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Your Trusted DevOps Partner for Unparalleled Growth

Discover unparalleled growth with OrangeMantra, your trusted DevOps partner. Choose us for a seamless fusion of development and operations that propels your company to new heights. Our expert developers ensure optimal efficiency, reducing time-to-market and aligning your business with market demands.

At OrangeMantra, we redefine success by offering tailored DevOps solutions. Embrace a future-ready approach that enhances collaboration, breaks down silos, and cultivates innovation within your team. Our strategic DevOps hiring transforms your organization into an agile powerhouse, equipping you to navigate the ever-evolving business landscape.

Experience the impact of cutting-edge technology combined with a culture of continuous improvement. Elevate your business with OrangeMantra, where DevOps isn't just a methodology – it's the catalyst for your company's accelerated growth.

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Our DevOps Services

Welcome to our comprehensive suite of DevOps services designed to streamline your development and operations processes. Our expert DevOps engineers are committed to enhancing your software delivery pipeline, ensuring efficiency, scalability, and reliability throughout the development lifecycle.

Working Man

Efficiently automate your software delivery pipeline with our CI/CD solutions. Our DevOps engineers implement robust CI/CD pipelines, enabling rapid and reliable code deployment, reducing time-to-market, and enhancing overall development agility.

Experience infrastructure management at its best with IaC. We help you leverage tools like Terraform and Ansible to automate infrastructure provisioning, configuration, and management, ensuring consistency and scalability across your entire IT environment.

Maximize the potential of cloud technologies with our expert guidance. We specialize in designing scalable and resilient cloud architectures, and seamlessly migrate your applications to leading cloud platforms, optimizing performance and cost-efficiency.

Ensure the health and performance of your applications with our monitoring and logging solutions. We implement robust monitoring tools and logging frameworks to provide real-time insights, enabling proactive issue detection and rapid incident response.

Safeguard your applications and data with our comprehensive security and compliance services. Our DevOps engineers implement industry best practices, conduct regular security audits, and ensure compliance with relevant regulations, bolstering your organization's overall security posture.

Foster collaboration among your development and operations teams with our communication solutions. We integrate collaborative tools and establish effective communication channels, promoting synergy and transparency across your organization for smoother DevOps workflows.

Our Success Stories

Our work does the talking. We are delighted when it comes to designing creative solutions at our studio. Working with startups and global level enterprises is our field of expertise.

Building DIY Solution for Ecom Express with Advanced DevOps Services

Ecom Express wanted to build a seamless onboarding process for shippers, including big corporations, SMEs, and individual customers. Our DevOps offered a new, cost-effective solution by consolidating the existing servers.

Design and Implementation of DevOps Strategy for a Leading Entertainment Service Provider

PVR Cinemas needed an in-house enterprise development platform to rapidly implement multiple enterprise applications. Our DevOps team wrote scripts and code to streamline the process with automation to ensure advance security.

Technology Stack

Our expert DevOps Engineer leverages a comprehensive technology stack to provide seamless collaboration between development and operations.

  • Continuous Integration

  • JenkinsJenkins
  • GitLab CIGitLab CI
  • Struts Travis CI
  • CircleCI CircleCI
  • Containerization

  • SpringDocker
  • JSFKubernetes
  • Docker Swarm Docker Swarm
  • OpenShiftOpenShift
  • RancherRancher
  • Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

  • TerraformTerraform
  • JSFAnsible
  • Puppet Puppet
  • ChefChef
  • CloudFormationCloudFormation
  • Monitoring and Logging

  • PrometheusPrometheus
  • GrafanaGrafana
  • ELK Stack ELK Stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana)
  • SplunkSplunk
  • New RelicNew Relic
  • Version Control

  • githubGit
  • GitHubGitHub
  • GitLabGitLab
  • BitbucketBitbucket
  • MercurialMercurial

Easy steps to hire our Devops Engineer

With over a decade of experience in serving startups, scale-ups to fortune 500 companies has given us the proficiency to transform their tomorrow. Leverage the expertise of our 1050+ dedicated developers, 14 Scrum Masters, and 5 Agile Coaches to be at the forefront of your industry.


Requirement Gathering

Efficiently gather and analyze project needs, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of your requirements to lay a solid foundation for successful project execution.


Interview Session

Engage in a collaborative discussion to delve deeper into your objectives, allowing us to align our expertise with your vision and ensure a tailored solution for your specific needs.


Get a Quote

Receive a transparent and detailed project proposal, including cost estimates and timelines, empowering you with the information needed to make informed decisions about moving forward with our services.

Industriеs Wе Sеrvе

Wе serve to a widе rangе of industriеs, delivering top-notch services that can easily meet the unique needs of every sector.

Ready to Transform Your Development Process?

Click here to schedule a consultation and take the first step toward streamlined, efficient, and agile DevOps solutions. Elevate your development lifecycle with our expert team!

Clients Say

We have been serving the industry for over 21+ years now and continue to present quality-driven services.

Why Hire DevOps Engineers from Orange Mantra?

DevOps engineers at Orange Mantra employ state-of-the-art technologies and tools to build robust, secure, and scalable solutions for enterprises. We follow the best DevOps practices to build solutions that cater to complex business needs for various industry verticals.

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Meet our cloud experts' team

We have a full-fledged team with vast experience to help you with your business ideas.

Abhishek Singh
DevOps Expert

4 years

Python Bash Ruby

Rohit Sharma
DevOps Expert

5 years

Jenkins GitLab CI Travis CI

Kamini Dutta
DevOps Engineer

7 years


Shaina Singh
Associate DevOps Engineer

8+ years

ELK stack Elasticsearch Logstash Kibana

Our DevOps Developers Expertise

Our fervent team of DevOps developers offers business-oriented DevOps development services ranging from DevOps development to plugin, automation to API development, and more to our global clientele. They build robust, high performing, scalable, and secure real-time web applications to maximize your business productivity and profits.

Frequently Asked Questions

The development time for building the DevOps app will depend on several factors including the number of features and complexity of the application. Our DevOps engineers follow the first-time-right coding methodology to deliver the end-product within the stipulated time-frame.

If you’re looking for the best DevOps development company to get quality-oriented and cost-effective DevOps development solutions, it is wise to outsource your project to a DevOps development company in India. Before finalizing a DevOps development company, you must make sure that the company should have
  • Delivered at least 100+ applications
  • A dedicated team of 20+ professionals
  • Cross-industry clients in more than 10 countries.
  • Affordable pricing

DevOps improves your business productivity and facilitate ongoing maintenance. Some of the benefits of a DevOps solution include:
  • Easy to adopt
  • Ensures stable coding
  • Supported by a strong community
  • Comes with high-end development tools

DevOps brings your development and operation teams together. When you hire DevOps engineers, you don’t have to set up an environment from scratch which makes it cost-saving. An agile methodology is an iterative approach that emphasizes comprehensive collaboration, customer reviews, and small, quick delivery.

Here’s why you should consider hiring DevOps architects for your business project
  • Rapid development solutions
  • Backed by a large and active community
  • Complete customization
  • Useful for building authorization and authentication systems
  • Helps in making faster, high performing web applications

The development cost of DevOps application will depend on the number of features you want to add to your app, design complexity, and also the experience level of DevOps developers. You may get in touch with us to discuss your project details and we will provide you with the best possible cost estimate of your project.

Empowering Development Excellence Through Innovative DevOps Solutions