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Start Your Life-journey Towards Agile Brilliance with Our Extensive Suite of Scrum Master Hiring Services

We are committed to delivering and providing you with an experienced Scrum Master. We carefully examine and carry out the overall process. This way you can be assured that your project is in good hands and can seamlessly meet all your goals.

Working Man

Discover top-tier Agile leadership with our service to hire dedicated Scrum Master. Our rigorous recruitment process ensures you get an experienced professional committed to enhancing your team's efficiency.

Experience personalized Agile guidance by opting to hire a Scrum Master suited to your project's unique needs. Our experts adapt their approach to seamlessly integrate with your team and project dynamics.

Optimize resources and costs by choosing to hire Scrum Master in India. Access exceptional talent remotely, benefiting from both expertise and the advantages of offshore collaboration.

Go beyond recruitment and empower your teams with ongoing mentorship. Our hire dedicated Scrum Master services include continuous coaching, fostering a culture of agility and continuous improvement.

Leverage the transformative power of Agile methodologies with our experts in Scrum Master hiring. Our professionals guide your team through successful Agile adoption, ensuring a streamlined and efficient workflow.

We make sure to deliver seamless transition to Agile methodologies with our service to hire a Scrum Master. Our experts assist in the addition of Scrum frameworks. Make sure to provide scalability and adaptability for every project of any size.

Our Success Stories

Agile Transformation Accelerated

Challenge: A multinational software development firm sought a dynamic solution to enhance their project management methodologies and boost team collaboration.

Solution: Opting to hire a dedicated Scrum Master in India proved to be the catalyst for their Agile transformation. Our carefully selected Scrum Master seamlessly integrated with their teams, providing hands-on guidance in implementing Scrum frameworks. The result? An overall enhancement in the project efficiency and reduced time-to-market. Also, a newfound culture of adaptability and innovation.

Scaling Operations Globally

Challenge: A growing expanding e-commerce startup faced the challenge of maintaining Agile practices as their teams grew globally.

Solution: Selecting to hire a Scrum Master in India provides the startup to get top-tier talent remotely. This provides consistent Agile leadership across borders. Our dedicated Scrum Master played an important role in providing scalable Scrum frameworks. This resulted in streaming workflows. It has enhanced collaboration, and a coordinated approach to project management on a universal scale.

Project Resilience in a Challenging Market

Challenge: A tech company faced unexpected challenges because of the market shifts and needed a strategic approach to make sure to deliver project resilience.

Solution: Opting to hire a dedicated Scrum Master brought a renewed sense of adaptability and resilience to the company's projects. Our Scrum Master not only provided expert guidance in Agile methodologies but also played a key role in continuous coaching, empowering the team to navigate uncertainties. The result was a more resilient project portfolio, timely adaptations to market changes, and a competitive edge in a challenging landscape.

Empowering Your Agile Journey

Unlock the full potential of your Agile initiatives with our Scrum Master services, supported by a robust technology stack tailored to drive efficiency and innovation.

  • Test Automation Tools

  • Technology Selenium
  • Technology Jenkins
  • Technology JIRA
  • Programming Languages

  • Technology Java
  • Technology Python
  • Technology C#
  • Data Sets

  • Technology MySQL
  • Technology MongoDB
  • Technology SQL Server

Unlock Agile Success with Our Scrum Master Hiring Model

Embark on an Agile journey needed the right leadership. And our Scrum Master hiring model is crafted to deliver the flexibility and expertise required for project success.

Full-Time Engagement

Full-Time Engagement

Elevate your project with a full-time, dedicated Scrum Master committed to steering your teams toward Agile excellence.

Hourly Basis

Hourly Basis

For projects with various workloads or shorter durations, our hourly engagement option provides the flexibility you need. Hire a Scrum Master on an hourly basis.

Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation

Augment your team's capabilities with our staff augmentation model. When you hire a Scrum Master in India through staff augmentation, you gain an experienced Agile leader.

