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Make Better Informed Decisions with NLP-based Data Analytics

Our certified NLP developers combine machine learning algorithms and deep learning techniques to extract meaningful insights from your unstructured data. By leveraging our advanced NLP services, you can create next-gen NLP apps that will guide you better, provide contextual clarity, and correctly comprehend human speech to help you make well-informed decisions.

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The Next-gen Natural Language Processing Solution Lies Here with Us

Integration of small modules and legacy systems is a big concern today for the business segment. The multiple applications, technology up gradation is necessary and inescapable to keep in pace with the rapidly moving world. If Enterprise web based applications are deployed, it is easy to develop and integrate applications. In one console, you may maintain all web published applications surpassing the client-server technology and/or the exe based applications. The corporates may consolidate their applications like timesheet performance management, lead management, and, etc.

Enterprise web based applications act as a catalyst in publishing employees’ timesheet on the fly without any hassles. Today many field forces are also dependent on web based applications with multi-device operability.

Over few years of research and brainstorming, Orange Mantra has developed and deployed banquet of web based applications which are the crux of several enterprises. These applications are easy to customize, quickly deployable, easily configurable, and modified rapidly, which are the main concern of the enterprises. Our Lead management system / field force reduces the time required from inquiry to order conversion.

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Today with its extended reporting and features, survival of the small, medium and large enterprise has become trustworthy. The DNA of Orange Mantra is to help corporates in deploying customized ERP lead management and time sheets. These instillations have gone through rigorous testing and many man-months acceptability. These applications not only support organization but also transform the employee and employer relationship.

Orange Mantra has understood the UX and UI expectations and developed these applications which are widely accepted by many organizations. With years of experience in implementing projects, Orange Mantra is acknowledged for customer and user loyalty with a valuable competitive edge.

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What is Natural Language Processing (NLP)?

Natural language processing (NLP) is a component of Artificial Intelligence that enables a computer platform to understand human language. It is a computerized action in which it can read, study, and analyze human languages. This machine learning technology automates all language forms, actions, or methods of messaging including live chat, email, reading, writing, and even lip-reading by humans.

Natural language processing (NLP) is gaining popularity across all industries such as banking, law, healthcare, building, transportation, and power, and other industries who are hunting for innovative and robust solutions for automation of operations.

Why Do You Need Natural Language Processing?

By employing NLP applications, you can extract patterns and derive understanding within your amorphous data, especially in the form of text. NLP enables machines to learn, and comprehend the context of human language. This helps you to enhance your digital business operations through the website, improve your products by upgrading their quality or making them easier to use, and enhance customer service by analyzing reviews and feedbacks. Natural Language Processing is an ideal solution to achieve all these objectives as it helps you extract and utilize those insights in order to streamline business processes and drive growth.

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Key Functions of Natural Language Processing

Natural language processing helps in investigating and understanding the human language. The human-machine relationship can employ such existing applications as:-

  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Automates Text Writing
  • Name Recognition
  • Text Classification
  • Speech Fragments Recognition

Natural language processing is a complicated task for machines. Computers have to figure out the context of a human speech by understanding the words, tone, concepts, ideas, and the connection it is built upon.

Our Natural Language Processing App Development Solutions & Services

We offer NLP-based data analytics and machine-learning solutions that will give you a competitive edge in the market. Our proficient NLP data developers have dexterity and expertise in providing the most innovative, robust, and effective NLP app solutions by employing advanced methodologies and techniques. With our years of experience and vast knowledge about NLP and machine learning technology, we aim at developing result-oriented NLP application development to enhance your business operations and increase productivity. Some of our NLP services include:-

  • Data Acquisition
  • Data Mining Integration
  • Speech Recognition
  • Computer-assisted Coding
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Machine Translation
  • Chatbots
  • Market Intelligence

Make Customer Interaction Easier with Our Natural Language Processing Solutions.

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Take Advantage of Our Full-cycle NLP Services

We offer full-cycle services for NLP-based platforms in a way that proves our advanced
machine learning competencies.

Custom Product & Application Development

Our proficient NLP developers build robust, high-performance, and process-oriented applications for desktop, mobile, web, and cloud to ensure mature SLAs and maintain a perfect balance between cost, quality, and security standards.

Application Enhancement & Upgrade

We can enhance and upgrade your existing NLP applications to newer NLP or AI-based development frameworks and platforms. With our enhancement and upgrade services, we aim at reducing the overall cost and time of our clients.

Application Maintenance & Support

As a reliable NLP app development company, we provide quality assurance and testing services for NLP apps by performing extensive testing for pre-to-post release functionality, performance, and load verification. We employ the best practices, technology, and testing solutions to ensure the end-product performs optimally and flawlessly.

NLP Development Methods We Use

The most preferred techniques used for NLP development are as follows.

