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Digital transformation has transformed diverse industries and the insurance industry is no longer an exception. Join hands with us to bring digital transformation into your Insurance company and turn it into an InsurTech enterprise driven by technology, automation, innovation, and efficiency. We, at Orange Mantra, will help you simplify your business workflow by deploying future-proof insurance software solutions tailored to your business-specific requirements and goals.

Our seasoned insurance software developers will help transform your insurance company into a digitally mature insurance enterprise. We will define, create, implement, and provide constant support for the state-of-the-art insurance software solutions for your insurance business that maximize revenue, reduce operational costs, improve governance, and establish long-term customer relationships.

Your First Choice Insurance Software Solution Partner for Digital Transformation

We combine our vast experience and expertise with leading technologies to drive innovation and digital transformation that help fulfill gaps in your heritage insurance software and meet the changing needs and expectations of customers.

  • Digital transformation

    We devise a disruptive digital transformation strategy that helps insurance providers sustain in new markets, thrive in the industry, or craft new business models and services.
  • Big Data

    By using big data along with smart data strategies, insurance firms can make well-informed decisions based on business models and insights.
  • Mobility

    We assist insurance organizations to transform the way they connect and interact with their customers and access data leveraging mobile technology.

Enhance Your Customer Experience with Our Innovative Insurance Software Solutions.

Our Wide Spectrum of Insurance Software Solutions

Our custom insurance software development services enable us to deliver robust insurance software solutions that meet the unique requirements of insurance companies. Our solutions help our clients to achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction through enhanced service and faster processing time.

Policy Management Software Solutions

Ensure hassle-free policy issuance and management with our advanced policy management software. We deliver solutions enriched with out-of-the-box features including automatic quoting and rating, customized configuration for different types of insurance, policy generation, statistical reporting, and more.

Claims Management Software Solutions

Automate and streamline your claims management workflow, generate claims documents automatically, manage payments, and integrate policy administration with our all-in-one claims management software solutions.

Insurance Agency Management Systems

We build insurance agency management systems that adapt according to the business workflow. Whether an insurer is selling health insurance, life insurance, or any other insurance type to individual clients or groups, our agency management systems fit any type of business model.

Insurance Carrier Software

We develop insurance carrier software that provides complete support for all phases of the policy lifecycle right from the quote to claim. Our solutions facilitate fast payment processing and management of insurance agents and underwriters. Insurers take advantage of our validation, rating, and transaction engines to handle huge business volumes easily.

Insurance Lead Management Software

Convert quality leads into loyal customers using our innovative insurance lead management software solutions. Our solutions help automate the lead generation process, enable quality lead generation from various sources and assign them to sales reps as per the region and product with pre-established business workflow rules.

Insurance Document Management System

We develop an e-document management system for insurance companies. We help insurance providers and brokers build a centralized insurance document policy for safely storing important documents such as customer proofs, policy applications, policyholder agreements, contracts, and more.

Workflow Management Software

We help insurance companies achieve operational excellence and efficiency with automated workflows. Our all-in-one workflow management system simplifies and optimizes routing workflows. Streamline communications, reduce touchpoints, and meet compliance with our advanced workflow management software.

Investment Management Software Solutions

We develop robust investment management software that enables insurance providers to streamline investment management, improve efficiency, organize assets, and mitigate risks by using effective features including cash management, debt tracking, budgeting, cash management, and investment portfolio management.

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Software

We provide an easy-to-navigate platform that allows insurance companies to streamline the risk analysis process. We formulate an effective risk mitigation strategy that is suitable for all insurance business models and includes eliminating redundancies and dedicating time to decision-making.

Insurance Quoting Software

We create insurance quoting engines that includes custom underwriting algorithms for effective risk analysis and accurate calculations. Our insurance quoting software helps to send automatically follow-up emails to customers for incomplete quote forms. We help you offer a well-optimized quoting experience across various devices.

Fraud Prevention Software Solutions

We build advanced fraud prevention software solutions and implement an enterprise-wide strategy to improve early fraud detection and reduce the risk of fraudulent activities through the centralized security system. We leverage advanced automation and analytics to articulate a secure framework and increase fraud prevention blockades.

