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Data Analytics Solutions that Build Your Business Insights-driven

Orangemantra is the best data analytics services provider that offers top-notch data management and analytics services to form meaningful outputs for your business. We help other small-scale businesses or companies attain the optimum support in terms of customer analytics, market data, and sales analytics all under one roof. With our services, discover new potential in your business and growth tactics by extracting it from your data.

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Drive Maximum Value from Your Data from Orangemantra’s Data Analytics Consulting Services

Imagine having advanced business analytics that gives you the proficiency and ability to predict and identify everything. In this digitally connected world, enterprises require this kind of approach to blending information and insights across people, processes, and diverse data sources to make well-informed business decisions. It is where OrangeMantra helps organizations combine technology, business-centric models, and data sciences, and unlock a great deal of business value with analytics solutions. We are a data analytics services provider in India whose services speak for itself.

The massive corporate data collected by an organization offers immense business opportunities to grow and stay ahead of the competition. Every digital enterprise needs to follow the agile approach of structuring, managing, storing, and analyzing crucial data and gaining actionable insights into customer behavior, business operations, marketing performance, and various areas of the corporate structure.

Thus, by accessing Data Analytics Services, organizations can discover new business and growth strategies while analyzing and extracting useful information from their data.


Unlock the Full Potential of Your Business with Our Exceptional Data Analytics Services

Oragemantra offers an end-to-end solution for your business as we know deriving great value from the data is the key to success.

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Big Data Analytics

Big Data is a buzzword associated with enterprises storing an immense volume of transactional data both in structured and unstructured form. We offer your advantageous Big Data Analytics solutions to effectively correct, analyze, visualize, and manage key data sets across multiple sources. Transform different data sets into intuitive dashboards and reports to gain impactful insights into the organization.

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Database Management

Enterprise-level database management solutions are important for enterprises to integrate on-premise, Cloud-based, and other sources to collect and retrieve useful data insights. We offer you actionable data management services to realize the precious value of your business data by getting easy and timely access to the information from a large pool of data sources.

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Data Science

Unlock the value of your raw, detailed, and unstructured forms of data into useful, filtered, and targeted business information. Our expert data scientists help your organization to develop an evolving landscape of converting a large chunk of data into useful insights in the form of text, speech, facts, & figures primarily to strategize, predict, and streamline your marketing efforts.

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Data Strategy

We provide strategic guidance to the company to let them know how to use their data assets effectively to attain business objectives. It is the part where most of the company forget their approach. It involves assessing existing capabilities, recognizing opportunities, and recommending technology investments.

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Predictive Analysis

Our Data analytics experts will develop models to predict future trends, behaviors, and outcomes based on the available data. It comprises techniques like regression analysis, time series forecasting, and machine learning algorithms like decision trees, random forests, and neural networks.

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Data Warehousing

Seek our Data analytics solutions to help your data get where it needs to be no matter whether your data premise is on the cloud or not. We inspect your business requirements to form up a data warehouse, that consists of a solid BI framework, data model, data integration architecture, and a smart database. It all brings faster decision-making and gives businesses a competitive edge.

Our Client Success Stories

Take a look at how we (Orangemantra), a data analytics solution provider change the way a business progresses.

Enhanced BI and Analytical Capabilities to Unlock Hidden Business Values

Orangemantra takes a healthcare company from the pit of issues that they are facing like scalability issues and governance challenges. We helped them by cloud adoption and by making their journey an advanced one. The issue arises because of scattered data and employees need to spend a huge share of time to get insights from it. Thus, our data analytics services enable their data to be collected at a single place with the establishment of the cloud platform. Besides this, AI makes it easy for them to analyze it automatically to receive valuable insights.

Getting Hold of Precious Insights Regarding Customer Behavior Across Several Dimensions

Our client is a telecom company that wanted to handle their customer data in a way so that they could progress a bit and take advantage of it for their business. They want a data analytic strategy to analyze historical data to do forecasting. Here, we devise a platform for them that can analyze data from multiple sources by using our data analytics services tools. We advised them of the usage of the MQTT protocol that can simply collect the data at a place for easy inspection. It will let them predict how a user behaves, identify the trends, and gain benefits from the valuable insights.

Solution for 360-degree Customer View and Optimized Stock Management

The customer in this case is a US-based omnichannel business holder. The customer wanted to get customer royalty through a personalized approach as well as to optimize internal business processes. However, they failed to attain it because of their data that are locked in various applications. Then they come to Orangemantra for Data Analytics services. We offer them a model that can fetch data from every single source and compile it in a data warehouse. Hands-on reports after the inspection make them capable of providing a personalized user experience. Along with this, customer can also optimize their internal business process by enhancing their stock management.