Parsing (Determining the syntactical structure of the text)

Parsing in NLP is the process of examining the sentence and creating a parse tree. The parse tree helps in determining the syntactical structure of the sentence by analyzing grammatical interactions of the constituent words.

Stemming (Reducing a word to its word stem)

The concept of stemming is derived from morphology. This method helps NLP specialists to determine the variants of words having the same stems and connotations.

Text Segmentation (Segmenting the text into meaningful parts)

Each sentence delivers a certain idea, concept, or consideration. The process helps in dividing a written text into contextual parts like words, sentences, or topics that apply mental processes used by humans while reading the text as well as artificial processes implemented in machines.

Relationship Separation (Determining the semantic belonging)

It is the process of identifying the semantic links between different named entities..

Sentiment Analysis (Determining the attitude/tone)

This is one of the crucial issues in NLP development. The text should be recognized and the intention should be forecasted. Sentiment analysis is often used for customer reviews and surveys.

Identification of the Named Entities

Identifying the named entities helps in identifying and specifying words with the current realm concepts.

Some of the Popular NLP Software

Some of the widely used Natural Language Processing software include:-


How Do We Apply Natural Language Processing Algorithms

Natural Language Processing algorithms are mainly used in machine learning methodologies. NLP relies on machine learning to analyze, draw conclusions, and adhere to rules. We apply NLP algorithms for the following:

Text Summarization

To summarize the text in order to extract useful ideas and concepts while ignoring the irrelevant one.

Chatbot Development

Chatbots should be built using Google’s Parsey McParseface with tags Point of the Speech.

Keyword Generation

To generate keywords using AutoTag to identify themes contained within the text.

Named Entity Identification

To determine the named person, location, or a company by applying Named Entity Recognition.


To reduce the given words to the word stem using Porter Stemmer, or to segment the text into tokens with the help of Tokenizer.

Sentiment Analysis

To recognize the sentiment of the text, whether it is bad, good, or neutral.

NLP Programming Languages We Use

The most preferred programming language for NLP development is Python. Our expert NLP developers leverage the most suitable Python Libraries to build advanced NLP app development.

Apache Points

Natural Language Toolkit

The Natural Language Toolkit is the principal tool for NLP development. It helps in setting up functions like tokenization, categorization, stemming, identification, linguistic interpretation, and analysis. Although this library is flexible, it is much slower to use.
Apache Points


The TextBlob is easy to use and helps beginners gain valuable data related to the potentials of NLP such as reasoning, pos-tagging, and nominal phrase origin.
Apache Points


Polyglot provides customers with a comprehensive analysis and excellent language diapason. This less-popular library may request for the use of the selected command in the command stroke using the pipeline tools.
Apache Points


Designed by Stanford University, CoreNLP is a Java-based library. However, the library supports various languages and its efficiency is seen in the output creation environments.
Apache Points


This NLP library focuses on the context and similarity among some documents using vector space prototyping and theme modeling instruments.
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Proprietary Asset Management

Store, manage and lock down your brand’s logo, images, text, fonts, colors, and other important brand assets using the Brand Asset Manager. This helps to protect your brand and ensure brand compliance.

Industries We Serve with Our Advanced NLP Solutions

  • HealthcareHealthcare
  • E-commerceE-commerce
  • Retail & CPGRetail & CPG
  • Marketing & SalesMarketing & Sales
  • TelecomTelecom

Why Choose Us for Natural Language Processing Solutions?


We have a team of experienced and qualified NLP developers that offers innovative, accurate, and top-of-the-line services for all the industries’ data derivation.


We are a globally-recognized NLP development service providers who are proficient in developing Natural Language Processing Solutions for our global and cross-industry clientele.


Our top-notch NLP developers have vast knowledge to narrate the code accurately to recognize the human speech and text entered as data.


Our Natural Language Processing solutions and services are exclusively designed to unlock the hidden potentials of data that encourages businesses to avail of a competitive service.


We employ advanced NLP techniques and strategies to foster all your business professionals to achieve your business’s objectives. Our NLP-based solutions provide the support needed to reduce the burden in the field of customer interaction.

Some of the NLP Projects We’ve Worked On

Being a leading provider of software & digital transformation solutions, we’re committed to fight this pandemic with the help of technology. Our track record speaks volumes about our expertise.


Frequently Asked Questions

NLP stands for Natural Language processing which uses machine learning to understand human language, examines computer knowledge and management of the human language.

Machine Learning and AI-driven technologies are used in compliant situations and services where both machines and experts interact simultaneously to manage the data.

Natural Language Processing helps in investigating and understanding human language. Both humans and machines can use the existing applications for sentiment analysis, automated text writing, text classification, named entity identification, speech fragments recognition, and much more.

Yes, our NLP support team will take care of your end-to-end set-up and implementation of your NLP apps.

Yes, our NLP professionals will help you and your team with proper NLP app training.

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