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Feature-Rich Mobile Applications

We have developed feature-loaded, intuitive apps for clients across industries, including retail, automotive, manufacturing, BFSI, & entertainment, among others.

Movie Ticket Booking App For PVR

Intuitive & Safe Movie Ticket Booking App for PVR 

This application has been created for a smooth movie ticket booking experience. Providing online bookings through mobile application in android and iOS helps a major surge in business sales. Along with the booking it offers – Movie card gifts, Booking addition in wallet, notifications etc. All these features makes it engaging for customers. The custom app we created simplifies ticket booking by bringing it to the mobile. And that’s not all. It also streamlines the booking process for the theater owners. Our Android, iOS, and web apps serve as a unified digital ecosystem for theater owners and moviegoers. 

Android TV Applications – All About IKEA Culture

Android App for the World’s Top Home Furnishing Brand

As IKEA geared up for its India launch, the brand wanted to build an app to connect with consumers. Understanding the interests of Indian consumers was a major challenge for the European brand. They lacked the digital strategy to connect closely with prospective customers. We designed and developed an app focused on showcasing the background, culture, and values of IKEA. Our app developed expertise helped the brand ensure superior user experiences and higher engagement. The app took IKEA closer to Indian consumers within a comparatively short period.


O2R Application for a Leading F&B Conglomerate Company 

To enhance their supply chain proficiency, DS Group sought out OrangeMantra to establish an Online-to-Retail ecosystem. Drawing on a CRM platform, we developed an expansive O2R software ecosystem to link the firm with its distribution channels, retailers, and stakeholders. This arrangement has three core parts – an Admin Panel, Distributors’ Portal, and an Agents’ Portal. On top of that, we generated mobile applications to enable retailers, agents, and delivery personnel to access the CRM system through APIs. Using the O2R ecosystem, the company made its distribution system more customer-centric and disruption-proof.


IoT-Enabled Ride Guide App for Hero Smart Bikes

Hero wanted to fully transform motorcycling experiences for its customers. The smart navigation that we developed app connects with the motorcycle speedometer using IoT and telematics. We enabled it for Hero’s entire smart motorcycle lineup, including Xpulse, Xtreme, Glamour, Passion XTec, Splendor Plus, and Maestro Edge, among others. We built an iOS & Android-based application connected to bike speedometer using Bluetooth technology. The team developed single dashboard for owners having different bikes. Hero got a boost in its brand image as a tech-savvy and futuristic automobile brands. It enhanced motorcycling experiences added to the company’s yearly vehicle sales. Users can login with heir registered numbers and can avail features like – Service Booking, Service cancellation and reschedule, RSA purchase, RSA booking, Support to technicians and RM, Service History, Feedback, Referral, Joyride and good life programs, Offers and many more. It has TBT (Turn by turn navigation) feature along with the connectivity of hardware, Live location sharing, Emergency SOS etc.


Sales Force Automation App for India’s Leading Cement Company 

Our client, JK Cement, a renowned cement manufacturer in the nation, offers an extensive array of products. With a widespread presence in India, Nepal, and African nations, the company needed a cutting-edge solution to provide service to its expansive customer base. We helped the brand by creating an interactive mobile application with real time data access using various latest technologies like SAP, salesforce. We created an interactive mobile application that incorporated vital SAP, DNA, and other backend and external systems. It made certain that the data was updated in real time throughout the world. Subsequently, easing out customer interactions.  

eCommerce Catalogue Management Solution for IKEA’s Online Store

eCommerce Catalog Management Solution for IKEA’s Online Store

Expanding its business worldwide meant IKEA needed to enhance its digital commerce capabilities. We helped the home-furnishing giant streamline its eCommerce catalog with a wide array of features. With a custom solution, the brand was able to manage its product catalog faster while relying on high-quality product descriptions and designs. Our solution made it seamless for the company to manage product across web and mobile. It also ensured IKEA’s customers get consistent, intuitive shopping experiences across platforms. Catalog creation, content gap identification, and visual enhancement are some of the top features of the solution.

