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Enterprise Document Management System Solutions

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A Document Management System (DMS) is a system designed to store, track, and manage electronic documents and images of paper-based information captured with the help of a document scanner.

We offer custom document management system services and solutions to enterprises to help them digitize their paper-based work and securely manage all their documentation throughout the entire lifecycle right from uploading, storing, retrieval, delivery, and archiving. Our advanced document management solutions are carefully designed to automate your workflow and paperwork.

Enterprise Document Management System Solutions
Why Should You Use a Document Management System?

Why Should You Use a Document Management System?

As organizations generate voluminous paperwork each passing day because of their small or large-scale projects and other important documents, they need efficient data management and timely dissemination of information for an effective day-to-day administration and project delivery. Delayed data delivery leads to hindrances to progress and outmoded data may cause abortive working. As a result, organizations have to bear unnecessary and unavoidable costs.

A robust Document Management System enables organizations to control, manage, and store their voluminous information efficiently and effectively. This way, they can ensure seamless workflow and easy accessibility to up-to-date information.

Top Benefits Of Using A Document Management System

A custom document management system that captures, stores, and retrieves both paper and electronic documents provides a wide array of benefits to your organization.

  • Reduced Storage Space
  • High-end Security
  • Better Regulatory Compliances
  • Fast and Easy Retrieval of Information
  • Enhanced Collaboration
  • Reliable Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Flexibility and Scalability
  • Optimized Workflow
  • Competitiveness
  • Improved Client Relationships
  • Peace of Mind
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Key Functions Of Our Document Management System

We offer a custom document management system that comes with systemized data tools and provides better visibility of the organization’s workflow and employees’ productivity. Our DMS may include but are not limited to the following functionalities.

Email Marketing
Workflow Automation
Automated workflow streamlines the document management process by routing the documents to their desired locations. It facilitates automated report creation, assistance in task assignment, notifications, revisions and approvals, and other core workflow components.
Customer Segmentation
Document Storage
A DMS enables you to store documents and metadata efficiently to facilitate intelligent searching, indexing, and data management. Additionally, the integration of electronic documents into the document management system helps in reducing the amount of paper usage in the office.
Social media
Quick Retrieval
Document retrieval enables intelligent search using specific search parameters and metadata. With a DMS, you can also change the document format and gain centralized access from the desktop.
Easy-to-adjust Tolerances
Document Versioning
Version control tracks and manages a series of different drafts, versions of documents and records. This function provides access to the revision history, which is crucial for uninterrupted user collaboration. It enables users to view all the changes in the document, compare revisions, reverse editing, and implement the changes.
Lead Scoring/Prediction
Flexible Security
A Document Management System ensures flexible security control over your business documents. It provides access to data by granting permissions to a user for a specific document, folder, or workspace.
Lead Management
User Dashboard
Our purpose-built Document Management solutions come with a workflow and document inbox, chats and follow-ups, tasks and reports, alerts and notifications, and other inbuilt features such as calendar and emails, all combined into a virtual dashboard.

How Does a Document Management System Work?

A DMS provides document management in four steps

Document Capture

Captures documents in electronic or paper form via document scanners

Structuring of Documents

Structures electronically archived information and metadata to deliver the right information in the right place at the right time

Distribution and Editing

Ensures document transport and processing with individual workflow management and comprehensive controlling

Audit-proof Archiving

A DMS provides unchangeable, audit-proof, and legally compliant archiving for future references or serves as evidence of legal disputes.

Some of Our Additional DMS Solutions & Services Include

End-to-end Encrypted Cloud Storage

With our DMS development services, we ensure that our cloud-based DMS’s are built on premium Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) hosts, providing you with a centralized and accessible document library. Our highly-scalable DMS comes with easy-to-use indexing tools required for document categorization and adding of important metadata for seamless migrations and augmentations. We also empower our DMS with AI-driven and machine learning systems. As parts of our complete DMS services, we also program data mining, mapping, and predictive coding applications for parsing and generating valuable insights from your documents.

Workflow & Collaboration Automation

We create multi-tenant collaboration tools with intuitive UI and UX to ensure teamwork and increased usability of your custom document management system. We integrate features for adding e-signatures, emailing documents to third-parties, and adding remarks and supplementary assets. Our custom workflow management tools enable you to automate document delivery to authorized parties and for mass distribution.

Document Scanning & Index Software Integration

We offer an easy document digitization process to help you convert any typed document, forms, written notes, and other analog objects into digital document formats such as DOC and DOCX, TXT, ODT, PDF, PPT, HTML, and EPUB. This is possible when we interface our DMS with embedded software in digital devices that are used for Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Optical Mark Recognition (OMR), and Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR). Normally, these devices come with a barcode recognition component as well.

Electronic File Cabinet Solutions

Versioning control using a digital filing solution allows you to keep a complete record of all stages of the document’s development. We develop an advanced Record Management System (RMS) to ensure automatic updates of a document’s audit trail using timestamps and personnel information. We also offer document lifestyle management that employs internal document tracking technologies to ensure accountability within organizations. Our full-fledged DMS services also enable us to help organizations to keep compliant with regulatory standards, data retention regulations, and e-discovery requests.

Information Governance Solutions

Data traceability and integrity are the top priorities of all our enterprise content management solutions. We integrate IT security features such as Role-Based Access Controls (RBAC), permission controls, multi-factor authentication, and high-end data encryptions with our DMS solutions. This helps us keep your DMS information repository secured.

Document Management System API’s

Our programmed APIs enable us to integrate your custom DMS solution with workflows of any third-party business-oriented systems such as CMS, CRM, ERP, and HRM. We can also offer customization and integration services for open-source DMS solutions such as SharePoint, Box, and PandaDoc.

We Bring the Following DMS Development Services under One Roof

Custom DMS Development

In the current times, businesses need to manage their presence across the evolving content channels and handle the related digital assets. The need multiple teams driving their agendas for the individual channels, which makes it challenging and expensive to manage customer experiences across them. Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is a comprehensive CMS which lets businesses to manage websites, mobile apps, content and marketing efforts at a single place. By availing the advanced Adobe Experience Management (AEM) solution, your business can deliver personalized and engaging digital experiences that have a global reach. With these unmatched customer experiences across in-person and online channels, you can increase demand as well as customer loyalty for your business. At Orange Mantra, we offer a comprehensive range of AEM services to global enterprises across diverse industry verticals.

DMS Integration & Customization

We can seamlessly integrate our digital document management system with any third-party systems such as CRM, ERP, intranet, extranet, and other production systems. Seamless integration of a DMS with these softwares makes it a vital component of any business process, besides being just for document management. As a part of our DMS integration service, we can also customize your existing DM systems such as Documentum, Sharepoint, and more.

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