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Make Your Product “Meaningful” with OrangeMantra NLP Solutions

Our natural language processing solutions amalgamate machine learning, deep learning, and linguistics to mimic human language processing abilities. This way, your products not only understand words but also the context and sentiment behind them.

NLP services empower your businesses with insights from vast data troves, enabling never-before understanding of customer sentiments and behaviours. Thus, you get an informed decision-making process that make an industry-wide impact.

With 22+ years of experience, we elevate customer satisfaction through solutions that offer:

  • Personalised support and instant query resolution
  • Harness text data from reviews, feedback, and chats for informed decisions.
  • Uncover trends, sentiments, and actionable intelligence in real time.
  • Automation and workflow optimisation for high productivity
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    Years Experience

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  • 97%

    Customer Retention Rate

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Gather Deep Market Intelligence and Competitive Analysis with NLP services

Serve what your customers are looking for and seize success. With NLP, we facilitate natural interaction between users and your product, leading to a meaningful user experience.  

Plus, as your trusted NLP service provider, we develop tailor-made solutions that monitor dynamic market trends, analyze competitor activities, and provide insightful sentiment analysis for your insightful decisions that outsmart competitors.  

From language translation and sentiment analysis to chatbots, speech recognition and much more, we offer a comprehensive and intelligent NLP solution for your business, making us the leading NLP services in India.  

Digitally Competitive

One-Stop-Shop for All NLP App Development Services

Our team of experienced NLP developers comprises NLP researchers and data scientists who get you the exact solutions required to lead your industry. Check out some of our tech-heavy services in the NLP space.

Sentiment Analysis

Capture every emotion behind your customer's words. Our tools decode sentiments, unveiling opinions and feelings to get you game-changing insights from user feedback. Understand better, serve better.

Document Processing  

Get rid of tedious and risky manual data entry. Our solutions analyse texts, conduct smart searches, and automate monotonous and tedious tasks for speed. Identify essential details from any document, be it PDFs, images, or scanned files.

Chatbots and Virtual Assistants

Revolutionize how you connect with customers. We power your chatbots and virtual assistants with our high-tech conversational AI solutions to speed-handle and automate your query handling and resolution processes.

Text Classification  

Organize your text data hassle-free. Our solutions categorize and arrange text for error-free data handling and insights. This includes email sorting, article categorization, and analyzing customer reviews for you to better handle your data and tap into its huge potential.

Entity Recognition  

Our tools pinpoint and extract entities, turning text mining into an art form. Elevate data precision for richer insights. We help you attain deep and rare insights that give you an edge over your competitors and take you closer to the user. 

Natural Language Generation  

As a leading AI development company, we understand the challenges of working with data, and we make it easy for you. Our NLP solutions spin reports, create vivid summaries, and craft descriptions in natural language that is easy to understand and work with.

OrangeMantra Success Stories: Helping Clients with Our Intelligent Solutions

Our team of expert NLP professionals has helped clients across the globe operating in the emerging technology space. 

Explore Our NLP Arsenal for Intelligent Language Processing

We leverage cutting-edge tools and technologies to elevate your NLP experience

  • Languages

  • Python Python
  • JavaJava
  • C#C#
  • JavaScript JavaScript
  • Tools

  •   Natural Language ToolKit (NLTK) Natural Language ToolKit (NLTK)
  •   spaCy  spaCy
  •  Gensim Gensim
  • Hugging Face Transformers Hugging Face Transformers
  • Frameworks

  •   Natural Language Understanding (NLU) Natural Language Understanding (NLU)
  •  Named Entity Recognition (NER) Named Entity Recognition (NER)
  •  Topic Modelling Topic Modelling
  •  Sequence-to-Sequence Models Sequence-to-Sequence Models
  • Service Integration

  • Data Integration ToolsData Integration Tools
  • API IntegrationAPI Integration
  • Message BrokersMessage Brokers
  • Web Services Web Services

Programming Languages We Use in Our NLP Services

Our expert NLP developers leverage the most suitable programming language libraries to build advanced NLP apps.

