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Warehouse Management On Your Fingertips

Warehouses are no longer just a storage and inventory facility for businesses, but play a key role in the completion of supply chain cycle. Forward-thinking organizations are, therefore, embracing IoT-enabled warehousing for automated control on the warehousing operations. OrangeMantra’s IoT-powered Warehouse solution empowers businesses with real-time monitoring of warehouse assets, equipment, and inventory by offering transparency and traceability across diverse locations. The solution gathers data to generate meaningful insights about inventory and storage status, while providing stock visibility at the same time. Leverage our IoT-enabled warehouse management solutions to reduce costs, bring efficiency in internal and external operations.

Smart Warehouse Management

Manage the entire route of your goods, starting from pick-ups, to quality control, storage, and retrieving goods

  • Tracking of the inventory items by monitoring their position and status
  • Managing the day-to-day processes of warehousing without human errors
  • Gathering data related to inventory and operations to prevent any loss
  • Increasing order fulfillment rate, stock replenishment, and worker safety
Emerging Tech Services
Emerging Tech Services

Environment And Storage Area Monitoring

Preserve perishable goods, unfinished material, finished products, and process chemicals while maintaining a safe and viable environment

  • Monitoring the physical condition of the inventory to prevent damage
  • Automating environment control inside the warehouse location
  • Maintaining high-quality standards for product storage
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance with remote monitoring

Inventory Tracking And Monitoring

Maintain a comprehensive log the entry and exit of inventory elements from the warehouse on a regular basis

  • Monitoring the physical condition of the inventory to prevent damage
  • Automating environment control inside the warehouse location
  • Maintaining high-quality standards for product storage
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance with remote monitoring
Emerging Tech Services

IoT-Powered Warehousing Technologies

Innovative technologies that create warehouses of the future!

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Sensors & Internet of Things

Conveyors, carousels, and storage racks are fitted with IoT-powered sensors that offer useful insights.

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RFID Readers

These tags provide the exact location of any item at any time and enable automatic registration of stock movements.

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Devices such as AR glasses guide the order pickers to apt storage locations and furnish the data they need for hands-free work.

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Voice Picking

Speech recognition software on a small wearable device tells the operators what to do and where to go.

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Autonomous vehicles

The dependence on human workforce can be reduced considerably with self-driving, autonomous vehicles.

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Robots can automate tasks, from picking products and handling materials and can even be operated remotely for inspections.

Why invest in an IoT-Powered Warehouse Solution?

Instant gratification is the need of the hour as consumers want it all and they want it right now. Investment in new technologies that enhance warehouse management is a smart move. IoT-powered warehouse solutions let you optimize the entire process of receiving, storing, picking, packing, and shipping goods. Here are the benefits that you can derive.


Boost productivity

Innovative and bringing automation in the warehouse processes will improve your workflow. Devices and sensors helps to simplify complex manual tasks and even empower your staff with better solutions.


Minimize human errors

With advanced technologies in place for managing the entire warehouse operations, you can experience increased accuracy with minimal risks of human error.


Avail extensive cost savings

Enhanced productivity, fewer errors, and happy customers help you to save costs and drive revenues. By streamlining the processes, you can optimize shipping costs as well.


Enhance customer satisfaction

By implementing smart warehouse solution, you can ensure rapid and error-free delivery of undamaged goods which translates into enhanced customer satisfaction.


Get competitive advantage

A smart warehouse boosts speed and efficiency throughout the supply chain, so that your business scores a definitive advantage over the competition.


Ensure warehouse safety

Secure your warehouse with IoT implementation to curb safety risks and prevent incidents of loss, theft, and intentional damage to the stock and assets.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can get started in a matter of minutes. Simply install the application, setup, and start inspecting. Our team of professionals will assist you in implementing the solutions so you can get started without any unwanted delay.
Warehouse automation provides a variety of benefits for enterprises. It can help you increase the customer satisfaction level due to faster order turn-around time which is not otherwise possible through human-directed work alone. Moreover, automated mobile data collection assists your workforce to improve inventory data accuracy and productivity by removing manual capture processes. To know more in detail, get in touch with us to know about how our smart warehouse solutions can help you.
We provide online user guides and materials for your warehouse team to get started. Nevertheless, our team of expert trainers is always ready to give you and your in-house team an online live training of the software or specialized paid on-site training and demonstration upon request.
We build IoT-powered warehouse software serving different industry niche. The total cost depends on your business requirements. Based on the expectations and business complexity, we share a price quote. You can leverage development services on an hourly, fixed price model with customization options.