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What Is Infrastructure as Code?

Infrastructure as code, or IaC, relies on high-level descriptive coding to automate the provisioning of an IT infrastructure. By automating the infrastructure, you could eliminate the need for developers to write code every time you need to upgrade or integrate solutions. These include managing operating systems, servers, database connections, and storage capabilities, among other infrastructure elements. With IT requirements of organizations getting more unpredictable than ever, infrastructure as code in DevOps is getting more popular. Businesses and organizations are constantly implementing new solutions, upgrading the existing ones, and scaling the rest. That means enterprises repeatedly need to invest in their tech infrastructure. And that is why agile businesses need infrastructure as code services.

Enhance Your Business Agility With Infrastructure as Code Services

Using infrastructure as code services, you could evaluate the readiness of your business readiness for application delivery. It also allows you to identify unique business opportunities and quickly respond to shifting market demands. By choosing our offerings, you could avoid costly and time-consuming IT processes. Whether you pick infrastructure as code in DevOps or any other process, benefits are wide-ranging. Infrastructure-as-code services cover a diverse IT spectrum, from software installation and configuration to middleware development and network management. At OrangeMantra, we rely on years-long IT expertise and strategic collaboration with companies like Adobe and AWS to deliver unmatched infrastructure as code services to clients.

Key Benefits of Infrastructure as Code Services

From boosting system efficiency to reducing overhead costs, our infrastructure as code services offer a unique set of benefits.

Reduced IT configuration

Configuration issues like drift occur due to changes and updates in software. Such issues can lead to problematic deployment and security vulnerabilities, among other issues. Using infrastructure-as-code service, you could prevent all such risks and challenges.

Shorter time to market

Infrastructure as code enables seamless automation, accelerating the process of provisioning the infrastructure for development. Besides, processes like testing and deployment, too, become faster with IaC. You could also use IaC to automate legacy systems.

Faster & flawless development

With infrastructure as code in DevOps, you can simplify provisioning, ensuring a more efficient IT infrastructure consistency. IaC allows you to speed up every phase of the development cycle. Developers can rely on continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) environments.

Better cost control & ROI

In addition to efficiency and speed, infrastructure-as-code services also help you make cost reductions. It enables organizations to best use the cloud-based capabilities that boost storage capacity and accessibility. With developers spending less time in coding, your ROI improves.

Why Choose Us?

Proven expertise

Proven expertise

Our software and automation solutions development experience spans virtually all major industries. Being at the forefront of software development, we can find the best solution for every kind of requirement.

Trustworthy services

Trustworthy services

Over the past two decades, we have helped hundreds of businesses overcome IT challenges and boost operational efficiency. Business managers and entrepreneurs around the world trust OrangeMantra.

Best practices with a proven methodology

Reputable clientele

We work with some of the most renowned global brands. This experience helps us stay at the frontier. Our solutions power big names in industries like education, finance, automobile, & entertainment.

Successful track record

Results-oriented methods

We have always stayed laser-focused on helping clients achieve thebusiness goals with the right strategy. Our results-driven approach has helped hundreds of clients achieve new milestones.

Focus on customer satisfaction

Process-driven approach

Whether it’s IT infrastructure development, automation, or tech support, we follow a predefined process for everything. This approach not just helps us avoid surprises but also ensures the timely delivery of flawless solutions.

Flexible hiring models

Global recognition

Our quality-focused services have helped us earn global recognition. Several rating agencies and consulting firms have selected us as one of the top players in the global software and IT services market.

Infrastructure-as-code Technologies We Rely On

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The Infrastructure as Code (IaC) approach involves managing and provisioning of infrastructure through code instead of through manual development. Using IaC, your team can create configuration files that contain your infrastructure specifications, which makes it easier to edit and distribute configurations. Infrastructure as Code also ensures that you provide the same tech environment every time.
Top business benefits of IaC include operating cost reduction, Increase in deployment speed, reduced tech errors, enhanced infrastructure consistency, and prevention of configuration drift, among others.
Terraform is declarative provisioning and infrastructure orchestration tool that allows software engineers to automate the provisioning of all aspects of enterprise cloud-based and on-premises infrastructure
Ansible is an open-source community project sponsored by Red Hat. It is designed to automate provisioning, configuration management, and application deployment. Ansible is a declarative automation tool, that lets you create ‘playbooks’ to specify the desired state for your infrastructure and manage your provisioning accordingly.

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