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Being the most reputed organization we deliver 250+ successful projects across the globe also provides outcall support for projects like support and maintenance and upgradation services .Our android app development services will help msme & sme enterprises to achieve there business goal .

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Improve your Business Goal With Our Experts Android App Developerss

Android has an extended marketplace and millions of users across the tech ecosystem. It offers seamless opportunities to businesses developing an app and reach a wide range of customers. As a reliable tech partner, we offer Android app development services to extend your business offerings. Here, you’ll find our team delivers quality solutions tailored to suit your specific needs. With years worth of experience behind them, we develop successful apps across all platforms including iOS and Windows.

We’re committed to bringing businesses new opportunities with cutting-edge technology; serving up world-class web solutions like responsive website design and web development tools to complement our mobile application solutions. Whether you’re an established brand or a startup looking for growth, it’s time to make contact with us about your next business venture!

OCreate an interactive and feature-rich mobile app while targeting the extended marketplace of Android users. At our Android app development company, we help you bring customization to the core and include features & intuitive design to meet your brand capability & persona. We are fully capable of catering to the Android application development requirement of diverse industries and distinctive clients.

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Our Android Application Development Services

We offer Android application development services that span all devices and operating systems. From web browsing to emailing, we cover every aspect of life with our digital experience solutions.

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Android UI and UX Design

UI matters just as much when it comes to creating a successful app. If you’re looking for an Android programmer who can also do great UI designs and provide users with an enhanced user experience, then hire one from this list of talented people.

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Custom Android App Development

Expert Android app developers are on hand to create high-performing, feature-rich apps for businesses. With our expertise using the platform and the latest development tools, you can expect an excellent final product.

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Universal App Development

Develop your own universal app by tapping into the expertise of our team of app developers. Connect with people all around the world who use Android products by developing apps for smartphones, smart watches, android tv, and many other modern technologies.

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Gaming App Development

Our expertise in developing games has made us a trusted ally in the game industry. We are experts at creating engaging games that are certain to gain popularity and revenue for clients. Want to create a next-gen app? Hire top Android developers!

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Wearable Apps

We are one of the top Android developers in India and have experience working with clients to develop wearable apps for smartwatches, fitness bands, and more. Whether you’re looking for a custom-built solution or just want an expert opinion about your project, we’re here to help!

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Enterprise Android Apps

Get scalable and high-performing enterprise Android apps that match your enterprise needs seamlessly, as well as fit comfortably within your corporate ecosystem. Our team of experts will make sure you’re mobile-ready with these custom enterprise apps for Android.

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Android App Testing

We test your Android apps thoroughly from the initial stages of development to the final deployment. You can rest assured that when you work with us, we’ll provide a flawless app for your business needs.

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Android App Maintenance and Support

We develop beautiful, functional Android apps for businesses. Beyond development, our team provides round-the-clock maintenance and support services so you don’t have to worry about downtime or performance issues.

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Android App Security

We’ll step in to secure your Android app with end-to-end assistance as needed so that you can continue enjoying seamless performance without worrying about data losses or hackers. Create a high-grade security app with us now!

Success Stories with OrangeMantra Mobile App Solutions

Mobile App with EPOS integration for India’s Leading Two Wheeler Brand – Hero

Hero MotoCorp, Indian two-wheeler manufacturing MNC, partnered with OrangeMantra for application development for users to buy bike, accessories, locate service centers or exchange old bike with the new one. We developed a digital sign app with fast-paced loading integrated with EPOS. It helped them offer improved services with personalized user interface.

hero case study

App Development for a PVR, Leading Entertainment Service Provider

Our client, an entertainment service provider, needed an in-house app to engage customers with personalised services. They need the app to help walk-in customers go through the new movie release, schedules, food options, discount offers, ticket booking and many more features. We delivered exactly that and the app has been used by PVR for giving customers a virtual feel of sitting options to make smart selection.

pvr case study

Automated Solution For World’s Largest Furniture Retailer – IKEA

IKEA, the world’s largest furniture retailer, needed a kiosk application to showcase their product catalogue for their walk-in customers. The aim was to help customers go through the store’s product catalogues right from the kiosk installed at the retail outlet. Our developed app has been used by IKEA to offer customers smart selection by exploring the latest in-home products and experiencing innovation.

ikea casestudy

Our App Development Tech Stack

Being an acclaimed Android app development company, we possess comprehensive technology expertise that makes us capable of delivering high-end apps to match the client’s business needs.

