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Hire Scrum Experts

Hire Scrum Masters for Your Organization without Any Hassle

Hire Scrum Masters for Your Organization without Any Hassle

If you, as an organization, are looking for a professional Scrum Master, Orange Mantra’s highly skilled team of Scrum Master experts will undoubtedly be your best guide to coaching you to your business’s success. We offer to hire Scrum Masters who can guide you for the future and serve as an expediter for the product owner and the development teams. We have catered to the development requirements of all sizes of companies, ranging from startups to large enterprises. Choose from multiple engagement models to hire Scrum Masters without any hassle.

Key Responsibilities of a Professional Scrum Master

A Scrum Master makes sure that the development team abides by agile values and guidelines, and follows the methodologies and practices agreed by the team.The key responsibilities of a Scrum Master include:

Key Responsibilities of a Professional Scrum Master
  • Strategizing and advising Scrum implementations in your organization
  • Leading, guiding, and training your company for Scrum adoption
  • Eliminating obstacles between your stakeholders and Scrum teams
  • Creating a supportive and protected environment for your team’s effectiveness
  • Making your organization’s employees and stakeholders better understand and implement a pragmatic approach for multifaceted work
  • Meeting team dynamics
  • Enabling regular meetings and collaborations with the product owners
  • Increasing efficiency and protecting your team from external distractions and interruptions

Why Hire Scrum Experts for Your Organization?

Becoming agile is one of the main aims of many organizations. As companies have started embracing Agile, there’s an increased demand for external Scrum Masters. Scrum teams are an integral element of Agile.

A Scrum Master is usually described as an effective facilitator. Scrum experts always focus on the team’s happiness, which is a key indicator of a business’s success and enhanced productivity. The best Scrum Masters are constantly looking for opportunities to increase performance by asking how their teams can be more effective and happier and how they can share their knowledge and expertise with others. A good Scrum Master always advocates for his team.

Moreover, they always monitor and eliminate obstacles that frustrate teams and lead to unhappiness. As an organization, you can hire Scrum Masters to:

  • Make your business and IT alignment better
  • Increase project visibility
  • Boost team morale
  • Effectively manage distributed teams
  • Bring valuable expertise and new ideas that are not influenced by the organization’s culture or employees.

Benefits of Hiring Scrum Masters

You enjoy the following benefits when you hire Scrum experts for your organization:

Quicker Time to Market

Scrum Masters can streamline organizational processes by measuring development cycle times and making relevant changes for faster time to market.

Enhanced Quality

Scrum Masters extensively perform product testing throughout the development cycle. If defects get eliminated in the early stages, it ensures the delivery of high-quality products.

Better Progress Visibility

When you hire Scrum Masters, you ensure better visibility of your product’s development progress. This transparency helps organizations to make fact-based and well-informed decisions as development progresses.

Greater Customer Satisfaction

Scrum experts improve your team’s delivery commitments and capacity planning for sprints by finding hidden tasks that would create hurdles in the development progress.

Enhanced Collaboration and Ownership

A good Scrum Master can enhance team collaboration and ownership of tasks while creating a secure and effective environment for teams to work.

How to Hire Scrum Experts?

Sign Contract for Onboarding
Our client success experts will send you detailed documentation that you can review and sign to start onboarding your new talent(s).
Speak to a Technical Advisor
Our technical advisors will evaluate and navigate your project requirements and suitable team configuration. They will help you with processes, timelines, and costs.
Shortlist the Best Profiles
After receiving your job description, we send you a selection of the best, pre-screened candidates that fit your team requirements. These top talents will be available for technical discussion with your existing team for stress-free product development.
Interview and Finalize
You choose from the shortlisted profiles, and we schedule an interview with the candidate you would like to work with for better satisfaction.
Create Your Team
Discuss your team/resource needs with our client success experts.

Get the Best Scrum Master Onboard for the Right Guidance and Improved Team Productivity.

Hire Scrum Masters

Different Engagement Models to Hire Scrum Masters

We offer flexible engagement models to help you hire Scrum Masters according to your needs and budget.

Rotating Scrum Master

Team members rotate Scrum Master job responsibilities and tasks, mainly the administrative ones, amongst themselves on a sprint-by-sprint basis.

Part-time Scrum Master

An individual team member takes on Scrum Master’s responsibilities along with other core responsibilities on the same team.

Full-time Dedicated Scrum Master

This model is suitable for a team that is learning agile. Here, an individual’s only responsibility is to serve as a Scrum Master for one time.

Full-time Scrum Master with Multiple Teams

In this model, one individual’s sole responsibility is as a Scrum Master, working with multiple teams.

Agile Coach

An individual does not have a dedicated team but works with different teams based on specific needs only.

Scope of Our Scrum Master’s Activities

Dedicated Scrum Master

Our team of dedicated Scrum Masters will assist you in achieving the project’s success by collecting your requirements, splitting them into two-week sprints, and supporting the team for timely project delivery.

Scrum Implementation and Management Planning

Our Scrum experts are well-versed with effective team collaboration and facilitation to plan your project development into the Scrum Framework by managing and facilitating the software development.

Scrum Coach and Mentor

We have a team of seasoned Scrum Coaches and Mentors who will help you deploy Scrum methodologies into your project by giving significance to empathy for team members and offering simple solutions to complicated team problems.

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Why Hire Scrum Experts from Orange Mantra?

Here are the top reasons to hire Scrum Masters from Orange Mantra:

  • Dedicated Skilled Resources
  • High-quality Development
  • IP Protection
  • 100% Confidentiality with NDA
  • Guaranteed Timely Delivery
  • Enhanced User Experience
  • Well-articulated Software Documentation
  • Single Coding Standard
  • Test-first Approach
  • Best-in-class Infrastructure
  • Agile Methodology
  • Quick Deployments
  • Use of Latest Tech Stack and Project Management Tools
  • Reliable Technical Support
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Frequently Asked Questions

No. The maturity level of an Agile Coach is much higher than that of a professional Scrum Master. While a Scrum Master works mainly within a team to define Scrum processes, an Agile Coach operates within an organization, at the manager and leadership team level, primarily focusing on the change agenda.
Here are the key factors that you should consider for hiring the best Scrum Master
Knowledge of Scrum methodology and best practices
Strong technical/IT background
Empathetic as well as Effective
Scrum Master Certification
A Scrum Master is responsible for improving the effectiveness of the team. They do this by helping the Scrum team improve its practices and methodologies within the Scrum framework.
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