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Microsoft Dynamics 365

Grow & Evolve Business Management Solutions with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Services

Are you struggling to manage all components of business? Swiftly integrate the components ERP and CRM with Microsoft Dynamics 365 services and witness seamless operational experience.


Leading Microsoft Dynamics 365 Services

The world drives by technology and data. Business enterprises have result-oriented support of technologies like ERP and CRM software to collect, measure, and analyze data. Microsoft Dynamics 365 combines the efforts of different business components into one single platform. It is to have a crystal clear view of business and customer information.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an impressive set of intelligent business applications combining the virtues of CRM and ERP. It helps large, medium & small organizations run the business into one integrated effort and deliver optimum results ahead using AI-driven and predictive analysis features. Microsoft Dynamics 365 when properly integrated with your enterprise helps to combine data one in place, share it with employees, across different lines of business, and proactively perform duties.

At OrangeMantra, we offer end-to-end Microsoft Dynamics 365 services to enterprises of all types spreading across different industry verticals. We offer high-quality and result-oriented Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions to break down the silos among departments like Sales, Finance, Service, Field Service, Service Automation, and Marketing.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is ready to use application platform to enhance operational efficiency, under customers, fasten up the decision-making process, and increase the overall ROI. We do understand the relative importance of the proper implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 in your existing system. For this, we have an extensive team of experts having the right amount of knowledge, skills, and expertise to offer user-friendly services. Partner with OrangeMantra, and you swear to secure advanced functionalities with the successful implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications.

Different Microsoft Dynamics 365 Services

We at OrangeMantra want every single business organization to be technically proficient with changing times. To manage multiple operations seamlessly and smoothly, we offer a wide range of Microsoft Dynamics 365 services.

Sales Cloud and Service Cloud
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Consulting Services
Consult with incredibly knowledgeable Microsoft Dynamics 365 developers for the successful implementation of your existing system. Our specialists assist you with robust IT infrastructure, transparent process, and a strategic methodology to develop customer-specific apps.
Sales Cloud and Service Cloud
Microsoft Dynamics Migration & Integration Services
Experience a successful migration to Microsoft Dynamics 365 from sales figures to customers profiles, and see real-data insights. The team of developers eliminates the risk of data duplication under the migration task.
Sales Cloud and Service Cloud
Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Services
Make the best use of Microsoft Dynamics 365 to maintain an up-to-date Customer Relationship Management system. Get a quick view of customer’s information on the dashboard to predict the sales patterns and deliver a customized shopping experience to all.
Sales Cloud and Service Cloud
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Upgrade
We offer quality upgrading, re-developing, and re-architectural service to clients. The developers evaluate, define, execute and train your professional and provide constant support during the upgrading process.
Sales Cloud and Service Cloud
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Training
Develop your capabilities to utilize the virtues of Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications. We offer regular training, guidance, and coaching related to Infrastructure change, Organizational change, Business Strategy, and Administration.

Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365

Tap into the full potential of Microsoft Dynamics 365 services for your organizational success. The comprehensive package of such profit-driven digital transformation solutions offers manifold benefits.

Why Opt OrangeMantra for Blockchain Technology Solutions
  • Get a 360-degree view of customer insights and business data single-handedly with a customer-specific web or mobile application.
  • Effectively strategize and develop a business website that reflects enterprise capabilities.
  • Create separate customer portals and get access to the same for a combined view.
  • Check the website’s viability using different modules like functional testing, usability testing, and performance testing.
  • Derive maximum out of the data by implementing a data-analysis approach.
  • Perform in-depth investigation and mitigation of risk by doing periodical checks on a single-best platform.

Why Choose Us As your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner?

Make the digital transformation of the business using the technical proficiency of Microsoft Dynamics 365. Here at OrangeMantra, we help every organization to break down the silos and build a lasting connection with customers with a specialized approach. We offer Microsoft Dynamics cloud services to reinvent your business structure and operations.

Expert Approach

Partner with the finest Microsoft Dynamics 365 experts to collaborate Sales, Marketing, Finance, and Administration capabilities

Single-Best Technical Partner

Experience comprehensive support of Microsoft Dynamics 365 certified team of developers helping Retail, Finance, Sales, Manufacturing, and other sectors.

Well-Defined Solutions

We deliver excellent & innovative development solutions to a wide spectrum of enterprises. Our Dynamics 365 consulting services significantly impact the process of implementation and reinventing business possibilities.

What Clients Say


Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a next generation Microsoft business application platform that combines the functionalities of ERP and CRM on a single cloud platform. It includes different applications related to finance, sales, marketing, customer service, field operations, human resources, and others.
Yes, all the applications comprising Microsoft Dynamics 365 work collectively to share common data services to improve business operations and overall productivity.
Overall features and nature of business matter a lot before deciding the price of Microsoft Dynamics 365 application development. It all depends on your business to combine the functionalities of sales, marketing, finance, and other operations.