  • Languages

  • java Java
  • C++ C++
  • Kotlin Kotlin
  • C C
  • Development Tools

  • Android Studio Android Studio
  • Android IDE Android-IDE
  • IntelliJ IDEA IntelliJ IDEA
  • Visual Studio Visual Studio
  • Frameworks

  • Corona SDK Corona SDK
  • Xamarin Xamarin
  • PhoneGap PhoneGap
  • Ionic Ionic
  • Platforms

  • Android SDK Android SDK
  • Titanium Mobile SDK Titanium Mobile SDK
  • Xamarin Xamarin
  • React Native React Native

Android App Development Platforms We Use

At OrangeMantra, we use the latest and most advanced Android app development platform to deliver the perfect solution for your business.

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Android Studio

The official integrated development environment (IDE) for Android app development is developed by Google. We use it to develop robust applications packed with features.

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A popular IDE that uses the Android Development Tools (ADT) plugin. We use it to build highly intuitive, bug-free and versatile applications with complete stability.

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IntelliJ IDEA

We use this powerful IDE for Android application development that offers a unique interface and feature set to help you stand out from the crowd.

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We create Android apps using C# and.NET, enabling code sharing across. So that your cross-platform compatible app smoothly runs on iOS and Windows

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React Native

React Native by Facebook uses JavaScript and React. We use it for code reusability across different platforms so that you get an instant cross-platform solution.

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Google’s UI toolkit for building natively compiled applications for mobile, web, and desktop. Here, we use the Dart programming language for fast development and expressive UI.

Industries We Serve

We’re experienced in helping clients from innovative startups to established organizations bring their vision or ideas into a tangible and high-performing mobile app through our expert Android development services.

Our Android App Development Process

At OrangeMantra, a leading app development company in India, we craft exceptional Android applications through a systematic approach. We deliver robust and user-centric apps that meet consumer expectations and your business objectives. We maintain transparency throughout the development cycle, empowering you with clear insights and, at the same time, having room for feedback and course correction.

  • Finding


    • Understanding your specific Android app requirements.
    • Grasping your business goals and understanding your target audience.
    • Conducting thorough research to align with your objectives.
  •  Process Design


    • Our team generates initial wireframes for app visualisation.
    • Infusing aesthetics into the app design for a captivating UI.
    • Adding final design touches to ensure an intuitive UX/UI.
  •  Process Design


    • Leveraging an array of cutting-edge development tools.
    • Collaborating on the efforts of our proficient Android developers.
    • Coding with precision and agility, accommodating necessary changes.
  • Dеvеlopmеnt


    • Conducting rigorous testing to guarantee a flawless app.
    • Resolving any inconsistencies to ensure a seamless experience.
    • Deploying the Android app within the stipulated timeline.
  • Maintenance & Support


    • Vigilantly monitoring the application’s performance.
    • Regularly maintaining and updating the app for optimal functionality.
    • Implementing stringent security measures to safeguard user data.

Our Engagement Models

We offer a variety of engagement models tailored to your specific needs and expectations. Whether you’re looking for an Android app developer or team, hire from our highly qualified Android app development team that is led by experienced team leaders and project managers.


Fixed Cost

This model is suitable for projects with specific development scopes and requirements. For a flat fee, you work with an established team to determine what needs to be done over the course of the project – which can last anywhere from weeks to months.


Hourly Basis

No matter what type of project you’re working on, this hourly billing model helps to keep costs down. There are no surprises during the end of the app development process because you will already know how much money you’ll need to pay if all goes according to plan!


Dedicated Hiring

The dedicated hiring model allows you to hire a single Android developer or team who will solely work on your project. As such, you have a team working for you from afar yet still feel as if they’re a part of your own company.

Our Android Developer Team

We have a team of certified and full-stack mobile app developers who specialize in designing robust, performance-focused business apps using various mobile development technologies.

Mobile User Interface Design

Mobile User Interface Design

Ability to build an excellent user interface (UI) with the relevant positioning of components, fast loading ability, differentiated animations, and more.

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Strong Programming Skills

Strong Programming Skills

Hands-on experience in languages C, C++, and Java, Android & Google API, Third-party SDKs integration, and web development languages.