Enterprise App to Enable Process Harmonization in a Manufacturing Company

Enterprise App to Enable Process Harmonization in a Manufacturing Company

We build an enterprise application for Insee to manage different roles in terms of orders, data management, role management etc. All these manual processes has been transformed with tech and smart mobile solutions which helps them to move to digitally and rapid growth in business, processes and data management as well. Focus was to integrate global compliance for smooth business operations across countries. We transformed their legacy-based manual operations into new-age, tech-savvy system using microservices architecture. With multi-tenant architecture different departments ranging from sales, production and shipping were on the same platform resulting into efficient business. Our digital solution suite enabled the manufacturing giant to harmonize its processes across countries and departments.

Corporate Event Management App For A Leading Consulting Company

Corporate Event Management App for a Leading Consulting Company 

The consulting firm wanted to digitize their even management. We developed an event app that facilitates seamless event management process and attendee engagement. It enables the attendees to access to the event-related information via mobile. The organizer can use it to share alerts related to upcoming events, event locations, and schedules changes via push notifications and in-app messaging. The app also offers features such as real-time feed, reporting, and 24/7 customer service. After launching the app, the consulting firm was able to more seamlessly plan it’s special events and conferences.


Connected Vehicle Management App for Magneti Marelli

Our client, Magneti Marelli, is an internationally acclaimed Italian-based manufacturer of automotive equipment. The automotive equipment giant already had a tech-driven Connected Vehicle component under its arsenal. In addition, they were exploring ways to integrate safe driving solutions with Cloud infrastructure. The company wanted us to enable cutting-edge cloud technology in their new connected vehicles. We integrated the qualities of cloud technology with the client’s connected vehicle solution. It enabled the automotive equipment maker to efficiently collect data, enhance vehicle safety, and fix issues remotely. 

Sales Force Automation Application

Manufacturing Process Automation for India’s Top Footwear Brand

Relaxo wanted to automate its production processes at the plant and deploy full-blown automation systems. It was intended to secure a solution that can boost the manufacturing process and enable real-time access to inventory and production data in different departments. It is integrated system software that streamlines workflows across several departments. Moreover, automation solutions comprise dashboards for cutting, molding, stitching, and many departments. Features like manufacturing scheduler, employee shift manager, role & task manager, and workflow management software digitally empower every department & process.

Loan Sales Management App of a Leading Indonesian Bank 

Loan Sales Management App for a Leading Indonesian Bank 

The leading Indonesian bank wanted to improve customer engagement rate, streamline loan origination and internal communication to support automation. They sought to have a secure dashboard application, which would enable employees to manage bank account holder finances. OrangeMantra’s banking solution experts upgraded and replaced client legacy banking platform with a next-generation dashboard. We also integrated analytic and reporting automation into banking process management.  The performance analysis dashboard has solved our client’s problems. The bank saw visible improvement in its quarterly loan business. The comprehensive dashboard helped the bank make insights-driven business decisions.

Employee Gamification App For Sales Team Engagement & Efficiency

Employee Gamification App for Sales Team Engagement & Efficiency 

A full-featured gamification app, this one offered attributes such as scores, challenges, leadership boards, badges, competition (between teams), and collaboration (with teams). The app has a high engagement value and motivates the employees to improve their performance with respect to the KPIs for getting incentives or rewards. Moreover, automated reports and analytics in gamification help managers to identify their best-performing employees based on region: state-wise, district-wise, and country-wise segregation. That means managers can accurately select and reward deserving salespeople. 

Fitness, Lifestyle, & Health Insurance App For Employees

Corporate Wellness & Health Insurance App for Alyve Health

Alyve Health wanted to create a unique application to promote health & wellness among corporate employees. The start-up needed a platform that can engage the target audience. We built UX-rich & feature-loaded iOS, Android, & web apps. It redefines fitness services & boosts awareness among corporate professionals. Also, the application enables several health & life insurance schemes while allowing access to guided Yoga & Dance classes, stress management, pregnancy exercise & diet charts, among others. Since its initial release, there has been a surge in downloads on both iOS and Android devices. Since its initial release, there has been a surge in downloads on both iOS and Android devices.

