need.

    From functional and non-functional app features to mobile technology specifics including screen resolutions, mobile gestures, and operating systems, our mobile app test engineers will look into each factor that may affect your app’s performance and functionality. We will test your mobile apps built for various platforms and devices to ensure they offer an excellent user experience with rich functionality and are 100% bug-free. We employ cutting-edge mobile testing tools and techniques to deliver end-to-end mobile testing app services and help you launch your product as fast, and as efficiently as possible.

    Anomaly Diagnosis And Precision Assurance

    Our Wide Spectrum of Mobile App Testing Services

    Shopify Store Setup and Configuration
    Compatibility Testing
    We ensure that your mobile application is installable and compatible with all target platforms and devices.
    Shopify Theme Design and Customization
    Automation Testing
    With full-cycle automation testing, you get the benefits of better quality, early detection of defects, reliable products, direct cost-saving, and release of products as scheduled.
    Shopify Integration
    Functional Testing
    We provide advanced-level analysis of the functional performance of the software to identify behavioral changes or unexpected issues. Our testing experts detect & eliminate functional-level problems with ease.
    Shopify SEO
    Mobile Testing
    Offer your users an upscale level of customer experience via a mobile app that functions and performs to higher standards. Our professional team of testing experts performs functional & non-functional testing.
    Shopify Migration
    Performance Testing
    We perform testing of your application to determine speed, scalability, reliability, and resource usage. Our software quality assurance experts check the relevancy of software under particular load and stress conditions.
    Shopify App Development
    Usability Testing
    When we test software for usability, we work to fulfil the actual needs of the target user and ensure that the functionality and design match them.

    Mobile App Cloud Testing Services

    We leverage cloud testing platforms such as Firebase, Perfecto, BrowserStack, Kobiton, etc. to access real mobile devices for manual as well as automated testing to fix user experience and performance issues.

    Anomaly Diagnosis And Precision Assurance

    Get a Complete Health-checkup of Your Mobile App to Deliver a Seamless App Experience.

    Our Mobile App Testing Approach

    While we develop a personalized testing approach for each project we undertake, however, in most scenarios, our mobile app testing approach involves:

    Analyze Project Requirements

    Our mobile app testers will analyze your project requirements to identify existing as well as potential flaws and loopholes if any.

    Analyze Test Results

    Our team evaluates the obtained testing results providing factual information and test reports throughout the development and testing cycle.

    Design Test Cases

    The mobile testers then design test cases and test suites.

    Select the Right Engagement Model

    Our mobile app test engineers perform rigorous testing and report the bugs and flaws to the Project Manager and development team.

    Choose the Right Target Device and Devise Testing Process

    For vast and reasonable mobile device coverage, we select the target user devices based on your requirements and the stats for the target region and user audience.

    We Offer Industry-specific Mobile App Software Testing Services

    • Highly-qualified and dedicated RIA developers
    • Cutting-edge tools and technologies are used
    • Rapid application development
    • Cater to unique customer requirements
    • Custom Rich Internet Applications
    • Development based on W3C standards
    • Extensive quality assurance testing
    • 100% confidentiality assured
    • Timely delivery
    • Cost-effective pricing
    • Round the clock support

    Mobile Testing Tools We Employ

    We employ the following mobile testing tools, programming languages, and libraries for providing best-in-class mobile application automation testing services.


    It is an open-source mobile application automation testing software for both Android and iOS platforms.

    Programming Languages

    We are well-versed in Python, C#, Java, and JavaScript.

    Page Object Pattern

    Page Object Pattern is critical for ensuring code reusability and reducing script maintenance.

    BDD Frameworks

    We employ Cucumber, Serenity, and Behave for writing automated acceptance tests.


    Our testers set up a Jenkins Pipeline using automated smoke and regression tests that run on mobile devices.

    Cloud Testing Platforms

    We leverage Firebase, BrowserStack, Kobiton, etc. to access real mobile devices for manual as well as automated testing.

    High-quality Mobile App Automation Testing at the Best Price

    Mobile app software testing is important for keeping your mobile apps in good health. Many people use Agile or DevOps for mobile app testing. However, both these approaches are complex and time-consuming. We employ a mobile app testing automation strategy to help accelerate the project testing process as well as boost quality, accuracy, and test coverage at the most competitive pricing.

    Mobile app automation involves hundreds or thousands of participants. The subsequent automation has to be executed at scale on hundreds of cloud or real mobile devices. Testing mobile app software must cover prominent operating system upgrades as well as new devices. Our excellent mobile app automation testing services reduce any kind of human intervention and error and enable your staff to focus on the big picture and lead innovation.

    Anomaly Diagnosis And Precision Assurance

    Why Choose Us for Mobile Application Testing Services?

    • Mobile application testing solutions for all industry verticals.
    • Devise a comprehensive mobile application test strategy to ensure optimized testing.
    • Test automation solutions and tools for accelerating the testing.
    • Well-equipped mobile app testing lab.
    • Testing mobile applications across various multiple devices, platforms, and global operators.
    • Vast experience with all industry-leading mobile testing tools for app’s functional testing, performance testing, security testing, and test automation.
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