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Partner with Leading Salesforce Automation Company for Soaring Sales Numbers

OrangeMantra offers leading Salesforce Automation solutions for retailers and FMCG industry players. We expedite and ease your sales efforts so you achieve unbelievable numbers.


Automated Success 

Witness how automation significantly increases your efficiency and productivity. Expedite your repetitive tasks, such as data entry, follow-up emails, and appointment scheduling. Free up your sales team for more valuable activities like building relationships and closing deals.


Experiece Predicatability 

SFA systems provide you with real-time insights. As a result, you make informed, data-driven decisions that hit the bulleye. Using this, you can effectively execute resource allocation and set realistic revenue targets that make a difference.


Build Strong Customer Relationships

SFA software services help you manage customer information and develop stronger relationships. With a centralised database, your sales team clearly understands customer needs and preferences. Therefore, you serve your customers the way they want.


Set Standard

SFA put a smooth and standardised process in place for zero-to-little errors, faster deal closures, and a consistent customer experience across channels. Hence, you achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction right away and nurture loyalty in the long term.


Develop Powerful Strategies

With insights from SFA analytics, you can identify and develop high-performing sales strategies. Along with other benefits, it helps you optimise resource allocation and make the most of your time, efforts, and resources. You achieve more by spending less.


Make Data-Driven Decisions

SFA brings robust reporting and analytics that you need to make strong decisions. Access to real-time performance metrics of your team, conversion rates, and other KPIs helps identify areas for improvement and implement rapid strategy changes.

Salesforce Automation Provider for Competitive Retail and FMCG Domains

Make your sales teams more agile and efficient with Salesforce automation. Empower them with deep insights from data analytics and other game-changing management reporting tools.

Give your sales tangible growth in both traditional and modern trade markets. Invest in FMCG and retail automation solutions tailored to your business. Know more, do more, and sell more.

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Saleforce Automation Service Provider for Every Business Need

OrangeMantra offers a complete service package to power your business. We tailor sophisticated Saleforce capabilities for your business to help you achieve unmatched sales numbers.

Customisation and Implementation Services

We tailor SFA solutions to match your specific business goals and operational workflows. We integrate SFA software with your existing systems in a seamless fashion and provide unwavering and complete support for implementation.

Training and Support

We conduct meticulous training programmes to educate your staff on the functionalities of SFA systems. Combined with our ongoing support services, we assist you in addressing any issue, answering questions, and ensuring that your team is proficient in using the platform.

Data Migration Services

We assist in the smooth transition by migrating your existing customer data and information to the new SFA system. Here, we strictly focus on ensuring data integrity and accuracy so no valuable data is lost during the process.

Third-Party Applications Integration

We integrate essential business tools, such as CRM, marketing automation, and ERP systems, for a unified and efficient workflow across various departments. This brings the ease of business that you need to grow exponentially.

Security and Compliance 

We take robust security measures to protect your sensitive customer data. Along with that, we make sure that your SFA systems comply with the latest industry regulations and standards to safeguard against data breaches of any kind and build trust in your brand.

Regular Updates and Upgrades

OrangeMantra commits and delivers regular software updates and feature enhancements to keep your SFA system effective and aligned with your continuously evolving business needs, technological advancements, and industry best practices.

Success Stories with Our Salesforce Automation Software Services

Frictionless Sales Effort with Centralised Data One of our clients in retail was struggling to manage their sales data distributed across multiple legacy systems. Also, they wanted to integrate different communication channels so that customer data is available on each channel, be it email, chat or phone. We offered our salesforce automation solution for retailers to centralise data access and improve sales efforts.

Facilitating Business Expansion for a Home Decor Retail Business One of our clients in home decor expanded from B2B to B2C. In a very short period of time, their B2C team scaled to 100 members. Now, they could no longer manage sales operations manually as information was hard to fetch from hundreds of spreadsheets, emails, and online folders. With our retail salesforce management service, they streamlined the entire lead-to-order process.

Centralised Customer Sales Data for Unprecedented Sales Our Sales Force Automation for FMCG transformed an business in the specific domain with centralised customer sales data provision. This powered their targeted approach, leading to a higher sales number than ever before. Real-time insights sharpened their strategies and infused agility into their decision making. Our salesforce automation and FMCG software helped them achieve seamless and enhanced collaboration across departments, propelling their brand to new heights.

Our Client

  • IKEA
  • MAhindra
  • Panasonic
  • Eicher
  • Hero
  • TVS
  • AND
  • BMW
  • Relaxo

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Our Tech Stack to Develop Best Salesforce Management System

OrangeMantra maintains a large team with the most advanced tools to deliver the best salesforce automation solution for retailers and FMCG businesses.

  • Cloud Platform

  • PostgreSQL  Salesforce (Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, etc.)  
  • MySQL   Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • HubSpot Sales Hub
  • Oracle Zoho CRM
  • Oracle Pipedrive
  • Database

  • Python   Salesforce Database
  • Java  Oracle Database
  • C MySQL
  • C++Microsoft SQL Server
  • C++Amazon Aurora
  • Integration Tools

  • Microsoft Azure  MuleSoft
  • AWS  Dell Boomi
  • Google Cloud  Jitterbit
  • IBM Cloud Zapier
  • IBM Cloud
  • Analytics and Reporting

  • Microsoft Azure  Salesforce Analytics
  • AWS  Tableau (integrated with Salesforce)
  • Google Cloud  Microsoft Power BI
  • IBM Cloud Google Data Studio
  • IBM Cloud Looker

Salesforce Automation for Small Business or an Established Enterprise

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Frequently Asked Questions

Salesforce automation automates all sales-related processes in a business using software applications. The automation focuses on repetitive tasks that demand the efforts of the sales team. Software applications replace human efforts to make such sales processes automation-enabled. Salesforce automation software for FMCG is a specialised solution designed to meet the unique needs of FMCG companies, which deal with high-volume, quickly consumed products.

Salesforce automation software applications eliminate repetitive, time-consuming tasks associated with sales. This helps liberate the sales team for more crucial processing requirements for human intelligence. Hence, salesforce for FMCG enhances the efficiency of sales teams, improves order fulfilment, streamlines distribution channels, and provides valuable insights for better decision-making within the fast-paced and competitive FMCG market.
The costs of developing a salesforce automation solution vary widely depending on your requirements. Factors like your industry, business goals and desired design elements also matter. If you need a simple bot with basic features, costs are comparatively lower. So businesses in the concerned domain need to consult with a salesforce automation FMCG company like OrangeMantra to share their requirements and get an exact quote.