FMCG & Grocery Apps For Makani Foods

FMCG & Grocery Apps for Makani Foods 

Our Android and iOS apps helped the Middle East-based FMCG retailer overcome Covid-spurred disruptions and significantly increase sales. OrangeMantra’s award-winning mobile app development team partnered with a top foodservice brand in the Middle East. We built an app with intuitive designs that make online food ordering a pleasant experience. Consumers across Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq use the Makani app to buy a diverse range of premium-quality food items. The app not just helped the company deal with disruptions but also boost sales across the region.

Cross-Platform App Development for Asia’s Leading Environmental Services Provider

Workflow Digitization App for a Leading Waste Management Company

Our client, a renowned waste management firm, was looking for a technology partner to automate their manual operations. They needed a technology partner to build a hybrid app to manage their workflow. We developed a mobile app that helped the company digitize processes across verticals like municipal solid waste, biomedical waste, and industrial waste. Users can log in to the mobile app to share details with the back-end team for data processing related to waste pickup, recycling, and disposal. Besides data management, the app also sends regular push notifications. A comprehensive mobile dashboard provides real-time data across processes.

Secure Banking Solution for a New York-Based Company

Secure Banking Solution for a New York-Based Company

Our solution enables features like e-wallets, payment platforms, retailers, and consumers by allowing fast and secure mobile transactions. This application works as an intermittent layer between banks and NPCI server. It limits he number of steps involved for banks to establish communication with NPCI for transactions. One stop merchant solution for payment management with single VPA. End to End Fintech journey SDK is also a part where it can be added to any of the application and from user onboarding to transaction management, account management and query handling is being done through this application. It helps to reduce lots of work on bank side and gives simple plug and play features. No personal data or bank details are saved which makes it completely anonymous and safe.

Higher Education & Employment Assistance App For An Edu-Tech Company

Higher Education & Employment Assistance App for an Edtech Company 

UKIYO Africa needed a custom solution to help students get the desired opportunities. We crafted a UX-driven student support platform that allows students to easily find universities, related courses, scholarships, jobs, accommodation, internships, and career opportunities across Africa. The app is easily accessible on Android and iOS with personalized categories, filters, student guides, and contact details of concerned organizations. Using the app, students looking for higher education and career opportunities can seamlessly find useful information. 

FMCG & Grocery Apps For Makani Foods

Fleet Management App for a Fast-Growing Logistics Services Company

We built an IoT-powered logistics management app that completely changed the way a freight service company expedites its operations. Efficiently transforming logistics services, the app covers every aspect of goods transportation. Our custom solution enhanced the capabilities of drivers, fleet managers, and technicians. Freight managers get the real-time status of every single vehicle and shipment. With a comprehensive backend dashboard, managers get an overview of processes and activities as they happen. With this app in place, the logistics company achieved a significant boost to its tech infrastructure.

Customer Relationship, Motorcycle Servicing, & Dealership Searching App For Hero

Design & Development of Hero’s Customer Service App 

Hero MotoCorp has a reputation for being one of the most digital-savvy automotive brands. We helped the -wheeler company build an exceptionally UX-focused mobile app (Android & iOS) for its customers. For creating a more immersive app experience, we redesigned the app’s original framework and UI. Since the app aims to redefine customers’ vehicle ownership experiences, its design had to be laser-focused on motorcycle owners. It features segments with unique designs for general and premium customers.

Katalyst Konnections

Online Electronics Retail App for Katalyst Konnections

The client wanted to increase its business outreach & sales by targeting mobile users with higher buying potential. We helped the company build a next-gen m-Commerce solution that educates and engages users with the best electronics accessories to choose & buy from. With personalized buying guides, item sorting & filters, and seamless cart & payment processing, users can buy electronics items straight from social login. Also, our expert developers integrated Mastercard pay solution as per clients’ requirements to enable highly secured and faster payment. 

