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Smart Order Management System

Accelerate Your Operational Agility with Our Next-gen OMS

Take full advantage of the best order management system to manage orders from all of your sales channels. Our solution is exclusively designed for omnichannel retailers and wholesalers to help them fulfill orders, boost sales, meet customer expectations, and adapt to new market changes.

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Intelligent Order Management System Software

To Help You Manage Your Orders Like a Pro

Order management isn’t ‘a long tedious and time-consuming task’ anymore! You can handle your order management activities like a pro with automation. Orange Mantra’s intelligent order management system can serve as the backbone of your online retail operations. We provide a robust solution to unify, automate and optimize all your critical order management operations. Enriched with advanced features, our order management software helps you simplify complex workflows and delight your customers by eliminating order fulfillment errors and addressing delivery requirements. With all your core operations being automated, you can swiftly manage your orders from all sales channels, adapt to market changes, and boost your business growth without compromising on your efficiency.

Why Choose OrangeMantra for Your AI Solution

The cutting-edge nature of artificial intelligence calls for reliable expertise. OrangeMantra has a track record of delivering flawless AI solutions.

Eliminate Manual Errors
Our order management system software centralizes all of your order trackings and processes them from start to finish which reduces manual and time-consuming errors. Reduce every possibility of manual inefficacies with intelligent, end-to-end workflow automation.
Stay Current Always
Seamless and real-time synchronization across all sales channels and shipping partners helps you in faster order processing. We provide one of the best order management software solutions with real-time tracking of orders to get instant order and shipment updates for you as well as your customers.
Boost Workforce Efficiency
You and your staff no longer need to log in to different websites or systems to track and process your orders. Enhanced team collaboration leads to better fulfillment and outcomes. So, if you’re looking for the best order management software to boost your team efficiency and business growth, you are at the right place.
Leverage Advanced AI
Leverage AI-based insights and reports to augment operations and boost your business productivity and profitability. Our OMS is integrated with advanced AI and forecasting functionalities to generate comprehensive reports and predictions.
Exceed Client Expectations
Keep up the promises made to your customers with a smooth order fulfillment process across all of your sales channels. Use our robust order management software system to exceed your customers’ expectations and grow your orders.
Cut Down Order Fulfillment Expenses
A unified dashboard for multi-channel orders significantly reduces the time and expenses involved in numerous managerial and order processing activities. Since all orders are in one place, you can take bulk actions and eliminate repetitive tasks.

Features that Give Our Order Management System an Edge Over Other

Multi-channel Support

Combine all of your orders from multiple sales channels into a single, centralized dashboard.

  • Seamless integration with multiple sales channels
  • Order syncing in online and offline mode.
  • Fastest synchronization of orders and inventory in real-time.
  • Order processing via dropshipping, FBA, and 3PL.
  • Order fulfillment through warehouse priority settings.
  • First-in-First-out (FIFO) inventory process
  • Fulfillment of pre-order, backorder, or partial orders

Customized and Holistic View

Enjoy flexibility that allows you to determine what and how much data you want to view.

  • View order list
  • All important data in a single place
  • Tailored order process
  • Add/Delete customized fields to orders
  • Easy identification with custom tags
  • Customized, standard invoice templates
  • Faster order search with different category filters

Use of Bulk Actions on Orders

Streamline repetitive activities to focus on more orders across several sales channels in reduced time.

  • Order confirmation or cancellation in bulk
  • Replicate repeat orders
  • Bulk order export and import
  • Add tags and due dates to orders
  • Fast creation of PO for out-of-stock product orders
  • Add relevant instructions or comments to every order
  • Create, print, and download order invoices

What Makes Us the Best Order Management Software Solution Provider?

Top reason that make us the best in order management software development:

Solution for Retailers and Wholesalers

Our order management system software is exclusively designed for retailers and wholesalers. Thus, our solution is free from any unnecessary functionality or expensive customizations.

Solution Accompanied by Dedicated Service

We not only offer the best order management software but also provide dedicated services right from project scoping to implementation. We also offer 24/7 round-the-clock technical assistance and ongoing consulting.

Solutions with Par Agility and Scalability

Whether you’re getting ready for a holiday or festive occasion or adapting to abrupt market changes, or changing business directions, you can grow your business using our order management software that offers greater agility and scalability.

Industries We Serve

  • Customer ServicesCustomer Services
  • Real EstateeReal Estate
  • Logistics and TransportationLogistics and Transportation
  • HealthcareHealthcare
  • Banking, FinancialBanking Services, and Insurance
  • RetailRetail
  • Travel and TourismTravel and Tourism

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Frequently Asked Questions

An order management system (OMS) helps you tackle the order process from start to finish. This involves inventory control, order entry, inventory tracking, returns, and refunds. They also include comprehensive reporting and predicting functions. You get complete control of your inventory.
The process of order management involves everything from an order being placed to its fulfillment. These include packaging, picking, shipping, and return management.
Using order management software helps you Meet customer expectations by fulfilling orders quickly and accurately. Enhance team efficiency through a system that simplifies the forecasting, picking, and shipping operations. Gain better visibility of your order management process through detailed and easy-to-access reports.
Our order management system software can be seamlessly integrated with hundreds of shipping carriers. Our solution allows you to send direct or automated emails to your clients to your customers once the order is shipped. Customers can track their order status through the shipment tracking IDs send by you, your channel, or the shipping provider.
Our order management system is user-friendly, robust, and highly scalable. Retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, business owners, eCommerce sellers, physical store owners, business owners can use our order management system software to streamline and automate their complete order management and order fulfillment processes.
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