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Result-oriented Adobe Campaign Services

We Help You Simplify Your Campaign Management with Adobe Campaign.

As a certified Adobe Campaign Service Partner, we can help you automate your marketing operations, nurture customer journey, and create a centralized, cross-channel experience.


We Plan, We Distribute, We Drive Results

Changes in customer behavior are inevitable and therefore, you need to run an effective direct marketing campaign to connect and engage with the right customer at the right time. Having a strategically-designed well-integrated marketing platform can not only help you manage and measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns but also engage with the right prospects at the right time. Adobe Campaign helps you nurture your customer journey and create a unified, consistent, and cross-channel experience.

We, at Orange Mantra, follow a customer-oriented approach to drive marketing campaigns that engage prospects by creating brand awareness and generating interest. We take care of everything right from prospect audience identification to plan execution to digital campaign analysis, thus enhancing sales performance and productivity. As a specialized Adobe Campaign service partner, we leverage the platform to the fullest to deliver dynamic and personalized ad campaigns across multiple digital channels and platforms.

Key Benefits of Using the Adobe Campaign

We, at Orange Mantra, are committed to ensuring the successful growth for your business with our end-to-end solutions. Adobe Campaign is one great platform to achieve this goal. Here are the key benefits of this innovative, flexible, and mobile application:

implify and Improve Campaign Management

Simplify and Improve Campaign Management

You can efficiently manage cross-channel marketing campaigns from a unified tool.

Send Personalized

Send Personalized

You can make your email marketing campaigns more effective by delivering customers personalized messages to your customers based on their needs and interests.

Campaign Automation


You can automate your campaign through the automatic campaign settings feature to ensure enhanced efficiency and quick time to market.

Orange Mantra – An Official Adobe Solution Partner

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    Orange Mantra is a certified Adobe Solution Partner in India backed by a dedicated and experienced team that has delivered hundreds of solution to global clients using the platform. As an official Adobe Partner, Orange Mantra has developed and deployed numerous customized cloud-based digital marketing solutions for the Adobe Experience Cloud including Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Analytics, Adobe Campaign, etc Our rich experience and strong expertise in the platform enable us to create custom solutions for businesses of any size and budget. With us, you can rest assured of getting high-quality and result-oriented solutions that drive your business growth and revenue.

Our Campaign Services to Help You Enhance Your Omni-channel Digital Marketing

Our Adobe Campaign specialists are here to help you meet your online marketing goals. With our Campaign Services, you can boost your lead conversions at all phases of the purchase cycle. From video distribution to brand awareness to lead generation, our experienced team of strategists, analysts, content creators, and technicians knows how to analyze, improve, and reach the right set of audiences who are valuable for your online business.

Digital Campaign Strategy

Our digital campaign specialists use their vast experience and expertise to create result-oriented digital campaign strategies to increase your brand awareness, drive huge organic traffic to your site, convert more leads into sales, and ultimately boost your revenue. We do rigorous research about your business, industry, competition, and location to come up with valuable strategies and solutions for your business.

Enhanced SMS Experience

Don’t just send emails; think beyond that! Engage with your prospect audience via SMSes to increase customer engagement and reach them instantly. Adobe Campaign helps you create, and manage your SMS messages and templates.Use our Adobe Campaign services to get the most out of your email and SMS marketing efforts.

The Power of Business Intelligence

Make well-informed campaign decisions based on the insights related to your customer’s online journey. We conduct a comprehensive audit of your customers’ interests, behaviors, demographics, and so on to help you gain valuable insights and understand how to get the maximum output from your digital efforts.

Customer Journey and Cross-channel Digital Marketing

Gain a deep understanding of each customer’s journey to deliver a seamless and delightful experience across all your digital channels. Leveraging Adobe Campaign, our experts can help you build customer profiles by utilizing data obtained from all of your channels and personalize each customer journey effectively to provide value to them.

Search Engine Marketing

Reach the most coveted top position on the search engine result page to drive huge organic traffic to your website. Our Adobe campaign experts have a deep understanding of keyword research, search trends, technical tools, and effective communication to create a result-oriented strategy to help you get noticed by your potential customers when they search for your business, products, or services.

Create Brand Awareness

Let your customers know and trust your brand. As a certified Adobe Campaign service partner, we start by reaching out to the right set of audience and make them aware of your brand and our offerings. We leverage specifically targeted and profitable audiences to deliver customer-centric content that is relevant and as per their interests.

Video Production

We create high-quality and engaging video content that narrates your brand story. We cater to all industries and business sizes, no matter where you are. Our data-based approach enables us to create valuable and compelling video content and other creative to attract more customers and increase your conversion rates.

High-quality Lead and Sales Generation

Do you have a long email list but don’t know how to use it to gain benefits? Are you struggling to get your site visitors to complete their online purchases? Not to worry! Our digital campaign experts can help you use your large email list to the maximum and optimize your lead generation and sales funnels.

Amplify Social Media Presence

Reach the right set of audiences with our social media campaign services. Our Campaign Specialists can help you increase brand awareness and drive new customers to your online store with the right combination of high-quality content, consistent activity, and the latest technology. We offer result-driven social media amplification to deliver the right content to the right audience who are profitable, at the right time, and wherever they’re paying attention to. We amplify your social presence beyond having a simple social profile to drive new organic traffic to your website.

Personalized Email Campaigns

Strengthen your email campaign with the help of our Adobe Campaign Service Specialists. With Adobe Campaign, you can easily create responsive emails in no time, deliver personalized content as per the rules that you set for each customer, send custom emails according to the customer’s actions, and automate responses. From strategic planning to custom email templates to streamlining and strengthening your email marketing initiatives, we are here to help you out with our Adobe Campaign services.

How Can We Help with Our Adobe Campaign Services?

As a certified Adobe Campaign service partner, we help you leverage the full potential of the service to:

  • Make your campaign management simpler and easier across multiple digital channels.
  • Reach the right audience
  • Create and send intelligently personalized email messages to the right audience in real-time.
  • Optimize your digital campaign automation.
  • Identify your internet marketing KPIs.
  • Deliver a seamless customer experience
  • Ensure quick time-to-market.
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First, we start by defining your campaign goals and KPIs. Then, we identify, understand, and set your target audience. After that, we decide on resources, marketing budget, and campaign content. Lastly, we monitor your campaign performance to make the necessary adjustments. We help you automate and manage your campaign with Adobe Campaign Service.
Adobe Campaign is a conversational marketing automation technology that enables businesses to initiate and sustain one-to-one customer dialogues. It comes with email and cross-channel campaign capabilities that help in automating the execution of social, email, mobile, and offline campaigns.
Yes, surely. Our team of Adobe Campaign specialists is always here to provide training to your in-house marketing team to increase user adoption and efficiency.