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Backend Computation

Backend Computation

Database management, security, interaction with hardware ( Blue tooth, wi-fi networks), and memory allocation implementation.

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Business Expertise

Business Expertise

Optimization of the newly developed application to facilitate easy and quick visibility in the App Store.

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Requirement Understanding

Requirement Understanding

Our developers are updated with the latest technologies and trends to provide result-oriented app development solutions based on the requirement.

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Know more about our Android App Development expertise

We’ve Been Working Hard

For the past 20 years, we have been developing exceptional Android apps for clients all around India and even overseas. Explore our work to learn more about what makes us unique.

Partner With a Trusted Android App Development Company

If you have decided to get the best Android app for your business, we are a name to trust. We bring end-to-end services for Android application development right to your doorstep.

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Android App Development – Complete Guide

Introduction: What is Android App development?

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Understand Android app development as the process of creating software applications specifically for Android. These applications, or “apps” in short, are what you see and interact with on your Android device.

These application could be

  • Games like Candy Crush, Subway Surfer, Temple Run;
  • Social media platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram;
  • Productivity tools like calendars, calculators, notes, etc.

or anything else designed to fulfil a particular purpose using your mobile running Android.
Android application development consists of various processes, such as:

  • Ideation
  • Planning
  • Coding
  • Testing
  • Deployment, etc

We will discuss all these in detail in the upcoming section and before that, we will clear some basics, starting with what Android is exactly. After all, it is Android for which all these applications are being developed.

Android Overview

Android is an operating system (OS) that runs on smartphones, tablets, and other devices. Android OS has multiple roles; prominent among them are the following:

  • Manage tasks on your device,
  • Control hardware
  • Supervise app execution
  • Allocate hardware resources to application
  • Facilitates coordination between different device components
  • Handle users interaction with the device, including the apps

Basically, it’s the brain of your device that manages each and every aspect of your device and ensures that everything works at its best.

Android was developed by Android Inc. in 2008. Later, Google acquired Android Inc. Since its inception, Andoid has evolved into different landmark versions, some of the named after desserts like Oreo, Nougat, and Jelly Bean, with the latest being Android 14.0, launched on October 4, 2023.

Android App Development Fundamentals

android guidance

Android app development is both exhilarating and overwhelming. That is why understanding the fundamental requirements is important before you dive deep into the development process. There are four minimum requirements:

  • Android Studio, the official IDE.
  • Programming languages for app development.
  • Android SDK that provides tools and resources.
  • A computer capable of running Android Studio.

Lets understand what these are and what do they do

  • Android Studio:

    At the core of Android app creation is Android Studio, a robust Integrated Development Environment (IDE) by Google, launched in May 2013.

    The term IDE refers to software that is used to build applications. It basically combines all the required development tools into a single place with graphical interactivity for ease and convenience. And

    Thus, Android Studio, being an IDE, contains all the required Android tools. It helps design, test, debug, and profile your Android app application under one roof.

  • Android SDK:

    Inside Android Studio, you get a tool set called the Android Software Development Kit, or SDK. SDK helps in the following aspect of Android development:

    • Build user interfaces by adding buttons, text fields, and other elements through which users interact with your app.
    • Accessing device functions like the camera, sensors, and GPS.
    • Manage data and information in your app, like saving user preferences.
    • Supporting different screen sizes
    • Testing and Debugging
    • Security and permissions.
    • Continuous updates and support
    • Provides guides, documentation, and resources that assist in development.

    Android Studio brings all these important tools and materials together in one place. And regardless of what language you choose for development, Android Studio provides a platform to facilitate smooth app development.

  • Programming Language :

    For Android app development, developers use programming languages, a language that machines like smartphones and tablets understand. Some of the prominent programming languages for android development are

    • Java
    • Kotlin
    • C++
    • C#
    • Python
  • Android developers choose the programming language as per the objectives of the Android development process as well as the overall goal of the business. For example, Java is the official language for Android and is therefore considered the most suitable one for the task.

    That means Java-based Android apps exhibit stability, compatibility, and a well-established ecosystem of libraries and tools, making them widely accessible and versatile. This also introduces reliability and vast community support for Java-based Andoid app development.

    However, Kotlin is increasing popularity among developers due to its modern features and ease of use. Android apps developed with Kotlin often excel in concise code, reduced verbosity, swift development and enhanced safety.

