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An IoT-enabled solution for tracking, analyzing, and optimizing your fleet operations

Fleet industry is evolving rapidly, with constantly emerging trends and technologies reshaping it in all aspects. With cost reduction and risk management being the primary objectives of every business in this domain, they are willing to go the extra mile for embracing innovation. Fleet management solutions empowered with telematics technology enable them to maintain efficiency and safety standards, improve supply-chain visibility, reduce costs, and provide compliance with government regulations.

OrangeMantra offers advanced fleet management solutions that support assets such as trucks, trailers, rail cars, and autonomous vehicles. Our telematics-based systems rationalize the cost of ownership for fleet businesses, while ensuring compliance with health, environment, and safety regulations. They combine automation, AI, IoT, and analytics for enhancing performance and profitability. The sensors embedded in the vehicles makes them smart and let you control the entire fleet. Get useful insights into driver behavior, vehicle maintenance, fuel efficiency, and customer service improvement, while staying updated with the operational status of the fleet.

Core Features Of Our IoT Factory Automation Solutions

Telematics & GPS Tracking
Telematics & GPS Tracking

  • Advanced tracking dashboards
  • Vehicle mileage statistics
  • System diagnostics
  • Digital mapping
  • Trouble code tracking
Geo Fencing

  • Geo-zones for multiple locations
  • Selective vehicles for digital mapping
  • Notifications on entry and exit of vehicles
  • Prevention of theft and unauthorized use
Operational Efficiency
Operational Efficiency

  • Asset safety
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Vehicle Inspection
  • Inventory Management
Driver Behavior Monitoring
Driver Behavior Monitoring

  • Curb speeding for more safety
  • Track harsh braking and acceleration
  • Score driver behavior patterns
  • Compare driver performance
Route Optimization & Planning
Route Optimization & Planning

  • Multi-trip smart routes
  • Vehicle-specific route alignment
  • Monitoring of route deviations
  • Route-based driver suggestions
Fuel & Cost Management
Fuel & Cost Management

  • Reduced mileage and fuel savings
  • Monitoring of fleet fuel expenses
  • Control over fleet spending limits
  • Calculation of profits earned on trip-basis
Advanced Analytical Reports
Advanced Analytical Reports

  • Instant fleet health reporting
  • Customized reports tailored to your fleet
  • Granular reports for mileage, location, asset activity report, etc
  • Auto-generated reporting at scheduled intervals
IoT-Empowered Smart Fleet
IoT-Empowered Smart Fleet

  • Analysis of vehicle hours of operation
  • Measuring distance traveled by the fleet
  • Tracking deviated distance for each vehicle
  • Monitoring engine idling and pollution effectively

A Complete Fleet Intelligent Solution

OrangeMantra’s Fleet Management Solution is a smart IoT-powered telematics and GPS based tracking solution that covers the end-to-end needs of fleet businesses. The gamut of fleet management capabilities it offers help businesses in tracking, analyzing, and optimizing operations for their fleet, regardless of its size and variant. An intelligent dashboard gives users real-time visibility of vehicle locations, their status, and on-board diagnostics. Discover a scalable, flexible, and reliable solution that can be customized to suit the needs of fleet service providers and OEMs.

Vehicle Tracking
Driver Management
Cargo Management
Engine Diagnostics

How our IoT-enabled smart fleet management solutions work?

Network Strategy

  • Demand forecasting
  • Fleet planning and allocation
  • Schedule planning and control
Fleet Optimization

  • Fleet analytics
  • Driver scorecards
  • Last-mile mobility
Asset Management

  • Location-based applications
  • Predictive maintenance
  • eLogbook

Why Choose Us For Smartening Up Your Fleet

Our IoT-enabled fleet management solutions are uniquely architected and are apt for fleets of all sizes. We help you monitor your fleets proactively for continuously identifying improvement ideas and cost savings opportunities.

Fleet Maintenance
Our solutions provide automatic maintenance schedules for minimizing operating expenses.
Two-way communication
Get access to quick, easy, and seamless communication to check the vehicle status in real-time.
On-board Diagnostics
The system leverages on-board diagnostics to provide vehicle usage information remotely.
Extensive Reporting
Avail real-time and extensive reports on the current status of your fleet across all locations.
Mobile App
As a bonus, you get an intelligent mobile app for to track and manage your fleet on the go.
Specialized Solutions
We go the extra mile to create and deliver fleet management solutions that deliver value.

Discover the smartest fleet automation solution to take your business on the growth route.

Frequently Asked Questions

An IoT-powered fleet management system is a fully-integrated cloud-based system that is used in automotive to simplify the creation of effective maintenance plans. By gaining access to real-time fleet status and data, fleet managers can perform operations more effectively and improve driver productivity.
Our IoT fleet management solution has no limitations on the number of assets that can be monitored. Authorized users can implement different group and region filters to view specific information.
If you have any problem with our IoT fleet management system, please contact us via email, chat, phone call, or video call and one of our support team members will address your issue shortly.
The development cost of IoT application depends on several factors including technology platforms, advanced features, number of sensors and hiring model of mobile app developers.