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      Everything You Need to Know About IT Outsourcing Services Companies in India

      Outsourcing IT services became a global phenomenon decades ago. India remains a top market for I.T. and software outsourcing. Today, IT sourcing is an inseparable part of the business management, especially amid the growing digital-first trends. IT outsourcing services involve assigning certain IT functions to independent, third-party organizations, instead of keeping them in-house. An organization generally opts for business outsourcing solutions for services ranging from software development, and maintenance to support.


      Our Comprehensive Range of IT Outsourcing Services

      Custom Software Development

      With a team of seasoned software engineers, creative designers, and meticulous quality analysts, we build industry-best custom software solutions. Being a reputed Software outsourcing company, we are always the earliest adopters of emerging technologies.

      IoT App Solution

      Web Design & Development

      Be it making a powerful online presence or enhancing existing websites, we deliver design-rich web solutions to every client. Tailor-made websites, robust web apps, and much more to digitally enhance your business.

      Implementation & Integration

      eCommerce Solutions Development

      From e-commerce consulting to deployment to technical support, we support your online business journey all along. With expertise in top e-commerce development platforms like Magento, we know what suits you the most.

      Upgrades and Migration

      Mobile App Development

      An award-winning mobile application development team ensures that all your requirements are addressed promptly and efficiently. With our software outsourcing services, we have greatly benefited businesses worldwide with our iOS, Android, and hybrid app development.

      IoT-Wearable Development

      Business Automation Solutions

      Increase productivity, reduce costs, and achieve business goals with our feature-rich automation software solutions. Be it manufacturing, e-commerce operations, or customer relation, automation improves everything served by business outsourcing solutions.

      Managed Services

      Digital Marketing Services

      Search engine rank, website traffic, or social media engagement, we cover every element of digital marketing with expertise. Our digital marketing offerings are designed to increase visibility, drive engagement, and boost conversions.

      IoT Security

      IoT Consultancy

      We extend expert IoT consulting and insights to help the clients for embracing IoT as a part of their existence. From roadmap creation, to use case preparation, business KPIs, and ROI mapping, we take care of the entire aspects of planning IoT adoption for the business.

      IoT Consultancy

      IoT Testing

      We have the best Set of QA engineers that look after the applications and perform both functional as well as non-functional testing.

      IoT Testing

      Key Benefits of Outsourcing Software Development to India

      80% of American & European firms outsource direct to India instead of giving business to their local companies who charge more.

      Validate Strategy

      Access to Global Talent

      Outsourcing software development services to India not just delivers cost-saving but also nurtures business with a rich talent pool. Outsourcing ensures that you no more have to face talent shortages for any business process.

      Connect Devices

      Build partnerships, reduce risks

      Successful companies manage their outsourcing relationship strategically. Having a technology partner with domain expertise enables you to focus on your core business and excel in your sector.

      IoT Security

      Automation & emerging tech

      Outsourcing of tech-dependent processes lets you upgrade operations with cutting-edge technology. Be it business automation solutions, chatbots, or big data analytics, IT outsourcing services makes everything easier.

      Collect Data

      Drive innovation, get to market faster

      Reducing time to market is one of the most popular benefits of consulting business outsourcing solutions. Having a tech partner empowers you to bring products and services ahead of competitors.

      Generate Insights

      Manage disruptions

      Traditional business models are being disrupted in every major industry. Technology outsourcing company allows you to quickly cope with disruptions and prepare for the future of the industry.

      Experience Results

      Insights-based decision making

      Services including business intelligence and big data analytics are central to the offshore software development company. Outsourcing software development assists you make informed decisions based on market insights and business data.

      Why Choose OrangeMantra as Your IT Outsourcing Company

      Experience and scale

      OrangeMantra runs, modernizes and secures IT infrastructure for thousands of the world’s top enterprises. We manage servers, mainframes and data storage.

      Pool of partners

      Technology-focused approach, partnering with AWS, Microsoft, Google Cloud, RedHat, IBM and other capabilities on AWS and Azure.

      Business focus across all industries

      OrangeMantra supports industry leaders, including one of the top automakers and one of the top Indian restaurant businesses.

      Intelligent automation

      Our intelligent automation platform enables clients to accelerate their business journey to next-level across the entire IT estate.

      Mainframe modernization

      Rapidly migrate mainframe and legacy applications to next-gen distributed and cloud environments, using an end-to-end framework for planning successful transformations.

      Customer Satisfaction

      Our clients are happy and satisfied with our IT outsourcing services, thanks to the dedicated team and project managers, timely delivery commitment and open communication channels.