Insurance Data Analytics

The explosion of insurance data brings numerous opportunities for using data analytics in insurance. We build effective insurance data analytics solutions to allow insurance organizations to gain valuable, real-time insights. We help insurers to tap into new opportunities in the industry by providing desirable operational outcomes.

Custom Insurance Software Development

Our custom insurance software development services cater to Insurance startups and businesses. We deliver fully customized insurance software solutions that help our clients achieve their business goals. We follow the industry-best standards to build innovative and feature-rich software solutions.

Policy Compliance Software

We devise custom insurance software development programs leveraging smart engines to automate, streamline, and govern policy compliance procedures. Our module documents data records and segments client complaints to scale up the work of your insurance workforce. This helps insurance providers to implement protocols according to accurate case studies and a smart documenting system that audits all cases automatically.

Financial Software

We create insurance quoting engines that includes custom underwriting algorithms for effective risk analysis and accurate calculations. Our insurance quoting software helps to send automatically follow-up emails to customers for incomplete quote forms. We help you offer a well-optimized quoting experience across various devices.

Insurance Quoting Software

We build an all-inclusive financial software solution to help our clients streamline their finances. Our solution centralizes the workflow of their companies’ accounting, financial planning, portfolio management, and tax departments. We follow the best security practices and standards to keep all the sensitive data safe and secure always and across all devices.

Core Insurance Software Development Services We Offer

Hire a Dedicated Team

Hire a dedicated team of IT professionals and software developers with 10+ years of experience. When you hire a dedicated team, it helps you free up your in-house resources and use them in your core business operations. This methodology is ideal for delivering quality solutions and generating business value quickly.

Staff Augmentation

We offer an extended team model that allows you to hire insurance software developers whenever you need them. We analyze your business requirements and allocate the best talents as per your requirements. This model ensures rapid product delivery, technical expertise, and flexibility for the delivery of high-quality solutions on time.

Insurance Software Outsourcing

When it comes to custom insurance software development, we manage your software development from start to finish – design and development to testing and quality assurance. Partner with us for full-cycle custom insurance software development services and solutions.

Leading Technologies We Employ for Custom Insurance Software Development


Blockchain technology services will help you turn your traditional Insurance company into a fully InsurTech company. Blockchain distributed ledger helps mitigate risks, enhances traceability, and strengthens security. Blockchain solutions ensure data safety and smooth monetary interchange.

Artificial Intelligence

Our insurance software solutions are powered with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies that insurance providers to instantly view customer and market insights. Our solutions use AI algorithms to analyze real-time data and show potential risks and new opportunities for businesses.

Internet of Things

IoT-powered insurance applications are beneficial for unifying all your business systems and workflows into a streamlined process. Enhance the work efficiency of your employees by maximizing device connectivity and data sharing across all devices and platforms.

Big Data

With the ever-ging client base, it can become difficult to handle a huge amount of data. Harnessing the power of Big Data, we create effective data strategies to help insurance companies to make informed business decisions based on insights and predictive analytics.

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What Makes Us Superior in Custom Insurance Software Development Services?

Partner with us to embark on the digital transformation of your Insurance company with our custom Insurance software development services and solutions. Here are the major reasons that make us a reliable company for insurance software solutions:

  • 20+ Years of Experience in the Insurance industry
  • Business First Methodology
  • Use of Best Practices and Industry Standards
  • Business First Methodology
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Better Business Outcomes
  • Flexible Engagement Models
  • Quality & Timely Delivery
  • 100% Client Satisfaction
  • Strict Adherence to NDA
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Custom Services & Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

Our custom insurance software development process involves the following phases:

  • Discovery Phase
  • Advisory
  • Team Building
  • Selection of Tech Stack
  • Design & Development
  • Quality Assurance & Testing
  • Support & Maintenance

Yes, of course. We help you upgrade your legacy insurance systems to meet innovation-driven change.

The time taken to build an insurance software solution depends on multiple factors like the project complexity, project requirements, the work scope, budget, and timeframes. Generally, the development time may range from a few months to half a year or more. If you need to launch the product in a short time, it is best to get started with MVP development.

The cost of building a custom insurance software solution varies from project to project. It largely depends on the application’s features and functionalities and can reach up to $250,000 and more. Reach out to us to request a cost estimation of your project.

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