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    Enterprise App Development Service Providers

    We Build Custom Applications that Drive Digital Transformation for Enterprises, Enterprise applications are the lifeline of businesses that adopt a digital transformation strategy. Most businesses today prefer to invest in custom enterprise app development for streamlining operations, automating processes, and increasing efficiency. In comparison to the standard solutions, the custom applications are built to deliver scalability and reliability, considering the unique requirements and goals of an enterprise.

    Orange Mantra is the reliable digital transformation leader that empowers businesses with custom enterprise applications that are designed to meet their unique functional needs and open up new opportunities for enhancing efficiency and growth. Whether you require a new custom application to be built from the scratch or augment the existing application suite, our custom enterprise app development services bring perfect solutions. Join hands with us and get closer to your digital transformation goals.

    Our Enterprise Application Development Services

    A full range of custom enterprise app development offerings to meet all your business requirements.

    Leading Technologies We Use for Custom Enterprise App Development

    As a leading enterprise app development company, we employ cutting-edge technology to build next-gen enterprise applications.


    Artificial Intelligence

    Use AI-based algorithms like a machine and figure out how to computerize any activity, use Big Data, guarantee the safeguard of your customers with the help of Artificial Intelligence.


    Internet of Things

    Custom-Designed applications with the help of the latest technology for wearables such as smartwatches, embedded devices, sensors, etc. that make your client’s day-to-day life easier.



    Use a private blockchain to make your business data safer, computerized key activities with Smart Contracts, make a blockchain-based commercial center, and the sky is the limit from there.


    Cloud Computing

    Using the latest data handling technologies such as AWS or Microsoft Azure to make your business environment more flexible, scalable, and dependable. Our experienced enterprise software.


    Augmented Reality

    Leverage the power of Augmented Reality in your business, entice a new range of customers, and increase your conversion rates with futuristic enterprise solutions powered by augmented reality.


    Big Data

    Developing a reliable system for analyzing the high level of data, allowing our clients to understand their clients better and offer them personalized solutions and making informed business decisions.

    Our Enterprise Application Development Process

    Our enterprise app development process includes the following steps to develop applications in a structured and systematic manner.

    modern technology

    Requirement Specification & Planning

    user experience

    App Designing

    professional development

    Defining System Architecture & Tech Stack

    budget friendly

    App Development

    budget friendly

    App Testing

    timely update

    App Deployment

    timely update

    Support & Maintenance

    We Bring Efficient Enterprise Applications for Diverse Industry Verticals


    Secure next-gen enterprise dashboard for seamless inventory, supply chain and order management.


    Build an all-in-one enterprise solution to manage your workforce, processes and operations.


    Boost your patient experience with personalized digital interaction and data analysis.

    Marketing Automation

    Create a cutting-edge marketing solution to personalize customer experience & marketing.

    Technology Stack

    Our seasoned Python web developers possess expertise in all advanced technologies and implement them in the projects to match
    the diverse needs of the customers.

    Industries We Serve

    Being an innovation-oriented custom enterprise application development company, we deliver diverse industry-specific solutions that help businesses to grow faster. 

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Enterprise apps enable businesses and enterprises to streamline and automate their business processes, mitigate business challenges, and provide a better work experience to their staff.
    The main advantages of cross-platform enterprise mobile app development are the reduced development cost and greater market reach. Moreover, your application can work on multiple devices and platforms. So, your employees can easily get access to the application in real-time regardless of the device or platform they are using.
    Yes. As a reliable and full-service digital transformation company for businesses and enterprises, we provide dedicated support and maintenance services for the enterprise applications we have developed.

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    Enterprise software can generally be classified into three main categories: customer relationships management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), and supply chain management (SCM).These three types of enterprise systems are widely used in modern businesses.
    Investing in enterprise software development ensures you are taking the most prudent security measures to protect yourself and your customers.Having full control over the development process allows you to make sure the software is as secure as you require it to be, while also making sound security decisions.
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