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Transform your traditional workspace into a dynamic and intelligent environment tailored to meet the demands of the modern business landscape. Our solutions have enhanced efficiency and growth across diverse industries globally.

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Our Esteemed Clients

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Embrace the Next-Gen Office Space with Our Smart Workplace Solutions

Smart workplaces not only take you to the edge of modern-day technologies but also ensure better experiences for employees and clients alike. Our smart workplace solutions help you improve workflow management, smoothen communication, and foster collaboration. These factors, together, help you become a better organization and create a highly productive, sustainable work culture.

By transforming your office into a smart workplace, you also take a step towards employee well-being, cost control, and environmental responsibility. We build smart office solutions using the most high-tech software and hardware capabilities including automation, IoT, and artificial intelligence. Being one of the pioneers of workplace digital transformation, we are dedicated to developing deeply personalized workplace solutions for you.

Smart Workplace Solutions

Discover Our Comprehensive Smart Office Solutions

Explore our range of solutions for smart office automation designed to enhance productivity, collaboration, and efficiency in your workplace.

Visitor Management & Smart Lobby

Visitor Management & Smart Lobby

Impress visitors with a fully automated, personalized digital check-in process. Create a smart lobby that leaves a lingering first impression. Smart office automation enhances the guest experience and automates reception.

Guided Navigation for Visitors

Guided Navigation for Visitors

Enable visitors to navigate around the office without getting lost or confused. Our solutions provide a digital floor plan and AI-enabled guide to help guests find the desired space in the office and see their real-time location.

Digital Mail Processing

Digital Mail Processing

Digitize the process of receiving and posting mail and documents. Our solutions enable digitized scanning, processing, and real-time tracking capabilities. Efficiently streamline the mail delivery and receiving process.

Software-Powered Corporate Hospitality

Software-Powered Corporate Hospitality

Deliver on-demand services to clients and visitors using user-friendly software solutions. Whether it’s about a request for a beverage or the need for a conference room, provide visitors with seamless experiences.

IoT-Enabled Device Management

IoT-Enabled Device Management

Create an effortlessly connected ecosystem of desktops, laptops, and mobile devices for employees. Use the power of the Internet of Things to keep track of devices and appliances from an admin dashboard.

Smart Facilities

Smart Facilities Management

Smart office solutions create a fully connected space powered by IoT and analytics. You can easily get valuable insights into space utilization, and power consumption. Secure your space, and protect the IT infrastructure with tech solutions.

Our Client Success Stories

Discover the transformative journeys of businesses like yours through our lenient success stories. Learn how we redefine success with office automation solutions.

Elevating Workspace Interaction for Space Matrix

Space Matrix is one of the leading workplace design and development consultancy. They have 20+ years of experience and span over 80 countries. Space Matrix was looking for a dynamic solution to foster smart workspace interaction. We created a mobile app using cutting-edge technologies that facilitated seamless user engagement and action management. The app enables users to manage actions efficiently creating a more engaging office environment. Our solution helped Space Matrix stay true to its commitment to delivering innovative and sustainable workspace solutions.

 Elevating Workspace Interaction

Relaxo’s Sales Optimization with Custom Automation

Relaxo is a leading footwear manufacturer that was struggling with time-consuming sales processes that were impacting the efficiency of the team. Sales representatives were not able to take care of their core responsibilities as manual tasks required excessive effort. We introduced a custom sales automation app to streamline their processes by automating repetitive tasks. The sales team experienced a transformative shift through the solution. This is because the app not only minimized the effort, saving time but also enabled the team to focus on important tasks improving their overall sales performance.

Custom Automation

Empowering Tulio with Advanced Digital Estimation and Sales Automation

Our client, Tulio, a home decor brand, witnessed a surge in their sales inquiries as the hospitality sector boomed post-pandemic. The resource crunch not only affected their lead management but also made sharing quotes and estimates difficult. We developed a tailored sales automation solution to streamline their entire sales process. Automation eliminated redundancy problems giving way to seamless lead management and accurate quoting. The solution helped boost their sales aligning perfectly with the brand’s image.

Sales Automation

Our Advanced Tech Stack

With a cutting-edge tech stack, our team meticulously creates office automation solutions to elevate your workspace with innovation and efficiency.