Developing India’s First Driverless Shuttle App

FMCG & Grocery Apps for Makani Foods 

Makani is a food based delivery application with variety of products and aims to increase their sale. Our Android and iOS apps helped them overcome disruptions during COVID and significantly increase revenue. We built an app with intuitive designs that make online food ordering a pleasant experience. With help of mobile application it is easily accessible and easy to do over all customer experience from seeing the listing of products to checkout and making master card payments within the application. Consumers across Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq use the Makani app to buy a diverse range of premium-quality food items. The app not just helped the company deal with disruptions but also boost sales across the region.

Hyper-Local Doorstep Delivery App For Liquor Vendors

Hyper-Local Doorstep Delivery App for Liquor Vendors 

We built the first-of-its-kind doorstep liquor delivery application in India’s national capital region. Tiplur is an app-based platform that enables drink-lovers to order online their favorite alcoholic beverage. Customers get delivery at the doorstep. Users can seamlessly register or log in, choose their order from a nearby liquor shop, and checkout. Customers can also have it delivered with cash-on-delivery. Made for both Android and iOS platforms, the app helps liquor vendors increase sales by moving online. 

Lead Management Application For One Of Asia’s Largest Banks

Lead Management Application for One of Asia’s Largest Banks 

We built a feature-rich banking Lead Management System (LMS) to upgrade every stage of the sales process with the latest software tools. The LMS is equipped with features like Automated review of clients’ profiles, automated proposal creation, business revenue analyzer, and sales performance review. Automation of sales and lead management contributed to a substantial rise in productivity. The sales team reported significant improvement in performance with visible growth in up-selling and cross-selling. It also helped Siam Commercial Bank achieve its strategic business goals.

App-Based Online Marketplace For Medicines

Online Medicine Marketplace App for a Healthcare Startup

A medicine marketplace app for both Android and iOS is MedsIndia, which facilitates online order and delivery of medicines. The app enables the users to browse through a catalog of medicines, search and select them, add to cart, checkout, and pay online or COD. Just imagine the convenience of having all the essential medicines being delivered right where you are. With the app, the healthcare was able to rapidly expand their business. Withing a few quarters, the company’s customer based grew significantly.

Parent-Teacher Communication Management App

Parent-Teacher Communication Management App 

Virch is an Android app which serves as a school information system that enables communication between the parents and school. While it helps the parents to access all the relevant and important information on their mobile, Virch empowers the schools to reduce the communication turnaround time and form a stronger bond with the parents. The personalized iOS and Android app streamlined the communication between school administration and parents. It resulted in better quality of education and seamless information sharing.

IoT-Based Attendance Management App For Schools & Parents

IoT-Based Attendance Management App for Schools & Parents 

Parrot Hello is an IoT-powered management app for students and their parents for touch-free attendance management capabilities. The app also works as students’ ID cards along with serving other purposes like real-time tracking and attendance data sharing. Both teachers and parents can log in to the app and use features uniquely designed for them. Features like live notifications and real-time data gives the parent a feel of security and easy access to their child. We incorporated cutting IoT capabilities onto this subscription-based attendance management app. 

India’s First Direct-To-Bank Pay Platform For Influencers

India’s First Direct-To-Bank Pay Platform for Influencers 

We have developed a direct payment to bank application for the influencers. Where all they can register login and share their specific content over different channels. It makes social media campaign easy for both influencers and the companies to grow and reach a maximum number of audience. Influencers can easily find trending campaigns and collaborate with advertisers. Users can choose the right campaign and endorse their content to increase followers and earn money. Influencers can also share sponsored campaigns across platforms, get clicks from followers, and withdraw the money earned from campaigns. The platform makes social media campaigning easier for both influencers and advertisers.   

Social Nerking Mobile App For Political Affiliation Communities, Discussions, & Debates

Social Networking App for Political Affiliation Communities

This mobile app-based social networking solution enables iPhone and iPad users to connect and discuss politics. Users can create and join social media communities, participate in political debates, and create affiliation groups for politicians. The diverse applications of the app make it popular among political enthusiasts. With the custom app, users can easily connect with people of similar political ideologies and interests. It also enable them to participant in social and political events.