Industriеs Wе Sеrvе

Wе catеr to a widе rangе of industries.

Elevate Your Agile Success: Hire Dedicated Scrum Masters for Seamless Leadership Excellence

What Our Client have to say about OrangeMantra Hiring 

Why Hire Scrum Experts for Your Organization?

Becoming agile is one of the main aims of many organizations. As companies have started embracing Agile, there’s an increased demand for external Scrum Masters. Scrum teams are an integral element of Agile.

Moreover, they always monitor and eliminate obstacles that frustrate teams and lead to unhappiness. As an organization, you can hire Scrum Masters to:

  • whychooseus Make your business and IT alignment better
  • whychooseusIncrease project visibility
  • whychooseusBoost team morale
  • whychooseusEffectively manage distributed teams
  • whychooseus Bring valuable expertise and new ideas that are not influenced by the organization’s culture or employees.  
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Meet Our Scrum Master Team

We offer dedicated Scrum Masters who have years of experience to provide you with your unique needs and deliver enhanced solutions.

Roopal Gupta Scrum Master

Experience: 4 years

Jira Software Confluence Jira Product Discovery

Gaurav Saxena Associate Scrum Master

Experience: 5 years

Jira VivifyScrum ClickUp

Ashoka Goswami Scrum Master

Experience: 7 years

Confluence Jira Product Discovery ClickUp

Mukul Bharti Scrum Master

Experience: 8 years

Jira Software Confluence Jira Product Discovery

Navigating Your Success: Our Scrum Master Hiring Process

Working on an Agile journey needs a meticulous hiring process. And our methodology is crafted to make sure that you not only hire a Scrum Master but also get a perfect fit for your project's unique needs. From initial consultations to ongoing quality maintenance. The overall our process is crafted to deliver excellence every step of the way.

  • Discuss Project Requirements

    Book A Free Consultation

    Embark on your Agile transformation by having a free consultation. Our experts will guide you through the process of hiring a dedicated Scrum Master.

  • Project Technical Feasibility

    Discuss Project Quality Requirements

    Define the success parameter for your project by getting in-depth discussions about your project's quality requirements. This way, you will be ensured when you hire a Scrum Master in India.

  • Project Technical Feasibility

    Concluding Quality Assurance Strategy

    Create an enhanced quality assurance strategy that goes with your project goals. When you hire dedicated Scrum Master via our platform. You're not just getting an expert; you're getting a tailored quality assurance strategy.

  • Choose Hiring Model

    Quality Assurance Execution and Delivery

    Put the strategy into action with our Scrum Masters leading the way. Our dedicated Scrum Masters are committed to executing the quality assurance plan for seamless integration of your project.

  •  Continuous Improvement and Evaluation

    Regular Reporting

    Stay updated with regular and transparent detail on project progress. Our commitment to open communication makes sure that you are always informed of the steps taking place.

  •  Continuous Improvement and Evaluation

    Ongoing Quality Maintenance

    Agile excellence is not a one-time attainment but an ongoing commitment. Our Scrum Master hiring process extends beyond the initial stages to include continuous quality maintenance. Regular assessments, feedback loops, and adjustments ensure that your project continues to thrive long after you hire a dedicated Scrum Master.

Frequently Asked Question

No. The maturity level of an Agile Coach is much higher than that of a professional Scrum Master. While a Scrum Master works mainly within a team to define Scrum processes, an Agile Coach operates within an organization, at the manager and leadership team level, primarily focusing on the change agenda.

Here are the key factors that you should consider for hiring the best Scrum Master
  • Knowledge of Scrum methodology and best practices
  • Strong technical/IT background
  • Empathetic as well as Effective
  • Scrum Master Certification

A Scrum Master is responsible for improving the effectiveness of the team. They do this by helping the Scrum team improve its practices and methodologies within the Scrum framework.