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It is the most widely used language for NLP app development due to its rich libraries like NLTK, SpaCy, Gensim, Transformers, and more, making it a popular choice among NLP practitioners.

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Java is known for its scalability. Java has libraries such as Apache OpenNLP and Stanford NLP that support various NLP tasks. This helps you seamlessly scale operations as per emerging trends and market demands.

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NLP comprises a sophisticated and complex algorithm. C++ is often used for efficient implementation of these NLP algorithms, especially for resource-intensive tasks, due to its performance capabilities.

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When it comes to improving web-based NLP solutions, JavaScript has no competition. The language is primarily employed for web-based NLP applications, with libraries like Natural, compromise.js, and NLP.js.

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R is widely favoured in academia and research for its robust statistical tools, exceptional visualisation capabilities, and extensive machine-learning libraries like TM and QuanteDA, making it an ideal choice for in-depth analysis and exploration in NLP.

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Scala is amazingly compatible with Java and the functional programming paradigm. Hence, it is used for NLP tasks, leveraging libraries like Apache OpenNLP and Breeze for scalable and efficient text processing.

Industries We Serve With Our Advanced NLP Solutions

We offer adaptable NLP solution for industries across the spectrum. We ensure our smart NLP solution not only suits your business also helps you lead your industry.   

Our NLP Solution Development Process

Elevating your business through intelligent Natural Language Processing (NLP) solutions significantly enhances performance and transforms customer experiences.

  •  Discovery


    • Identify and assess linguistic processes
    • Evaluate tasks ripe for NLP integration
    • Conducting initial research aligned with your business objectives
  •  Design & Development

    Design & Development

    • Thorough strategic planning
    • Crafting tailored NLP solutions
    • Customizing to meet identified linguistic needs
  •  Deploy


    • Integration into existing business structures
    • Seamless transition from manual to NLP-powered processes
    • Minimizing operational disruptions
  •  Maintеnancе


    • Ongoing monitoring and regular updates
    • Delivering adaptive NLP solutions for optimal business requirements 
    • Adapting to operational changes seamlessly

Benefits of Natural Language Processing Solutions

We help you revolutionize your business operations with our cutting-edge NLP solutions. Seamlessly integrate natural language processing into your systems and avail of these amazing benefits 


Customer Satisfaction at Every Interaction

AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants drive exceptional customer experiences through speedy and personalized resolution. This helps you instantly address queries, provide individualized support, and foster lasting connections to ensure customer satisfaction. 

Seamless Integration

Data-Driven Decision-Making Gives You an Edge

We can help you harness the potential of vast textual data. Our solutions extract actionable insights, decipher sentiments, and uncover trends for you with high precision. Empowered with real-time, data-backed intelligence, you make informed decisions that make a difference. 

Automated Operation

Operational Efficiency

We automate mundane tasks, streamline workflows, and boost the productivity of your organization using an NLP solution. From efficient information retrieval to automating processes, our NLP solutions optimize operations, allowing your team to focus on high-value tasks. 

Why Choose Us As Your Best NLP Service Provider?

Choosing OrangeMantra for meticulous NLP services will revolutionize your business operations. 

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Frequently Asked Question

NLP stands for Natural Language Processing; it uses AI algorithms to let computers communicate in human language directly. The most interesting part is that it allows computers to understand the sentiment and user intent behind a sentence.

Machine learning is a subset of AI that helps computers learn. It comprises various complex and sophisticated algorithms that computers use to identify patterns, make predictions, and continuously improve their performance based on experience and data.

NLP enables computers to understand human language. Its main functions include sentiment analysis, text creation, classification, named entity identification, speech recognition, and more.

Yes, our team of highly skilled NLP professionals will develop an NLP solution just for your business.

Yes, our NLP professionals will help you and your team with proper NLP app training and offer complete post-deployment support for your smooth business operations.