    Further, C++ and C# are great for native apps. On one hand, C++ brings exceptional performance, particularly for resource-intensive tasks like gaming with high-speed execution and efficient memory management.

    C# combined with Xamarin offers seamless cross-platform capabilities, reducing development time and maintenance efforts.
    And finally, Python’s flexibility and simple structure make it perfect for quick tasks, like automating repetitive jobs, thanks to its pre-built tools.

    Once you have all these requirements in place, now is the time to start the Android app development journey. In the next section, we discuss the complete lifecycle of Android development in detail.

Android App Development Lifecycle

Creating an Android app involves a systematic process, starting with conceptualization and ending with deployment onto the Google Play Store. Let’s see what each stage of this lifecycle contributes to the application’s development.

  • Stage 1: Conceptualisation

    The first stage is about ideation and identification of the purpose of the app. For example, will it be a social media app or a game app? Will it be for businesses or for customers? Thus, this phase involves brainstorming to define the app’s primary objectives and target audience.

  • Stage 2: Planning and Design

    Once the objectives and concept are clear, its time for detailed planning. Developers outline the app’s features, functionalities, and overall user experience. This phase involves creating wireframes and storyboards and designing the app’s interface to ensure a smooth and intuitive user journey.

  • Stage 3: Coding and Development

    This is where the implementation begins. With the blueprint in hand, developers use programming languages to bring the app to life. They write the code that dictates how the app will behave, what it will display, and how users will interact with it.

  • Stage 4: Testing and Quality Assurance

    After the coding process is over, testers scan every nook and cranny of the app, seeking bugs, glitches, or any other areas that might disrupt its functionality. This involves multiple tests, such as usability testing, performance testing, and ensuring compatibility across various devices. The outcomes of the testing process are shared as feedback with developers.

  • Stage 5: Refinement and Iteration

    Developers use the feedback from the testing process to refine the app. They address issues, fix bugs, and optimise the app’s performance. They continuously iterate to enhance the user interface, iron out any remaining glitches, and ensure a seamless user experience.

  • Stage 6: Deployment and Release

    Once the app has undergone thorough testing and refinement, it’s ready for deployment. Developers prepare the app for release by ensuring it meets all the necessary criteria for the Google Play Store. The app is then published, making it available for download and use by Android users worldwide.

  • Stage 7: Post-Launch Maintenance:

    App development doesn’t end at launch. Developers continuously monitor the app’s performance, gather user feedback, and release updates to improve features, fix issues, and adapt to evolving user needs. This ongoing maintenance ensures the app remains relevant and functional in the ever-changing landscape of mobile technology.

    This essential ends our discussion on the Android development lifecycle. Following this cycle will get you the best suitable application for your Android-using audience. However, there is another aspect that you need to cover. Now let’s see what the different types of Android developments are.

Types of Android Development

android guidance

There are different types of Android development that result in different types of apps. These apps are for different target audiences and, thus, serve different purposes.

  • Native Apps:

    These apps are built specifically for Android platforms. They are capable of tapping into the full potential of the features in an Android device and thus ensuring high performance. Java, C++ and C# are considered the best languages for native Android app development

  • Progressive Web Apps (PWAs):

    These are web-based apps that essentially function as native apps. The feature that makes them stand out is that they offer an app-like experience through a web browser. Thus, users do not need to download an app but get all offline capabilities and quick loading times.

  • Hybrid Apps:

    These application developments combine web and native technologies. They offer cross-platform compatibility while utilising native features to some extent. Essentially, hybrid apps are web apps given a lightweight native app “container”.

    This allows hybrid apps to leverage native platform features and device hardware that a web application cannot access. This includes hardware like the device’s camera, push notifications, calendar, and functionalities like pinch and spread.

    Being aware of these development types helps you choose the most suitable solution for your project needs and serve your target audience better.

Android App Development Specialisation

Although Android is suitable for a wide range of projects, be they B2B or B2C, entertainment or educational, there are certain specialised niches where Android applications shine owing to their widespread adoption, cos effectiveness, ROI, flexibility, and diverse functionalities. Here are the top 5 among them:

  • Entertainment and Media:

    Streaming Services: Android offers a great platform for apps to stream on-the-go content like video or audio. Android apps tend to dominate by offering seamless experiences to such users.

    Gaming: Android is a powerhouse when it comes to mobile gaming, powering an array of games, from simple puzzles to high-end graphics-intensive games.