Dealership Audit Management App for Hero Two-Wheeler Dealers

Dealership Audit Management App for Hero Two-Wheeler Dealers

Hero MotoCorp was looking to digitize the audit process of its dealers. Being a complex job to complete, the client started to look for a technology partner for app development. With years of diverse experience in the mobile app development domain, OrangeMantra was a good fit. We put together a team of experts to implement an app for Hero which was designed precisely to the requirements defined. The mobile application is already generating fruitful results for the client’s business operations. It improves the quality of the data by doing automation, while simultaneously helping more audits to be performed in less time. With help of this application user can list their two-wheelers based on the bike conditions. In addition, users can see the listed bikes for re-sell and place bids of price.

FMCG & Grocery Apps For Makani Foods

OTT App for Venturing into the Expanding Video Streaming Market 

The media & entertainment industry has unlocked new doors for enriching viewership & extending content accessibility. Specifically, OTT platforms have empowered viewers to stream a variety of entertaining content. Keeping up the pace within the entertainment sector, we have built interactive & feature-rich OTT platforms for different enterprises. We have developed niche OTT platforms for content creators, distributors, marketers, personal trainers, corporate businesses, non-profit organizations, and alike. With the innovative, creative, and viewer-specific approach, our team has developed subscription-based, transactional, ad-support, and hybrid video streaming platforms.  

FMCG & Grocery Apps For Makani Foods

Design-Rich Dating App for the LGBTQ+ Community 

With the rapidly growing digital experience across the distinctive sector, there is widespread usage of online dating apps that allow people to feel free to connect with like-minded individuals. Likewise, we work on building dating app platforms exclusively for the LGBTQIA community to find their ideal match online. We cater to this specific yet imperative section of society to address their real-time challenge of finding the ideal people. We have developed dating apps with features to find interest as per specific location, age group, filters, and swipe-left-swipe-right view. 

Flight Booking Management App For Southern China Airline

Flight Ticket Booking App for Southern China Airline

The high-tech app we created for China Southern Airlines facilitates the team members to manage the flights, the arrival or the departure details, enlisted passengers, actual travelling passengers, food orders, and everything else that is required during the flight journey so that flyers have a memorable time, every time! Following the launch on Google Play and Apple App Store, the airline reported visible growth in online ticket booking. With the rapid evolution in air travelers expectations, the app enabled the airline to catch up quickly with digital trends.

Flight Booking Management App For Southern China Airline

Transforming Connectivity with Digital Payment Mobile App

A dedicated mobile app that provide Wi-Fi and Hotspot functionality to both internet and intranet needs for users. This comprehensive application provides a seamless and user-friendly experience for managing internet connectivity as well as local network access. Users can effortlessly navigate through internet services and, simultaneously, utilize intranet functionalities for local network communication. The app ensures a versatile and efficient solution for users seeking connectivity solutions for both external internet access and internal intranet resources. Secure payment features is available to avail WiFi hotspot services. The whole plan was to bring personalized user experience, streamline payment methods, and build a cashless environment.

Flight Booking Management App For Southern China Airline

Improving Conversion Rates for Studio Desk with Custom Shopify App

Studio Desk is serving music industry for more than 30 years. Their main goal is to create quality, practical, well-designed, and ergonomic products that last for decades. They have an e-commerce business operating on the Shopify platform, specializing in trendy music furniture accessories. Despite having a steady flow of website traffic, Studio Desk was facing a significant challenge with abandoned shopping carts, leading to lost potential sales. The client approached our OrangeMantra development team with the goal of creating a Shopify custom app to integrate in the website to recover abandoned carts and improve overall conversion rates.

Flight Booking Management App For Southern China Airline

Designing an Engaging Gaming App for User Engagement

The objective of this project is to develop a native Android and iOS mobile app for users that allows them to earn gifts, vouchers, and coins by completing given tasks like playing games, watch & win, and completing surveys or apps. Here multiple brands are listed for the users. They can choose any brand and view all activities to be completed to earn gifts, coins, and vouchers. Once the user completes all listed tasks under a brand, they will be added to the leaderboard. This app allows users to win coins on each activity completion. Users can view earned coins and vouchers in their wallets. These coins can be redeemed later via PayPal. User can view all winner stories available on the application and able to upload their winner story to the application.

