Shopify Migration Services

Setting up a new storefront is relatively straightforward as compared to platform migration. Migrating from a legacy e-commerce system to Shopify is rather complex. You need to ensure Shopify Migration is done perfectly the first time while minimizing the impact of the process on your store’s data and ranking. At OrangeMantra, we assist you with seamless migration of all the web store’s products, orders, customers, data, and content, all without hassles and risk of data loss.

Migrating all your web store products, content, images, order data, customer data, etc. can be an incredible hassle, especially in the hands of inexperienced developers. Our team of seasoned designers and developers brings decades of combined experience helping businesses move their e-commerce operations to Shopify from other e-commerce platforms such as Magento, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and more.

A Bad Migration Can Disrupt your Business! Why Take that Risk?

Let’s help you get started with your Shopify Migration right now and make sure that your e-commerce store up and running in no time!

End-to-End Shopify Migration Services

When it comes to Shopify migration, we will take care of everything for you! Just rest assured because our end-to-end services have you covered.


Product titles, descriptions, images, custom fields, pricing, tax, inventory, etc.

Product Variants

Core products in addition to the subcategories of products

Product Attributes

All attribute types such as size, dimensions, unit of measurement, etc.

Downloadable Products

All popular file formats for downloadable products.

Custom Fields

Custom fields that are just the right fit for your unique products.

Pricing/Inventory Rules

Special formulas for bulk pricing and inventory updates to the existing data.


Prior order data with products, customers, totals, billing info, etc.


Entire customer database from the original store along with the associated data.

Customer Groups

Personalized clusters and groups of your customers.

Content Pages

Pages and all the relevant content in the old store.


Tax history and calculations to match the current store.

Coupon Codes

Active discount and coupon codes from the old setup.


Product reviews that are embedded on the product pages.


Complete manufacturer database along with the associated details.

Strip HTML Styling

Embedded HTML removal to keep the data displayed clean on the live site.

Why Move to Shopify/Shopify Plus?

Moving from a legacy platform to a new one means a lot of work. Still, a large number of store owners are migrating from Shopify to Shopify Plus or from another platform to Shopify. Does it really make sense to invest in migration? Here are some reasons why you should migrate to the platform(s).

  • Minimum developer assistance is required to maintain a Shopify store.
  • Wide range of features, functionalities, add-ons, and apps.
  • Uncomplicated security and hosting infrastructure.
  • Quick setup and implementation of the website.
  • Inbuilt payment processing for easy payments.
  • Comparatively cheaper prices.

Our Expertise

We have our years of expertise and success rate in migrating the existing eCommerce store of a client to feature-rich and scalable Shopify. Here, you will find different varieties of stores available for migration for Shopify using the assistance of our professional developers.

Magento To Shopify

Magento To Shopify

WooCommerce To Shopify

WooCommerce To Shopify

PrestaShop To Shopify

PrestaShop To Shopify

BigCommerce To Shopify

BigCommerce To Shopify

OpenCart To Shopify

OpenCart To Shopify

Volusion To Shopify

Volusion To Shopify

SquareSpace To Shopify

SquareSpace To Shopify

Others To Shopify

Others To Shopify

Our Shopify Migration Process

We follow a strategic Shopify Migration process comprising of various steps to achieve the desired objectives of enterprises.

  • Objective
  • Assessment
  • Key requirements
  • Challenges
  • Operational processes
Strategy Planning
  • Data and information
  • User Experience
  • Responsiveness
  • Integrations
  • New features
Migration & Development
  • Legacy media, data, and content Elements
  • Third-Party Extensions
  • Refactoring code
  • Re-architecting integrations
  • Theming and device compatibility
QA and Go Live
  • End-to-end system testing
  • Final data rollout
  • Deployment testing
  • Technology stack and infrastructure
  • Staging and production cutover

Why Hire Us for Shopify Migration Services?

You can rely on our fully integrated and full-scale Shopify migration services of your eStore to a more robust, feature-rich, interactive, and scalable platform.

  • We offer state-of-the-art migration solutions at a cost-effective price.
  • We keep your store in running condition in between the migration process.
  • Get professional assistance from skilled and certified Shopify migration experts.
  • We offer you round-the-clock assistance via different communication models like phone, chat, email, etc.
  • We follow strict adherence to quality and timeline to make sure you get the desired functionality at the right time.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is possible to migrate it all to Shopify. Our development and migration experts help you migrate the products under different locations of your store to Shopify. All the categories and subcategories will be changed to collections in the Shopify platform.
It is not possible to migrate security encrypted security passwords to Shopify. We can only migrate all the customer’s data and records from your existing eCommerce store to Shopify in a hassle-free manner.
It all depends on the size of the data you have and the number of products available in your existing store. The timeline varies as per the size of the business.