  • Business and Productivity:

    Enterprise Solutions: Android’s app-based business tools are facilitating communication, project management, and file sharing, across a wide spectrum of businesses, enhancing workplace productivity.

    Office Suites: Similarly, Android apps for document editing, spreadsheets, presentations, and note-taking are robust and widely used.

  • Social Networking and Communication:

    Social Media Platforms: Android engines some of the powerful social networking apps used by billions across the globe, enabling messaging and content sharing.

    Video Conferencing: Android apps also facilitate high-quality video calls for businesses and customers alike.

  • E-commerce and Retail:

    Shopping Platforms: Android-based eCommerec offers a convenient and secure way for shoppers to browse, purchase, and track their orders.

    Payment Gateways: Apps providing secure payment options and digital wallets are widely used for online transactions.

  • IoT (Internet of Things) and Smart Devices:

    Home Automation: Android apps successfully execute complex features like smart device control that help customers manage their home appliances and security systems.

    Wearable Devices: Another fascinating area is Android-based apps for wearables, such as smartwatches and fitness trackers, that assist users with real-time data.

    Now, coming to an important question for those who want to invest in Andoid app development,.

How Android App Enhancing Business Goals?

android guidance

Given the advantages like wide market reach, faster app development, high ROI, a vast talent pool and more, Android apps serve as powerful tools to advance your business objectives. Here are some main reasons why you should choose Android app development.

Why Use Android Apps for Your Business:

  • Wider Audience Reach:

    With over 3 billion Android users across the globe, one thing you can be certain about with Android is its wider reach.

    Using Android for your app ensures that it will reach a wide range of audiences across diverse demographics and regions. Thus helping your businesses expand in no time.

  • Higher Market Penetration

    As of August 2023, Android holds the largest market share of 70.77% globally. On the other hand, iOS holds a global market share of 28.52%.

    Thus, Android app development will ensure that your market share will also get a big boost.

  • Cost-effectiveness and High ROI

    Android is an open-source platform, allowing anyone to use it and create high-quality applications. It also offers flexibility, which lowers the development and maintenance costs of your business application compared to other platforms.

    That’s because there are generally more Android developers than iOS developers, which tends to lower costs. Also, anyone can develop and distribute Android apps free of cost and users can download these apps from a non-Google Play Store source as well.

    That’s because there are generally more Android developers than iOS developers, which tends to lower costs. Also, anyone can develop and distribute Android apps free of cost and users can download these apps from a non-Google Play Store source as well.

    All these aspects make the Androud app a safe bet for businesses. Now, there is an important aspect that needs to be discussed seperately – Security.

How to ensure the Security of Android Apps?

This required the implementation of robust strategies and best practices such as:

  • Data Encryption:

    You should encrypt the sensitive app data by encrypting it during the storage and transmission processes.

  • Authentication Measures:

    Utilise login processes and multi-factor authentication for restricted access.

  • Regular Updates:

    Keep your apps updated with security patches on a regular basis.

  • Secure Coding Practices:

    Ensure secure code writing and avoid incidents like injection attacks and insecure data storage.

Frequently Asked Question

Android app development is the process of writing programming language code to develop software specifically for devices running the Android operating system.

Android developers create apps specifically for Android devices such as smartphones and tablets. They design, build, and fine-tune the application software to ensure the app works phenomenally well on the designated phones and tablets running Android.

Android development tools are software programmes that help developers build Android apps. They increase the efficiency and speed of the Android app development process. One of the prominent examples is Android Studio, which facilitates the whole process from coding to testing.

Yes, our team will also upload the app to the Play Store after its development. Here, our team takes care of everything from designing, development, testing, and maintenance to adding the same to the Play Store platform.

The time period for Android app development depends on your requirements, features, and the complexity of the project. Generally, you can expect it to be done in a few months, but the time span may increase for larger projects.

Yes, we ensure the security of your Android app idea. We take our commitment further by signing an NDA with you. It is a document that includes all your app-related information that will not be disclosed to anyone. We maintain end-to-end security standards to keep your details safe.

Developing an Android application requires professional expertise, technical proficiency, and the accumulation of specific tools. For developing an app, rely on an experienced Android app developer who first understands your business requirements and accordingly develops a customised app.

There are several programming languages used in the Android mobile app development process, like Java, Kotlin, C#, C++, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, Dart, and Corona.