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    Hire DevOps Engineers from Orange Mantra

    We have a pool of highly skilled and motivated DevOps developers, DevOps consultants, DevOps engineers, and implementers. At Orange Mantra, we offer you to hire DevOps engineer or a complete DevOps engineer’s team to quickly get started with your business. We can help you build up an entire team and put them to work within a week. DevOps consulting and implementation are gaining popularity lately as it focuses on accomplishing multi-faceted tasks rather than giving attention to just one phase or aspect of the DevOps development lifecycle. It emphasizes on improving communication and collaboration, which ultimately enhances quality and time-to-market. Our competent DevOps developers are adept at using every nuance of DevOps to add value to your project. They dedicate their time and effort to enable a continuous workflow right from the development till operations. Additionally, our DevOps developers will work closely with your in-house team to build a tailored.

    Our DevOps Developers Expertise

    Our fervent team of DevOps developers offers business-oriented DevOps development services ranging from DevOps development to plugin, automation to API development, and more to our global clientele. They build robust, high performing, scalable, and secure real-time web applications to maximize your business productivity and profits.


    Personalized DevOps Consultation

    Hire our DevOps developers who will provide expert DevOps consulting services whether it is related to containerization, orchestration, virtualization, or server support and security.


    Enterprise DevOps Solutions

    Our proficient DevOps developers build scalable, reliable, secure, and futuristic DevOps applications for large-scale enterprises to take your business a few notches higher.


    Dedicated DevOps Developers

    Hire dedicated DevOps engineers who leverage the power of DevOps to create interactive user interfaces for enterprise applications.


    DevOps Integration Services

    DevOps engineers at Orange Mantra are experienced at building quality products by seamlessly integrating powerful tools like Jenkins and Bluemix.


    DevOps Automation

    We can help you automate the entire software delivery process and ensure effortless deployments and support to combat potential risks and increase productivity.


    DevOps Support & Maintenance

    Our dedicated support and maintenance DevOps development team is always ready to address all your issues and maintain your existing as well as new DevOps solutions.

    Our Cutting-Edge DevOps Tech Stack

    We Offer DevOps Solutions for Every Industry Vertical

    By hiring our dedicated DevOps developers, you get a team that is specialized in a diverse range of industry verticals serving to start-ups, small-medium, and large-scale businesses.

    Our Success Stories

    Our work does the talking. We are delighted when it comes to designing creative solutions at our studio. Working with startups and global level enterprises is our field of expertise.

    Easy steps to hire our Devops Engineer

    With over a decade of experience in serving startups, scale-ups to fortune 500 companies has given us the proficiency to transform their tomorrow. Leverage the expertise of our 1050+ dedicated developers, 14 Scrum Masters, and 5 Agile Coaches to be at the forefront of your industry.


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    Why Hire DevOps Engineers from Orange Mantra?

    DevOps engineers at Orange Mantra employ state-of-the-art technologies and tools to build robust, secure, and scalable solutions for enterprises. We follow the best DevOps practices to build solutions that cater to complex business needs for various industry verticals.

    NDA Security

    At Orange Mantra, your business idea and details are in safe hands. We respect your secrecy and work transparently by signing strict NDAs.

    Experienced Professionals

    DevOps engineers and managers at Orange Mantra are experienced, certified, and well-versed with all the nuance of DevOps development.

    Zero-Hassle Project Management

    When you hire DevOps managers from us, you are relieved from stress, project management challenges as our proficient Project Managers handle your project.

    Free No-Obligation Quote

    After you share your project idea with us, we provide you with a free cost estimate within 24 working hours.

    100% Transparency

    We keep you informed about your project status on a regular basis via Skype, calls, chats, or emails.

    Flexible Engagement Models

    At Orange Mantra, you have the choice to hire DevOps developers online on a monthly, part-time, fixed price, or hourly basis according to your business needs.

    Our Hiring Model

    Having a diverse team of DevOps engineers, you can hire them as per your business requirements with legal documentation.

    Hire DevOps developers on a full-time basis for your business requirements. They offer their services during the official timing.
    This hiring model is perfect when null to minimum changes are needed for your project completion.
    This hourly hiring model goes well when you have a project that require frequent changes from developers.
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The development time for building the DevOps app will depend on several factors including the number of features and complexity of the application. Our DevOps engineers follow the first-time-right coding methodology to deliver the end-product within the stipulated time-frame.
    If you’re looking for the best DevOps development company to get quality-oriented and cost-effective DevOps development solutions, it is wise to outsource your project to a DevOps development company in India. Before finalizing a DevOps development company, you must make sure that the company should have –
    • Delivered at least 100+ applications
    • A dedicated team of 20+ professionals
    • Cross-industry clients in more than 10 countries.
    • Affordable pricing
    DevOps improves your business productivity and facilitate ongoing maintenance. Some of the benefits of a DevOps solution include:
    • Easy to adopt
    • Ensures stable coding
    • Supported by a strong community
    • Comes with high-end development tools
    DevOps brings your development and operation teams together. When you hire DevOps engineers, you don’t have to set up an environment from scratch which makes it cost-saving. An agile methodology is an iterative approach that emphasizes comprehensive collaboration, customer reviews, and small, quick delivery.
    Here’s why you should consider hiring DevOps architects for your business project
    • Rapid development solutions
    • Backed by a large and active community
    • Complete customization
    • Useful for building authorization and authentication systems
    • Helps in making faster, high performing web applications
    The development cost of DevOps application will depend on the number of features you want to add to your app, design complexity, and also the experience level of DevOps developers. You may get in touch with us to discuss your project details and we will provide you with the best possible cost estimate of your project.
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