  • Cloud

  • Google Cloud Google Cloud
  • Microsoft Azure Microsoft Azure  
  • Amazon Web Services Amazon Web Services  
  • Digital Ocean Digital Ocean 
  • Frameworks 

  • Angular Angular 
  • React Native  React Native 
  • Vue.js  Vue.js 
  • Java RFID frameworks Java RFID frameworks
  • Databases  

  • Oracle Oracle  
  • Cassandra Cassandra  
  • PostgreSQL  PostgreSQL 
  • Services Integration

  • Asset management Asset management
  • Warehouse solution Warehouse solutions
  • Inventory management Inventory management
  • IoT integrated services IoT integrated services

Our Smart Automation Solutions Revolutionizing Different Sectors

One industry at a time, at OrangeMantra we are enhancing the productivity of various verticals with our smart automation solutions.

Cutting-Edge Technologies Power Your Smart Office Solutions

In the fast-paced business landscape offices require integrated solutions to boost efficiency and collaboration. We integrate advanced technologies to streamline processes and make adaptable workspaces. Explore the technologies we use to ensure a future-ready and productive environment.

AI Development Solutions

AI Development Solutions

We harness the power of AI and ML to provide you with insights that help you in decision-making. Make data-driven strategies for ongoing success. Automate complex tasks to optimize processes and enhance overall business intelligence.

Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Automation

Our office automation solutions make use of intelligent automation to streamline office workflows. Automating routine tasks frees up the time and valuable human resources for strategic initiatives. This helps boost productivity for business growth.



Integrating ERP in your solutions to enable real-time data sharing which simplifies collaboration across office departments. Streamlined business processes foster better communication and decision-making which ultimately boosts overall organizational efficiency.



Revolutionize data handling in the offices using OCR. The technology is making data entry and document management simple. Extract valuable information from documents while improving accuracy and reducing manual errors. Ultimately boosting overall operational efficiency.

IoT Development

IoT Development

Make your workplaces smarter with office automation using IoT. Connect offices and gather real-time data for creating a responsive workspace that adapts to the changing needs of your team. Monitor and control devices, and improve security all with informed decisions.

Data Analytics

Data Analytics

We make data work for your office by leveraging analytics. It helps you drive actionable insights from your data facilitating intelligent decision-making. Plus, you can track performance metrics, and identify trends. Foster a data-driven culture that drives continuous improvement for sustained success and growth.

Diverse Industries We Serve

Explore how our smart office solutions cater to diverse industries. We focus on a tailored approach that drives efficiency, innovation, and success.

Our Proven Smart Office Automation Process

Discover our transparent and effective smart office implementation process. From consultation to integration, we ensure a smooth transition with optimal performance throughout the transformation journey.

  • Requirement

    Requirement Analysis

    Our team does a thorough analysis to understand your business requirements to ensure that the office automation solution seamlessly aligns with objectives.

  • Planning & Design

    Planning & Design

    A strategy and design is put in place by the team of experts. They create a roadmap to ensure an effective solution that enhances your workplace environment.

  • Development


    The planned strategy is then executed by the development team. They build a customized smart office solution focusing on your distinct office needs.

  • Testing & QA

    Testing & QA

    Following rigorous testing, we ensure the reliability and performance of our solutions. Our testing and QA process guarantees a high-quality solution.

  • Deployment


    Our team efficiently implements the solutions into your office environment. They ensure minimum disruption through the smart office transformation.

  • Support & Maintenance

    Support & Maintenance

    Our commitment doesn’t end with deployment as we provide ongoing support and maintenance. The team ensures the longevity and optimal performance of our smart office solution.

Ready to Transform Your Office Experience for a Smarter Tomorrow?

Why Transform into a Smart Workplace?

From multiplying your business opportunities to driving innovation, smart workplace solutions offer a battery of advantages.

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Frequently Asked Question

Smart office solutions are crucial for activity-based workspaces, collaborations, and lean working methods. Smart workplaces provide an all-in-one system for employee engagement, visitor management, and workspace analytics, among other things. A smart office improves communication between employees and provides a working environment for everyone.

Key features of a modern smart office solution include:
  • Smart desks, conference or meeting rooms
  • Gamification
  • Video monitoring
  • Smart lighting & climate control
  • Visitor management
  • Smart navigation
  • Smart lockers
  • Voice control

Yes, we provide extended support and maintenance for the solution to keep it operating optimally. However, this will be chargeable, depending on the kind of tech support you need.

We focus on a smooth transition. Our implementation process minimized disruption. We ensure a seamless integration with minimal impact on your daily operations.

Absolutely! Our solutions are scalable and adaptable. We cater to businesses of all sizes. Whether you're a startup or an enterprise, we have a solution for you.

Let’s Unlock the Potential of Your Workspace Together!