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The current competitive scenario requires the enterprises to adopt the right technologies to make a digital transition. Choosing the apt enterprise application is just the beginning of the journey as it has to be integrated seamlessly into the business infrastructure to ensure that it yields the desired benefits. There is also a need to synchronize the application with the business databases and other applications so that the entire system functions seamlessly.

At OrangeMantra, we enable smooth and seamless enterprise integration to help the organizations in accelerating their growth and achieving their business objectives. Our holistic integration services not only resolve the complexity of building and configuring the application in the business environment, but also ensure that this is done cost-effectively and within a minimum span of time. Our services facilitate the adoption of innovative enterprise solutions that add value to the client’s business.

Why Avail Enterprise Integration Services

Seamless Information Exchange

Enterprise data integration services facilitate seamless information exchange within the organization. As effective communication is rendered between the employees and the departments, their productivity is enhanced manifold.

Enhanced Business Agility

With the expert enterprise integration services, businesses are able to achieve results with greater agility. These applications enable them to automate operations and address market shifts with greater speed and adaptability.

Process Automation

Enterprise integration solutions open new opportunities for unprecedented growth by driving process automation for organizations. At the same time, they also ensure that businesses achieve better performance with lesser effort.

Reduced IT Complexity

Reduced IT complexity is another benefit that enterprises can avail with smart integration solutions. The solutions also ensure that the new applications are well-aligned with the existing legacy systems.

Our Service Offerings

We serve end-to-end enterprise integration solutions that drive innovation.

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Enterprise Integration Consulting

In addition to catering high-quality enterprise mobility solutions, we help the businesses by creating an effective integration roadmap so that they can adopt these solutions in a hassle-free manner. Our expert technology consultants make sure that the integrations are well-aligned with business objectives and address the challenges as well.

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Integration Architecture Design

We thoroughly evaluate and analyze the integration requirements of a client’s business and ideate an architecture design that makes the enterprise integration-ready. We also perform a detailed technology analysis to ensure that each aspect of the integration process is well-aligned so that the business can get complete benefits as well as mitigate risk associated with the transition.


Integration Implementation

Our team is capable of handling complex implementations for the web, mobile, and cloud-based applications. We adopt a collaborative approach and work with the clients to get a better understanding of their requirements, identify their challenges and KPI’s, and implement the integration of innovative enterprise applications for enhancing their productivity.


Integration Testing

We have a penchant for perfection and ensure that every integration we perform works seamlessly and delivers to match the client’s expectations. For this reason, we carry out rigorous testing to ensure seamless integration of the application with the existing systems. Our QA experts make sure that each of the interfaces, modules, and functionalities performs without any hitch.


Tactical Integration

We also provide tactical integration service for integrating the isolated data applications into the existing environment and automating the process of exchange of data between applications. The service encompasses custom middleware development, custom API integration, custom database connector implementation, re-engineering of existing applications, and more.


Integration Monitoring and Maintenance

We facilitate the monitoring of the performance of the integrated enterprise application with real-time dashboards that provide reliable insights to the organizations. We also extend reliable maintenance to ensure that the app functions in a glitch-free manner post-integration. Additionally, we provide expert support to resolve issues as and when they arise.

Enterprise Integration We Have Worked On

  • Sales Management
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • SAP Integration
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Human Capital Management
  • Business Process Management (BPM)
  • Marketing Automation
  • Enterprise Data Management

Why Choose OrangeMantra As Your Enterprise Integration Partner


Extensive expertise and vast experience in serving the enterprise domain


Skilled team of proficient technology specialists


Constant availability for communication and support


Customer-centric approach that meets diverse industry needs


Proven methodology with adherence to deadlines


Competitive pricing for high-quality services


Plethora of application, platforms, and systems integrated


Shorter integration times, which translate into lower costs

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