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Hire MEAN Stack Programmer For Your specialised Requirements

Get high-quality and rapid MEAN Stack development with OrangeMantra expert developers. We help you access industry-leading, experienced and pre-vetted talents and hire mean stack developer who perfectly fits your project and business requirements.

Working Man

Get scalable and compatible web app development with experienced MEAN stack developers. Opt for full-stack or mid stack or any specialised solution with flexible hiring models.

From Single–page applications (SPAs) to end-to-end complex applications, our MEAN stack developers use their JavaScript development skills to get you a high performing application.

Our developers deliver lightweight and fast frameworks to transform your ERP web solutions and morph them into full-scale enterprise solutions that fulfil your specific requirements.

Get robust CMS solutions with full-stack MEAN development services. Our developers deliver complete and consistent solutions to perform CRUD functions at your scale.

Want a feature-rich API that gets your audience off their feet? Our MEAN developers craft and integrate sophisticated APIs into your legacy ecosystems to add third-party apps with ease.

Experience smooth end-to-end integration with open-source MEAN. Our developers excel in the late JavaScipt tools to ensure successful execution without compromising your data security.

Success Stories of Clients Who Hire MEAN Stack Expert

OrangeMantra has multiple businesses across industries to access the best talents for their MEAN development requirements.

On-time Feature Launch and High Performance eCommerce Platform

A rapidly growing startup hired a team of MEAN stack developers from OrangeMantra to enhance their e-commerce platform. Our staff augmentation model facilitates seamless integration of our team with their in-house developers. The collaboration brought a fresh perspective and accelerated the development process. This resulted in the timely launch of new features and improved eCommerce platform performance.

Cost-Effective Scaling to Manage Increased Workload

An established enterprise was struggling with scalability due to a surge in project demand. They also did not want to go full-scale with hiring employees full-time. OrangeMantra quickly came to the rescue. We scaled their development team with our MEAN stack experts. This cost-effective approach allowed our client to manage the increased workload with ease and deliver projects on time, thereby successfully maintaining their competitive edge in the market.

Rapid Prototyping for a Startup

One of our new clients, a tech startup, needed to develop a prototype to showcase their ground-breaking and rope in investors. They reached out to OrangMantra for their expertise in MEAN stack development. We augmented their team and worked closely to expedite the prototype of the application. The outcome was a functional prototype that impeccably brought their concept to reality.

Hire MEAN Stack Developer with Advanced Tech Stack Expertise

We let you access our high-quality talent pool of expert MEAN Stack developers to reinforce your capabilities to deliver on time.

  • Programming Languages

  •   JavaScript   JavaScript
  •   HTML   HTML
  •   TypeScript  TypeScript 
  •   JSON   JSON
  • Tools

  • Visual Studio Code  Visual Studio Code
  • Git  Git
  •  Postman   Postman
  •  Docker  Docker
  • Framework

  •  NodeJS NodeJS
  • Next ExpressJS
  • React js  React js
  •     Angular Angular
  • Database

  •   MongoDB   MongoDB
  •   MySQL MySQL
  •   PostgreSQL   PostgreSQL
  •  SQLite   SQLite
  • Redis  Redis
  • OCR

  • Tesseract   Tesseract
  •  Google Cloud Vision   Google Cloud Vision
  •   Microsoft Azure   Microsoft Azure
  •   ABBYY FineReader   ABBYY FineReader
  •   Adobe Acrobat   Adobe Acrobat
  • PM Tools

  •   Jira  Jira
  •   Trello   Trello
  •   Asana  Asana
  • GitLab Issues  GitLab Issues

Our Business-Centric MEAN Stack Developer Hiring Models

We offer various hiring models for you to choose the best ones for your business. We ensure seamless adaptation to the needs of your project while helping you find the ideal fit for your MEAN stack development efforts.


Full-Time Engagement

Make a full-time hire of a dedicated MEAN stack developer. This model guarantees continuous dedication, promoting long-term success and a deep understanding of your project objectives.


Hourly Basis

Want flexibility? Hire MEAN stack developer by the hour. This is ideal for meeting instant project demands or brief consultations. Pay for something only when you need it.


Staff Augmentation

Improve the efficiency of your existing team. Hire MEAN Stack experts from OrangeMantra to add capability and skill to your team. Keep up with changing needs and deliver on time.

Hire MEAN Stack Developer for Your Industry

Our talents for MEAN stack development have helped businesses across industries.

Ensure High Performance for Your Projects with Our Experienced MEAN Stack Developers

What Client Say that Hire MEAN stack Programmer from OrangeMantra

We have helped clients operating on different scales, from well-established enterprises to budding start-ups. Here is what they have to say about our MEAN stack developers.

Why Hire MEAN Stack Developers From OrangeMantra?

With its collaborative approach and expertise, OrangeMantra is the partner you are looking for. Our dedication to quality and client satisfaction makes us stand out and enables us to deliver on time and with high quality. Here’s why you should hire from us:

Expedite Your Full Stack Development, Hire MEAN Developers

  • whychooseus Large talent pool with a diverse technology stack
  • whychooseus Agile methodology for timely course-corrections
  • whychooseus Dedicated support from the project manager
  • whychooseus Time zone-based collaboration
  • whychooseus Guaranteed client satisfaction
  • whychooseus No contract tie-ins
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Meet Our MEAN Stack Expert Team

Find the perfect fit for your project. Discover profiles marked by expertise and a proven track record of successfully delivering projects.

Sneha Singh
Sr. Full-Stack Developer

Experience: 8+ years

JavaScript HTML Server-side development Front-end development with Angular

Vijay Sharma
Front-End Developer

Experience: 4+ years

Front-end frameworks Expertise RESTful API integration Asynchronous programming

Sweta Mishra
Sr. Back-End Developer (Node.js)

Experience: 7+ years

Server-side Scripting Express.js MongoDB

Vicky Jain
Database Developer

Experience: 6+ years

MongoDB Data Modelling Database Designing Query Optimisation

OrangeMantra Uses the Latest Tools and Technology for Foolproof Execution

We do not rely on chances; we prefer technology. That is why our process execution is filled with the latest productivity tools to ensure the best process that delivers the best solution.

Frequently Asked Question

We have a rich pool of highly skilled MEAN stack developers with high performing, robust and compatible solutions. India is known for its IT industry talents and OrangeMantra is an established name in the country, making it the best choice for outsourcing MEAN stack development.

Gurgaon is a thriving IT hub. OrangeMantra is headquartered in the city, which hosts a pool of skilled MEAN stack developers. We help you hire MEAN stack developers in Gurgaon with industry leading talents. Get full-stack development with our expert team that adheres to your timeline and delivers a high performing solution.

Hiring dedicated MEAN stack developers involves obtaining experienced and pre-vetted resources for a specific project. These developers reinforce your capabilities and bring fresh perspectives to ensure the best outcome with an expedited development process.

Empower Your Team to Deliver Disruptive Solutions