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      Flutter App Development Company in India  

      The all-new open-source mobile app development framework by Flutter has revolutionized the cross-platform landscape. Compared to its counterparts, it offers greater ease of implementation and cost-effectiveness, making it an apt choice for progressive businesses. The framework is acclaimed for rendering feature-rich and high-quality applications with a single code base for both Android and iOS platforms. This means that you can trust Flutter app development services to speed up the development process and cut down the turnaround time of your project to a considerable extent. 

      Flutter App Development Services We Offer 

      Flutter App Development Services

      Cross-platform Flutter app development 

      We help you empower your mobile strategy by leveraging Flutter to build high-quality, secure, and flawless cross-platform apps for iOS and Android platforms.

      Flutter App Development Services

      Custom Flutter app solutions 

      Get custom Flutter app solutions that match your business needs and users’ expectations to drive growth and deliver customer satisfaction. 

      Flutter App Development Services

      Maintenance and support 

      We assist you with app maintenance and the resolution of issues of any complexity level, including performance, security audits, & bug fixes.

      Flutter App Development Services

      Flutter app upgrade 

      We can assist you to upgrade the latest version of Flutter to achieve enhanced business security upgrades and continuity for experiencing better performance improvements. 

      Flutter App Development Services

      Native & advanced app development 

      With immense flexibility for native application development, our team of Flutter developers integrates native features to get the feel and look of a native application.

      Flutter App Development Services

      Flutter app design services 

      Flutter application development is the deployment of your apps that takes less time to design. We help you to design applications that are easy to maintain and navigate.  

      Why Flutter App Development? 

      There are several good reasons for collaborating with a Flutter app development company for your next cross-platform app. Let’s highlight them for you! 

      Execution Architecture

      Single coding structure 

      With the single code structure that the framework offers, developers can create apps without having to write multiple codes for every distinct OS. This helps them to save their time and resources while efficiently producing the project deliverable. 

      Imaginative UI/UX Design

      Speedy programming 

      Flutter offers myriad features which let Flutter developers achieve agile coding for dynamic application platforms in an efficient manner. For example, they can utilize the Hot reload functionality to modify the code and evaluate it for speedy programming. 

      Exceptionally Scalable

      Custom widgets

      We, a Flutter mobile app development company, let developers create custom features with their technical expertise and business insights. A vast collection of widgets is available in its library that offers a great deal of flexibility.

      Agile Development

      Fast and efficient testing 

      While there is the ease of creating a single code structure for Flutter apps, it also brings speed and ease in testing the apps for both iOS and Android OS. Additionally, the efficiency of the QA process goes a notch higher. 

      Psychology Driven

      Seamless user experience

      Being an innovative technology, Flutter mobile app development boasts numerous features which can be used for creating apps with smooth and engaging experiences. At the same time, these apps have the potential for adding value to businesses.


      DART-based framework  

      Flutter relies on Dart, a powerful programming language that delivers ahead-of-time native performance even with different platforms and OS. It enables the creation of smooth animations and transitions for speedy loading and high engagement. 

      The Process That We Follow 

      Requirement Gathering

      Focus on the documentation first for its clarity and for better understanding from both sides. We analyze the requirement to plan for better designs.

      Proposal and engagement 

      After understanding the requirements, we share a comprehensive proposal with the client. And then we start working on an engagement model that suits them.

      Designs, Wireframes, & Mock-ups 

      We help our valuable clients by creating wonderful and interactive UI designs that explain elaborately the user-friendly flow of your web or app platform. 

      Prototype Demo 

      After finalizing and approving the design, we focus on helping our client with a prepared demo or to have a ready look and feel of your app/web platform. 

      Changes Requests

      After our clients get the final look at the web platform, they feel free to mention the required changes as per their expectations for business needs. 


      We start the development process with our technologies, best suited for your web/app platform, and deliver the results within the specified time frame. 


      We help our clients with the final UAT, testing, and training to the final deployment of the launching and source code in the client’s platform. 

      Support & Maintenance 

      We provide a service as per the terms decided by our client initially. We also provide monthly and yearly packages based on your business needs. 


      We ensure that the visibility of your application improves. We also determine that the app stores rank each of your applications depending on many factors.


      Why choose OrangeMantra as a Flutter app development company

      Here are some reasons that make us a perfect Flutter App Development partner.

      Proven development process

      Our bespoke development process is highly innovative yet proven. It assimilates the most advanced features and an open approach to help you stay ahead of the competition. 

      Team of Flutter specialists 

      We, as the best Flutter app development company in India, leverage expertise to develop unique and feature-rich cross-platform apps that enhance the business while reducing costs.

      Cross-domain experience

      With extensive and well-rounded experience across diverse business domains, our team gets an edge with Flutter. The diversity in our experience enables our team to excel.

      Relentless support & maintenance 

      Our job does not finish with the deployment of your Flutter app. We extend ongoing support and maintenance services that you can depend on for keeping your app up and running.


      Flutter is Google’s innovative mobile UI framework used for creating high-quality native interfaces on both iOS and Android platforms in record time. A free and open-source framework, Flutter works with a single codebase for both the leading app platforms, which makes it a preferred choice for developers and organizations alike.
      Flutter makes use of Dart, a fast, object-oriented language which offers native performance for diverse platforms. This high-performance language facilitates the creation of fluid user experiences, making Flutter a framework you can rely on.
      Widgets can be explained as tiny chunks of UI which are combined to create a complete app. These are nested inside each other for building an app. Flutter widgets are created using a modern framework which takes inspiration from React framework.
      Compared to other cross-platform frameworks, Flutter is reactive and robust and comes with a range of tools and widgets which enable quick coding and deployment. It leverages a single codebase that works for Android and iOS platforms. This minimizes the app turnaround time to a significant extent. Further, it offers features such as hot reload and customizable widgets too. Without any doubt, Flutter spells the future of app development.
      Both the frameworks bring their own advantages in terms of stability, performance, documentation, and average development time. Since React Native has been around for several years now, it is regarded as a more stable. Flutter, on the other hand, is an emerging one and will probably be embraced more widely in the times to come.