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We design and develop custom AI Chatbot which based on artificial intelligence.
and work on NAP (Name Address and phone number ).
Through our AI Chatbot you can maximize your query and deals

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Interactive Chatbots to Enhance Customer Relations & Automate Tasks

Chatbots are becoming more popular than ever. From food delivery to banking and from education to travel and tourism, chatbots are everywhere. We build highly interactive chatbots that change the way businesses interact with customers.

We combine the most advanced breeds of emerging technologies to create incredibly useful chatbots for clients. The concerted power of A.I., machine learning, and natural language processing enables us to develop best-in-class chatbots. These technologies enable you to effortlessly make information-rich conversations with customers and prospects.

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Key Benefits of Deploying Chatbots in Business Operations

Chatbots have wildly popular interfaces for everything from retail to financial services to healthcare. Be it task-oriented, conversation-focused, or information-oriented, chatbots are changing business processes.

Personalized customer interaction

Chatbots enable you to make more data-driven, customized conversations with customers. This helps to make your customers more actively engaged with your brand.

Eliminate wait time

Deployment of a chatbot eliminates long wait times in services like customer support. Quicker responses to queries and requests often translate to better customer loyalty.

Chatbots in Business Operations

Productive CRM team

Having chatbots is like hiring a super-efficient customer relations management professional. Chatbots reduces the burden of repetitive tasks requiring less human intelligence.

Reduce customer care cost

Chatbots can significantly reduce the costs of running a customer care department. One chatbot can manage tasks of several human workers, doing things more efficiently.

Chatbot Development Services By OrangeMantra

Chatbots and virtual assistants don’t have to just task-oriented. Our chatbot development services cover a comprehensive range to build every kind of chatbot. Whether you’re looking for conversational agents or bots for dispersing information, OrangeMantra is the right tech partner.

1. Financial Service Chatbots

Chatbots development for banks and other financial institutes. Resolve customer queries, improve customer relationships, and do much more with tailor-made chatbots.

2. eCommerce Chatbots

Boost your online sales with feature-rich chatbots for eCommerce operations. Automate customer support, answer queries, and list products on stores using chatbots.

3. Healthcare Service Chatbots

Chatbots to provide your customers useful and verified information about diseases, safety measures, latest developments, etc. Reduce human dependency in healthcare.

4. CRM Chatbots

Reimagine customer relationship management with interactive chatbots. Engage with customers in interesting ways, strengthen customer loyalty.

5. Chatbots for Hospitality Services

Be it hotel search, booking, or customer care services, our chatbots can address all your needs. Get incredibly customized bots for your hospitality business.

6. Entertainment Services Bots

Enable your customers to search for events, book tickets, get information about their favorite shows using chatbots. Our feature-rich chatbots make your entertainment business engagement oriented.

Why Choose Us as Your Chatbot Development Partner

Domain Expertise
Domain Expertise
Having spent more than two decades in the software development industry we know how to use build solutions that benefit businesses.
Tech Enthusiasts
Tech Enthusiasts
A.I., deep machine learning, NLP, or any other emerging software technology, we promptly deploy them into our DevOps.
 Software Engineering Veterans
Software Engineering Veterans
We have some of the best minds of the software development industry who build robust and efficient solutions.
Quality Obsessed
Quality Obsessed
We’re not going to comprise any element of quality of a solution, be it a simple website or a sophisticated chatbot.

Planning to develop an interactive chatbot for your business/organization?

Frequently Asked Questions

Chatbot development building a conversational software interface that helps you interact with users or do tasks without the need of a human. Chatbots and virtual assistants are intelligent AI system that learns as conversations progress. The financial services industry has widely adopted chatbots.
The costs of building a chatbot vary widely, depending on your requirements. Your industry and goals also matter. If you need a simple bot with basic features, costs are comparatively lower. OrangeMantra offers chatbot development at a competitive price.
There is no predefined development time for chatbots. It depends on what kind of chatbot you want to build. Bots with comparatively less training data take less time. Chatbots with higher volumes of training data takes more time. OrangeMantra has a track record of building chatbots within a shorter turnaround time.