      Why Outsourcing IT Services to India is Beneficial?

      India is the most preferred destination when it comes to software outsourcing services. NASSCOM also released a stat that almost half of the Fortune 500 companies look for software development from Indian technology outsourcing companies. Despite the rise of multiple outsourcing destinations across the globe, India has managed to be the best.

      • India has vast pool of technical and professional people in the world
      • India offers flexible pricing options with high quality services
      • India boasts of the best in infrastructure and technology
      • The Indian Government is stable and offers flexible IT policies

      We Flawlessly Use Latest Technologies in IT Outsourcing Services

      Big Data

      Big data services help brands maximize data value and achieve business goals with real-time analysis. OrangeMantra renders a range of Big Data services, including consulting, implementation, and maintenance support as a service.

      Artificial Intelligence

      Artificial intelligence (AI) helps companies automate and optimize business processes and make predictive analysis. OrangeMantra guides clients through end-to-end AI solutions for non-IT enterprises and software development companies.

      Internet of Things

      The Internet of Things (IoT) helps elaborate your idea of IoT implementation and set up secure technology infrastructure for complex data jobs. We drive value-centered IoT solutions ranging from edge computing to cloud data processing.

      Augmented Reality

      Augmented reality focuses on 3D model design and implementation of the algorithms, responsible to bring virtual content in the camera lens. With years of experience in 3D modeling and in AR, OrangeMantra develops high-end AR software.

      Virtual Reality

      Virtual Reality (VR) development services works on the implementation of software that supports users interact with simulated environments. OrangeMantra delivers competitive VR apps with high and fast user adoption.


      Blockchain services help create decentralized software that assists full traceability and security of data and transactions. OrangeMantra can provide your company full-scale practical assistance on custom blockchain services.

      Worried About Your Emerging Customer Demands?

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      Enabling Efficiency, Cost Reduction, & Competitiveness through IT Outsourcing Services

      Businesses began outsourcing and offshoring as cost-cutting measures. But today Software outsourcing services includes much more than just cost reduction. Outsourcing has become a driver of innovation and efficiency across the world. It not just gives you access to global talent but also creates avenues for partnerships.

      Strategically outsourcing software development makes you ahead of the competition. Cost control, operational efficiency, business automation, and compliance improvements are some of the most striking benefits of outsourcing. For the past two decades, we have served businesses from across the world with our IT Outsourcing services. Our global clientele includes top brands, medium enterprises, and small businesses.


      Our IT Outsourcing Solution Delivery Process

      Once you contact us for software outsourcing services, we perform IT operations with these steps.

      Planning and Research

      We plan the complete IT outsourcing solution and each of the individual components to integrate, forecast future challenges, and do deep knowledge gathering.


      We ensure that the IT operations goes through proper implementation and even analyze the needed metrics to optimize their performance.

      Post-Development Care

      Once the IT operation is completed, we ensure both client and their end-user are satisfied with the performance. No challenge should impact client sales.

      Cooperation Models We Support

      Staff augmentation

      Cover resource or address gaps of your in-house IT team with our professionals managed by you directly.

      Self-managed team

      Get a self-managed team led by OrangeMantra’s Project manager or team lead to carry out your IT endeavor.

      Full outsourcing

      We take proper care of your specific IT requirements with complete responsibility for their quality and security related risks.

      What Clients Say


      Businesses outsource their services and tech solutions mainly to cut costs and improve efficiency. However, IT outsourcing services is not just about cutting costs but also about reaping the benefits of strategic outsourcing such as accessing skilled expertise, reducing overhead, and flexible staffing, among many other advantages.
      The scopes of outsourcing software development are vast and diverse. The most outsourced areas of business/industries include Infrastructure Cloud hosting, E-commerce development, Website development, Business process automation, and data analytics, among others.
      We offer seamless communication options to clients worldwide. Multiple communication channels are available for clients abroad. You can contact us via email, Skype, phone calls, WhatsApp, etc. We have a dedicated customer care team that promptly responds to every query.
      We provide pricing models as per your project requirements:
      • Dedicated Hiring
      • On an Hourly Basis
      • Fixed Hiring
      After careful consideration of your project requirement, we assign an experienced team to work on your project under a well-established IT infrastructure. If you prefer, you can conduct as many interviews as you want, before you avail services of your choice.
      Yes, we do provide support and maintenance services after the successful project completion. Our after services include bug fixes, framework upgrade, continuous monitoring, and technical glitch resolution.
      Absolutely not! All policies are completely transparent; we don’t have any hidden charges involved. 
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