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OrangeMantra, leading provider of EV charging software, India, offers a complete package to manage your EV stations.


Reliability is Priority

We develop reliable EV charging software that seamlessly runs charging stations with minimal downtime to keep your EV network consistently operational. We ensure your users have easy access when they need it most.


Scalability with Ease

We develop EV charging solutions designed for scalability and ready to expand alongside your ambitions. From a single station to a network sprawling across regions, our software effortlessly scales while maintaining peak performance and zero compromises on efficiency.


All-round Security

We ensure infallible security for your EV charging stations by adhering to stringent authentication protocols and encrypted transactions. Our software solutions protect user data, maintain system integrity and ensure the complete security of your EV charging station.


Innovation Integration

We integrate the latest technological advancements to seamlessly intertwine your charging stations with smart grid systems and leverage data analytics for the greatest efficiency. We optimise energy usage and unlock new possibilities in the EV charging landscape.


Seamless User Experience

OrangeMantra is known for its user-centric approach to crafting intuitive interfaces. We develop EV charging applications with a seamless journey—from locating charging stations to swift, secure payments—all designed to elevate the EV charging experience.


Ongoing Support and Adaptability

Our commitment extends beyond development—we offer complete, unwavering support post deployment. In addition, with continuous updates and proactive maintenance, we ensure your EV charging network seamlessly meets evolving needs and industry standards.

Get Robust and High Performing Electric Vehicle Charging Software Solutions

The EV industry has immense future potential. Reducing dependency on non-renewable energy sources is fueling demands for eco-friendly and energy efficient sources like electricity.

OrangeMantra is your trusted partner to get your electric vehicle software solutions. That covers every aspect of the user-journey while ensuring the best business solution for your business.

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Comprehensive EV Charging Management Solutions

OrangeMantra offers reliable, secure and user-friendly solutions for your EV charging endeavour.

Remote Monitoring and Maintenance

Reliability is non-negotiable with OrangeMantra EV charging management solutions. Get remote monitoring and predictive maintenance, preemptive issue identification and proactive intervention. Minimise downtime and keep your EV charging stations always available.

Network Management

We help you efficiently manage your network of EV charging stations with robust software solutions. Our expert solutions help you remotely monitor, control, and optimise your networks. Tracking station health or managing user access—our software makes it all happen.

Billing and Payments

Get simple, smooth, speedy and secure payment solutions with our advanced EV charging application. We integrate various payment methods for hassle-free payments through mobile apps, RFID cards, credit cards and more, along with the best user-experience.

User Experience Enhancement

We develop smart EV customer applications with highly intuitive interfaces that redefine the user experience. Let them easily find your charging stations, check availability, and initiate charging sessions without effort. Achieve enhanced user engagement and foster trust in your brand..

Energy Management Integration

Our EV charging software seamlessly integrates with your energy management systems for intelligent energy distribution and load balancing. Optimise your energy usage and harness renewable sources with our sustainable charging solutions.

Data Analytics for Optimization

Utilise the power of data with our EV charging software. Collect and analyse data to get pathbreaking, actionable insights on usage patterns and energy consumption trends. Make informed decisions, optimise your station placements and improve your overall efficiency.

Success Stories With Our EV Charging Applications

Intuitive Web Solution Design & Digital Marketing for a Sustainability-focused EV Brand Our client, a leading EV manufacturer in Africa, is emerging as an innovation leader in sustainable vehicle designing, and smart battery manufacturing with their exceptional engineering solutions. They are known for introducing best-in-class electric three-wheelers and two-wheelers. Aimed at revolutionizing urban transportation, the company brings a fresh perspective to auto-rickshaw and personal transport. They partnered with OrangeMantra to design a website that sets them apart in their competitive environment. They also wanted us to use a CMS that enables them to easily manage content.

Explore Our Case Studies

Fleet Management App & Captive Community for an EV-Powered CompanyOur client is one of Asia’s leading players in logistics, catering to diverse industries, including manufacturing, aerospace & defence, automotive, FMCG, and retail, among others. They were looking to streamline logistics operations across processes using IoT solutions. Improving EV fleet management by getting real-time data about vehicles’ conditions. They wanted to build an EV captive community platform for users to initiate smooth collaboration. Live chat functionality allows fleet managers and vehicle drivers to chat with each other regarding road conditions, the nearest toll-plaza and gas stations.

Explore Our Case Studies

Automation Solution for India’s First Driverless Shuttle As automation takes the business world by storm, our client focuses on building solutions that enable businesses to get the best of the emerging technologies. We built an app that enables the fleet managers to remotely control every aspect the driverless shuttles. The solution features an array of capabilities, including seat booking by users, stoppage alerts at the source and destination, emergency stoppage, real-time location, and navigation, among others. As a tech solution partner to the client, we’ve continued our collaboration to explore new avenues in automation.

Explore Our Case Studies

Truck Fleet Management System Powered By Hitech Robotics Our client, is a leading cooking equipment installation service provider. With state of the art technology and a vast inventory, the company has a large fleet of trucks. They were looking for a technology solution to gain real-time insight into the operation of each Truck and its driver. They want to make improvements in both driver safety and fleet sustainability, and wanted to achieve with one integrated solution. Client partnered with OrangeMantra for Hitech robotics solution to improve truck fleet management operations.

Explore Our Case Studies

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Experience Advanced Technology with Our EV Charging Station software

OrangeMantra is an established name in technology solutions. We offer the best software for EV charging stations so you can operate with ease and efficiency.

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With Projection of $906.7 Billion, EV is your lucrative and Safest Bet

Enter the EV industry today for a lucrative investment avenue with the safety shield of a renewable source. Get dedicated software developers for your next EV project.

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Frequently Asked Questions

EV charging stations are dedicated points where electric vehicles can recharge their batteries. They offer different charging levels, from standard to rapid.
An EV mobile app enables users to locate nearby charging stations, check availability, initiate and monitor charging sessions, make payments, and use other important features.
EV charging applications allow users to find stations, view pricing, start and stop charging sessions, and manage payments—all from their smartphones.
An EV customer application offers users a convenient interface to locate charging stations, track charging history, manage payments securely, and much more to enhance the overall EV ownership experience.
An electric vehicle software solution is a suite of tools designed to manage EV charging infrastructure. It facilitates station management, billing, user authentication, and data analytics, to optimise the operation of EV charging networks.