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    Reforming the Entertainment Industry by Providing Full-Fledged OTT Support

    In today’s digital world, the demand for OTT has risen rapidly because it provides ease and has changed the mindset on how we see the entertainment world. Due to the easiness and demand of OTT on a worldwide platform, firms have started to incorporate the right solution for their business. Implementing OTT in your entertainment sector can provide you with digitalized growth and bring unmatchable revenue. As a leading OTT app solution provider, we at OrangeMantra will assist you with the overall process and can help you with the deployment, implementation, and development. We will be focusing on your overall process and process the development process as per your demand and also based on your industry.

    Entertainment Industry

    Looking for services and solutions that can enhance your overall OTT video needs?

    OTT App Development Services That Can Benefit Your Business

    Custom OTT App

    Custom OTT App Development

    Willing to build an app around OTT? Here, we can provide you with customized video streaming solutions to provide your users with an ideal viewing experience.

    OTT App Consulting

    We deliver solutions by understanding your business needs. And then carry out an analysis to process further with your video development so that you can get top-notch output.

    Audio Streaming App Development

    Offering tailor-made audio streaming app development services that can meet all the needs of your growing brand. Our profound team is always ready to cater to your vision.
    Smart Tv

    Smart TV App Development

    Focusing on delivering you a personalized smart TV app for an enhanced user experience for your users. Our team works precisely to deliver you a seamless experience.
    UI UX Design

    OTT UI/UX Design

    We are specialists in OTT UI/UX design, we create interactive visuals that capture users’ persona. Our designer understands the target audience and delivers a compelling platform.

    OTT App Integration

    Our savvy OTT app integration professionals are always ready to deliver you the right OTT-related resources. When it comes to integration needs, our team can deliver an unparallel trail.

    OTT Maintenance and Support

    Offering services and support even after the migration and deployment process. This also involves mending bugs and making sure that you have an app that clears all the checklists.

    Cross-platform OTT App Development

    We are experts when it comes to cross-platform OTT app development including devices, like smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs. Our motto is to stream quality across platforms.

    Optimize Your Business by Incorporating These Processes into Your OTT App

    Requirements Gathering and Analysis
    We take baby steps when it comes to gathering requirements, understanding your vision, and objectives, and learning about your target audience to build a rock-solid roadmap. This way we meet our client’s expectations.
    App Design
    App Design
    Designing is the most important step when it comes to the delivery of the OTT app. And our team makes sure to focus on creating optically alluring user interfaces (UI) and user experiences (UX). As a result of your delivery needs, we incorporate the overall process.
    Back-End Development
    For enhancing the functionality of your app, our team incorporates a reliable structure for generating components and structure. OrangeMantra, provides you with an apt back-end for your OTT app following an aligned approach.
    Frontend Development
    Playing an important role that can shape your overall experience, where we will be following a process that delivers an appealing frontend for your OTT app. From creating wireframes to user flow, we follow the overall roadmap that can provide you with a fruitful experience.
    Audio Video
    Video & Audio Streaming
    We are providing you with custom based reliable streaming high-quality video and audio that can be incorporated into your business. Our team makes sure that you can stream the video securely and seamlessly for your viewer and listener to maintain your brand value.
    Subscription Management
    We do understand the importance of subscription management. Our team processes the consistent user subscription, payment process, and the overall subscription-related lifecycle that revolves around it. We incorporate a transparent and feasible process for your OTT app.
    Testing and Quality Assurance
    We are experts when it comes to testing and quality assurance. We have a professional in-house team who always checks the overall development process and looks for bugs that can be resolved and enhanced for your user to enjoy the video and audio process.
    Deployment and Launch
    It’s the most important step where we take your app to the further market. The team follows a ladder of systematic approach on which we make sure to cover and put a tick to every process before launching. We deliver an app that can handle consumer traffic.

    Tech Stack

    • Android Android
    • IOS IOS
    • Kotlin Kotlin
    • React Native React Native
    • Flutter Flutter
    • AngularAngular
    • ReactJSReactJS
    • vueJSvueJS
    • LaravelLaravel
    • NodeJSNodeJS
    • PHPPHP
    • Net.Net
    • AMagentoAMagento
    • karmakarma
    • jasmineJasmine
    • KatalonKatalon
    • SeleniumSelenium
    • TestRailTestRail
    • PostmanPostman
    • Browser SettingBrowser Setting

    Willing to explore the creative aspect of the OTT app?

    Incorporating OTT Features to Streamline Your Platform

    We are the right partner for delivering data-driven video content for your user-centric audience

    Multi-Language Support

    We make your content in such a way that can be incorporated into various languages totally depending upon your choice, by summing audio, subtitles, and audio tracks.

    Multiple Payment Options

    Make the payment option hassle-free for you, where we will be including payment options, which cover, debit cards, credit cards, UPI and mobile banking, and many more.

    Favorite Watchlist

    Providing your audience with a solution where they can add videos to their list. Which they can watch later on according to their availability. In addition, we added a push notification option too for a reminder.

    User Analytics

    We understand your audience’s needs and incorporate their data like geographical range, behavior, subscription, and rating to provide your user with accurate videos according to their taste.

    Rating and Review

    We provide your user with a proper section of reviews and ratings where they can easily pen down their issues and write the points that need to be enhanced or incorporated into your business.


    One can locate your favorite requirement by simply searching for the desired video. That covers the genre that your user might be interested in or planning to add or save it to the wishlist to watch later.
    Transform Your Supply Chain Logistics with Digitization

    Why Choose Our OTT (Over-the-Top) Service

    At OrangeMantra, we believe in implementing the latest tech into your project to deliver a data-driven solution for your business. Here, our team strives to provide clients with high-quality solutions, and the results of our work show our years of experience.

    • Industrial Experts: We have a huge team that understands OTT technology, its functionality, its tools, and how it can enhance your business.
    • Custom-Based Solutions: We listen to every need and provide fully customized solutions for your business at an affordable price. Get in touch with us for a reliable OTT solution.
    • Ease of Communication: Be assured of the overall flow of communication because we keep our clients updated with every single modification. We also welcome suggestions.
    • Latest Tech: We used cloud-based infrastructure for your business for delivering benefits to industrial-based projects. We use an apt tool for each project.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The cost of developing an OTT platform like Amazon Prime or MX Player totally depends on the need of the project and the time that will be required to deliver it. Anyhow, on a normal scale, the cost of OTT development will range from $10,000 to $120,000.
    The time period required to deliver an OTT mobile application takes four to nine months or more, depending on the need and items that you want to add to your application.
    The most meaningful platforms that can be suitable for your OTT app are the Android mobile app, Android TV, iPad, iPhone, MacBook, Windows app, and many others.
    We will be providing you with a panel where you can see the overall analytics based on the KPIs. You can calculate the overall time that your user has contributed, total revenue and understand the pattern of your audience.
    Safety and security totally depend upon the user, and it can be barricaded to some extent only because there’s always a chance of screen recording. That makes the overall app too hard to manage. However, we use end to end encryption which prevents the users from downloading the video. Also, we implement watermarks so that there’s a low chance of screen recording.