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Give your business a winning advantage with web apps

The combination of new technologies, coupled with the need to tap in the device features, has led to the growing adoption of web apps as an alternative to native apps. A web app refers to an app that is capable of running inside the phone’s internet browser. An efficient web app has the potential to enhance your business functionality by serving as an interactive tool between the business and customers, easing data entry, and providing an overall boost to the business. If you want to give your business an additional edge, embracing web app is no longer a choice.

We, at Orange Mantra offer empowering web app development services to deliver an app-like responsive user-experience for your customers. Our team comprises skilled and experienced web app developers who are capable of developing powerful, technically-advanced, engaging, and high-performance web apps [wrapper apps] that enhance business value. Whether you are looking to boost efficiency or drive future growth, we can build a custom web app that brings results which are above and beyond your expectations.

Web Application Development Services

Why Go Cross Platform- Multiple Platforms, Multiple Benefits!

As a leading web app development company, we bring expertise in diverse custom solutions. Whatever you may need, we will have the right web app for your business.

Dynamic web apps

Dynamic web apps

Compared to a static web page which delivers the same information to all the users, dynamic web apps function on the basis of specific requests of the users. The content delivered by these apps are based on the user’s actions and varies for each individual.

E-commerce portals

E-commerce portals

Our customized e-commerce solutions enable businesses to showcase their presence online and sell their products as well. In addition to the conventional e-commerce functionalities, these also include recommendation systems and predictive modeling for better UX.

Enterprise applications

Enterprise applications

Our expertise extends to powerful and feature-rich enterprise applications and systems that drive automation of various processes for large businesses. With their intuitive interface and stable operation, these web apps enhance productivity and efficiency manifold.

Web portals

Web portals

Web portals serve as a storehouse of data from diverse resources and offer convenience access to data. We create ones that have the desired features which work well independently as well as coordinate smoothly to empower users with most amazing experiences.

Industry-specific solutions

Industry-specific solutions

Our rich domain knowledge makes us capable of delivering solutions that resolve industry-specific business challenges. Whether it is retail, healthcare, banking, manufacturing, or any other industry, we can build value adding custom web apps for any business vertical.

Lite apps for m-commerce

Lite apps for m-commerce

We convert bigger web versions of apps into lighter versions to empower your m-commerce business with convenient shopping experiences. Lite apps are memory-saving yet deliver experiences that are at par with their native counterparts.

Our Web App Development Approach

Single Page Application

Single page apps (SPA)

A well-developed single-page web app undoubtedly has the potential to deliver impressive and secure web experiences. By developing interactive SPAs, we assure their responsiveness and cross-browser compatibility. At the same time, we also make sure that these apps excel on the performance and agility fronts.

    Web Apps

Progressive web apps (PWA)

As smartphones and tablets play a pivotal role in web experience today, web apps come to the forefront for their mobile-friendly nature. We specialize in mobile-enabled progressive web app development and empower them with features such as offline-availability, easy installation on home screen, and fast and seamless rendering even on 2G networks.

Why choose us as your web app development partner?

Ample experience

Over two decades in the industry and several web apps deployed successfully till date give us rich experience in the domain

Skilled team

A seasoned team of web app developers and BA professionals with extensive technical and business knowledge.

Mature processes

Complex app architecture planning, flawless coding, and thorough testing of every single app makes our development process a mature one.

User-friendly UI

We focus on creating apps with intuitive and appealing designs that ensure the highest levels of user satisfaction.

Seamless integration

Powerful and flexible backend mobile frameworks such as Sencha and jQuery make our apps stand apart.

Profound collaboration

Reliable communication, continuous maintenance, and round-the-clock customer support are a part of collaboration with us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A web app is essentially a software application which runs on a remote server. These apps can be accessed via web browsers over a network, such as the Internet. Typically, a web app’s frontend is created using languages such as CSS, HTML, and Javascript, as the major browsers support these languages. The backend can use any programming stack such as MEAN, LAMP, etc. Unlike mobile apps, no specific SDK is used for developing web apps.
Initially, the app user sends across a request to the web server. The request is forwarded by the server to the apt web application server. On receiving the request, the Web app server performs the task and delivers results back to the web server. Finally, the web server responds back to provide the requested information to the user.
A web app basically works via the web browser and needs either cell signal or wi-fi to function. A Native app, on the other hand, is directly installed on the mobile phone. In most cases, native apps can run without an internet connection.
There are different platforms that can be used to build web apps A few popular ones are listed as follows:
  • AngularJs
  • Express.js
  • Symfony
  • Phalcon
The components of web apps can be arranged in different models:
  • Single web server
  • Single web server+ Database server
  • Multiple web servers + Single database server
  • Multiple web servers + Multiple database servers
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Client’s Testimonials

The quality of the work provided at OrangeMantra was simply superb. They have an impressive kind of response and follow up. They won our trust and confidence and we are eager to work with the talented Android team again.

– Mick

I recommend OrangeMantra’s App Store Optimization team for their great work in maintaining and upgrading the mobile application. They were always on time and delivered the desired outcomes.

– Louis

OrangeMantra has a good App developer’ s team and I enjoyed working with them. Communication and responsiveness were top-notch and their skills were strong. In case where the work was beyond the ability, they were in preparation and put more hours on work to get the task done on time. I enjoyed working with Orange and will likely have additional projects for them in the future.

– Cristiano

I have only one word to say about OrangeMantra. That is WOW!! Time, Cost, Efficiency, Professional, Cordial are some of the words that strike my mind regarding the App development moments. We are getting a successful number of downloads and are expecting more shortly. All due to their sincere efforts. Thank you Team.

– Omair

OM team did a great job. The mobile app was developed in a short time! I liked the consistency in their way of communication. I was always informed about the working status and the next steps involved. Thank you again!.

– Christoph

The Team excels in fast service. They designed, developed and delivered our android and iOS app within a short duration of time that anyone may not even imagine. It’s the result of an amazing team effort.

– Bryan