Our Entire Technology stack

Witness what data analytics services tools we rely on to give wings to your business.

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What as a Data Analytics Solution Provider We Offer?

Let us help you in utilizing your data to the complete extent with our phenomenal Data Analytic solutions.

How does Data Analytics by Orangemantra Elevate the Decreasing Bar of Your Business Growth?

Valuable Insights, Better decision-making processes, optimization operations, and escalated growth & profitability are the advantages a business can attain. Witness all the eminent ones.

Enhanced Efficiency

Our data analytics solutions will streamline your operations, optimize your workflows, and improve the allocation of resources without any hassle. It will all ultimately lead to cost savings and an increment in productivity.

Impeccable Customer Experience

By analyzing customer behavior and patterns, we provide you with valuable insights. It provides you with the upper hand to personalize products, services, and marketing efforts to attract more customers and increase customer loyalty and retention rates.

Risk Mitigation

Through business intelligence and analytics, we identify potential risks and flaws by examining the data. Companies can save themselves from any serious loss and protect their reputation from any disruption.

Informed Decision Making

By checking all the real-time data and historical facts, we delivered valuable insights to the businesses. It gives the decision-makers a better understanding of the market to go with apt decisions.

Innovation and Development

By peeking into the competitor’s offering, market trends, and customer feedback, businesses can gain insights to know about the areas for innovation. Through this, businesses can launch products and services as per the demands of the consumer and market need.

Predictive Maintenance

Industries like manufacturing and transportation especially pre-identify equipment failures based on previous performance data. By taking care of the maintenance issue, businesses can minimize downtime, extend the lifespan of assets, and cut down the cost of maintenance as well.

Industries We Cater to

Take a look at the industries where Orangemantra Data Analytics Consulting services already marked their name with success. We provide result-oriented data-driven analytics solutions to enterprises of diverse fields.

Know How Our Data Analytics Company Imparts its Service

Each step is quite necessary to have a vivid clarity of the process. Thus, take a look at the process of how we deliver the service of Data Analytics.

  • discovery


    We begin by understanding what are your requirements. After some discussion, our team asked certain questions and fixed up the end.

  • development

    Data Analysis & Preparation

    Once the end is cleared, our team examines the data sets given by you. Our team has a habit of using agile methodology for data mining and analysis.

  • deployment

    Data Modelling

    Our team now started to build and train models through available data. We ensure that what we build will be of utmost usage to accomplish your business vision.

  • deployment

    Evaluation and Alteration

    After the raw modeling of the data, our team continued to optimize the selected analytic model. The team runs a check-through to guarantee the accuracy of the model.

  • deployment

    Integration & Deployment

    The team now deploys the model on testing to witness whether it is working properly or not. If the model works successfully, we deploy it in the production process.

  • Maintenance & Support


    We are not done at the deployment stage. Our work remains on after the deployment as well. Our team makes sure that you will not face any issues and gain constant technical support.

Not Attaining Full Value of Your Data? Unleash it now with Our Data Analytics Solutions!

Why Go Ahead with Orangemantra for Data Analytics Solution Services?

With our impeccable Data Analytics services make well-informed decisions to uplift your entire business.

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Frequently Asked Question

Data Analytics mainly refers to the act of identifying, managing, and analyzing a large section of structured and unstructured data. The main motive is to make all the information useful for the organization to understand the impact of marketing efforts, customer behavior, and other sections of the information available to change the overall appearance of the business.

The estimated or projected cost of the data analytics services is mainly based on the category of the service in which you are interested. Besides this, several other factors are also included in this which are nature, size, complexity, and demands of the business.

Data Scientists are individuals focused on mining huge datasets using ML-based algorithms. Take one step more to understand the meaning of data analytics. They have to devise inferences from these loads of data. The purpose of Data Analytics is based on to create useful and valuable insights based on current inquiries.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning approaches come into the market that offer instant revert on the investment and are faster, safer or secure, and highly adaptive. Most of the manual jobs can be finished with both Artificial Intelligence and Big data.

When one analyst processes or inspects data, their main task is to segregate the data like which user is using which device and what browser they mainly use. Apart from this, there exist configuration settings that permit you to customize how data is processed.

Turn Data into Your Most Esteemed Asset with Orangemnatra’s Data Analytics Services