Flight Booking Management App For Southern China Airline

Social Engagement Platform Development for Personality-Based Skill Development

The project goal is to develop a social engagement platform where the users can express, share, and learn interest or personality-based skills. The client, Curious Sapiens were looking to build platform for users to freely express their personality and build their interest profile while being engaged in the active series of activities that will be available on the website and app. The platform seeks to engage users in a diverse activities, like discussions, group challenges, and role-playing situations, tailored to their individual preferences. The client partnered with the OrangeMantra team to build a digital platform to meet their business requirements.

Flight Booking Management App For Southern China Airline

Mobile App Empowering Marketing Automation for Management Consulting Firm

The objective of this project is to develop a mobile application that acts as a marketing automation tool for a business domain. The employees/partners using the app can look through ZS thought leadership (ZS Insights). Moreover, they are allowed to view all the content types and share them directly on social media. They can mark them as bookmarks and view all bookmarks within the application. The company goal of delivering personalized experiences, boosting customer loyalty, and ultimately increasing sales has been achieved in a short duration. Integrated with a marketing automation platform to automate email campaigns, social media posts, and in-app notifications.

Flight Booking Management App For Southern China Airline

Event App Development for Higher User Engagement

People Affair is an event application which will help users to get the complete event details. It also consists a feature of social platform where group of members who all are interested in same event can share post and comment on it. The comprehensive app not only act as a centralized hub for event details but also seamlessly integrated with social platforms, offering real-time updates and fostering community engagement. Members could create personalized schedules, receive reminders, and set preferences.

Flight Booking Management App For Southern China Airline

Automating Storage Facility Monitoring for a Multi-Site Enterprise

Refining business operations for Energybox with a next-gen mobile application. The objective was to streamline user operations with real-time notifications on the user’s mobile or tablet. Push notifications enable users to effortlessly oversee multi-site operations from anywhere and at any time. This intuitive app provides users with the capability to easily identify the specific site, space, equipment, or sensor that triggered each notification. With advanced dismissal and commenting features, user can receive and dismiss notifications as required. Additionally, share and forward notifications to any contact on user device. Efficiently organize user notifications by priority, status, and sites, and create a personalized list of starred or favourite notifications. Access the platform directly from mobile device to open notification, allowing complete control over different operations and experience the benefits of automation.  

Flight Booking Management App For Southern China Airline

Smart Office App Development with Next-Gen IoT Capabilities

Space Matrix is a smart office application and proprietary workplace technology platform to enhance the workplace experience of business organizations. It is a perfect platform for different work and workplace related features (like Visitor Management, Room & Desk Scheduling, Indoor Wayfinding, Lighting management system, building management system – its monitoring and control, Air Conditioning automation, Service Request Management, Security & Access Control etc). IoT sensors connect and interact with each other, thereby providing a seamless experience. Besides being an integration platform to connect the devices in a facility, it has several utilities and use cases built-in, to be able to ease the working of the employees and enriches their user experience.  

Flight Booking Management App For Southern China Airline

Digital Transformation of a Power Distribution Company with a Next-Gen App

Sterlite is an energy company focused on the development and operation of power plants. We optimized their business manual operations with a robust and futuristic mobile app. The development of Critical to Quality (CTQ) was the game changer for the client project. With this App, the field executives can fill out the CTQ forms digitally in both online and offline mode. The assigned authority can review the submitted forms and approve/reject them. The app has incorporated other features like Geo-fencing, saving as draft, capturing images, etc. The forms are triggered based on the stage and can be managed in real time from the backend.  

Flight Booking Management App For Southern China Airline

Improving App User Engagement through Testing of SMS Notifications

Our team of testers successfully conducted end-to-end testing of the client mobile application’s features, emphasizing SMS notification functionality. Moreover, collaborated with the development team to identify and resolve issues related to SMS integration. Developed and executed comprehensive test plans, ensuring proper coverage of referral program scenarios. Analyzed user behavior and preferences through A/B testing, resulting into the implementation of optimized referral program parameters, bringing a significant increase in successful referrals.