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Web Designs To Impress & Gain Higher Conversions

As soon as visitors access a website or mobile application, the design is what they first perceive. Impressions are formed quickly and heavily influence a user’s opinion of your brand. Providing an immersive experience at once propels you halfway towards the goal of conversions. Design thus has tremendous significance in the expansive digital landscape.

With their keen eye for detail and unique insights, our web design team offers everything from sleek minimalistic websites to feature-rich mobile apps. In short, we have assembled a talented group of individuals who are sure to meet your expectations when it comes to expertly crafted web designs.
So, what are you waiting for? Hire web designers with industry-best skill and expertise.

Why Hire Web Designers from OrangeMantra?

For businesses in search of professional web design, OrangeMantra is an excellent choice. Our designers possess the creative mindsets and technological skills needed to bring even the most complex projects to life.

Creative Thinking

Our design team is acclaimed for their ability to produce remarkable, cutting-edge results. So, hire UX/UI designer who meld visually appealing features with the essential technical aspects of any solution.

Tech-Savvy Designers

The design team is well-versed in the latest tools and technologies enabling tailor-made designs that satisfy customers. They consistently keep abreast of market trends to ensure their designs are modern and up-to-date.

Design Veterans

Our web and mobile app design team is highly experienced, allowing them to quickly grasp the specifications of any project. Through their diversity in the industry, they have honed a strategy based on analytics-led approaches.

Effortless Communication

In order to achieve complete customer satisfaction, effective communication is essential. Our UX/UI designers have exemplary communication skills that enable them to easily collaborate and meet the needs of our clients.

Team Players

At OrangeMantra, we understand the value of working as a team in order to deliver excellent designs and effective solutions. Our designers excel at collaborative work with both our internal teams and external clientele.

Quality-first Approach

With painstaking attention to detail, OrangeMantra’s design team works diligently to uphold international quality standards and implement the most beneficial practices. Create bespoke designs with expert designers.

Flexible Engagement Plans Your Design Projects

Fixed Price
Looking for web designers to handle your business’s advanced projects? Optimal solution is to hire UX/UI developers on a fixed-price basis. This allows for precise goal setting and expectations right off the bat, ensuring that tasks are completed in an efficient and cost-effective manner.
  • No extra costs
  • Non-disclosure agreement
  • Pay for measurable work
Hourly Price
When you choose the hourly billing arrangement for your design project, you’re able to tailor the scope and complexity as needs grow over time. This is the optimal solution if your specifications may evolve during the course of the project, so you get maximum results for your investment.
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Agile approach
  • Control over budget
Hire a Dedicated Team
This solution offers you the flexibility to employ a dedicated designer or team of designers to complete your project. Without long-term contracts, they can be available for up to eight hours a day and in as many numbers as you need. With this plan, you get an expert team at your disposal.
  • Assured creativity
  • Diverse skill-set
  • Hire for desired work

Our Web Design Services

Our comprehensive web design services encompass all facets of development, ranging from visual appeal to advanced features. An outline of our capabilities is presented below.

UI/UX Design

Our designers hone in on user interface and user experience design to build remarkable web solutions and mobile applications. Their approach produces superior results that truly stand out from the rest.

Mobile App Design

Our design team produces highly interactive mobile applications tailored to the needs of any type of business. They incorporate sleek designs and visuals to give customers an effortless yet stimulating experience.

Responsive Design

Maximize the impact of your website by creating a seamless experience for mobile visitors. Our experts in responsive design will refine your solution with the most cutting-edge design tools.

Website Design

Our web design services are globally respected by customers and offer the greatest industry standards. Our services enable an improved digital profile, greater user involvement, and augmented conversion rates.

Graphic Design

Crafting attractive and effective business and marketing copies is made simple by creative graphic designers. Utilizing creative images and graphics, you can stand out from the competition.

Logo & Brochure Design

Corporate and organizational logos that perfectly reflect your brand image. So, hire UX/UI designers, who work meticulously to create unique logos, brochures, and web experiences that inspire sales.

Benefits Of Hiring Web Designers

Hire expert web designers from OrangeMantra to keep pace with cutting-edge technology advancements and be ready to adjust quickly to industry shifts.


Create high-grade & impressive designs at a budget-friendly cost.

Talented Designers

A team of talented, creative, and skilled designers.

Control Over Project:

Stay updated and head the design team as per your needs.

Scalability & Flexibility

Our monitoring & tracking systems keep a bird’s eye view of your supply chain, and provide valuable insights.

Business Intelligence Systems

Hire web designers to quickly revamp or upgrade your website.

Hire web designers to create seamless & impressive user experience.


To build a website, it may require between 150 and 500 hours depending on the complexity of the project. This process is composed of several stages, such as discovery, design, development and improvement. A technical partner can assist you through each stage in creating your desired website.
If you’re looking for a website designer, Upwork is an ideal platform to find experienced freelance web designers. Searching through Google can help you find the perfect fit for your needs, both in terms of individual freelancers and specialized web designing companies or vendors. Furthermore, review sites like Clutch enable you to compare pricing and read feedback on different companies and professionals to get the most value for your money.
Designing a website doesn’t have to be complicated. A great way to quickly get your site up and running is through a website builder, which are user-friendly, web-based tools that let you select an existing template for your site. With these off-the-shelf designs, however, there’s no need to worry about having a generic website.
A web designer’s responsibilities are not typically related to programming. Instead, their expertise lies in making creative decisions regarding a website’s overall appearance, such as its layout, color scheme, typeface, and visual motifs. With this in mind, they would use their familiarity with color theory and specialized programs like InVision to assemble wireframes, prototypes and templates.
Web design comes in three distinct forms: static, dynamic, or CMS and eCommerce. Each type offers different advantages to those looking to build an online presence.
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