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Streamline The Immersive User Experience With Our End-To-End AR App Development Services

OrangeMantra is serving the industrial landscape for 21+ years of experience. So, our team of AR app development experts showcases hands-on experience with extensive industrial knowledge. Also, integrating our AR app development company helps to offer the best in class and smart Augmented Reality solutions to bring innovative solutions to the table. We are sure to offer market-focused and creative mobile app solutions that support your business success. We present to help you upgrade your business value with future-focused Augmented Reality services.

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Seize Hidden Market Opportunities With AR App Development Services For Your Business

Augmented Reality is the trending technology that enables the user to interact with the digital world using real-world objects or interact with the real world using digital mediums. No wonder, more and more augmented apps are embracing it to elevate the user experiences to the next level. AR app development solutions pave the way for two-way interaction with customers and the brand, which helps augmented apps establish a better connection.

We, at Orange Mantra, offer innovative and effective AR app development services giving the cutting-edge to your augmented apps and helping them to thrive. We help brands and commercials link the real world with the digital world offering special opportunities to interact and engage with customers. 

Our AR app development company extends to a range of platforms, including Android, iOS, and Windows. The AR experts in our team enhance product communication and help augmented apps enjoy a market share of relevance with increased brand recognition. Invest in a custom-branded AR app to take your marketing campaigns to the next level.

Market Opportunities

Explore Our Range Of AR App Development Services

Explore our expertise to see how we drive excellence and what we can do with this technology to create superlative user experiences for your brand.

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AR Apps for Android & IOS

We cater to stable, scalable, and secure AR solutions for Android and iOS platforms with the latest OS compatibility. Our AR app development company offers unique, interactive, and customer-centric experiences for users across diverse devices.

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AR Integration to E-commerce

Our AR developers create transformative shopping experiences for e-commerce augmented apps to drive sales, boost branding efforts, and replicate in-store experiences to gain the trust and loyalty of customers as per their expectations.

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AR Game App Development

We have specialized AR app development services by game developers who possess technical skills and proficiency in game development tools such as Unity, Corona, and Unreal Engine. Let us help you deliver immersive gaming experiences to your customers.

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Location-Based AR

Location-based AR apps are capable of using device features such as GPS, accelerometer, and compass to accurately pinpoint the user’s location. Give your augmented apps the winning advantage by tracking and targeting customers location-wise.

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Projection-Based AR

Our developers hold expertise in developing projection-based AR app development solutions that project a virtual image of a real object within the physical space. Avail of this advanced technology to connect with the customers and take your augmented apps ahead.

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Recognition-Based AR

We bring apps to life with Marker-based Augmented Reality that recognizes visual markers by using QR codes and replaces them with corresponding objects. Empowered by the Wikitude library, these apps are capable of recognizing objects with 3D imagery.

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Superimposition-Based AR

Like recognition-based AR, superimposition-based augmented reality app development also uses object recognition technology to replace an object or its part with an augmented view. Invest in these apps to create amazing UX for your customers.

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AR support & maintenance

Don’t worry about the post maintenance and support, as we offer 24/7 availability to all our clients. We ensure to present the best experts to understand your needs and eliminate issues, version upgrades, and outdated plugins, from your apps.

Explore Our Success Stories

Streamlined virtual try-on experience for a fashion retail brand

Our client and a leading fashion retailer sought to enhance the online shopping experience by allowing customers to virtually try on clothing and accessories before making a purchase. They aimed to reduce return rates and improve customer satisfaction by providing an immersive and interactive shopping experience. Our team developed an AR app that utilized facial recognition and 3D modeling technology to enable customers to try on virtual clothing and accessories in real time. The app received positive feedback for its intuitive interface and realistic virtual representations of clothing items.

Case Study

Offered interactive product visualization to a well-known furniture brand

A furniture manufacturer wanted to showcase its product catalog engagingly and interactively to attract customers and streamline the purchasing process. They sought to overcome the limitations of traditional product images and provide customers with a more immersive shopping experience. Our team developed an AR app that allowed users to visualize furniture pieces in their own homes using augmented reality technology. The AR product visualization app proved to be a game-changer for the furniture manufacturer, driving increased customer engagement and sales. 

Case Study

Educational Augmented Reality learning tool for an edtech startup

Our client and an educational institution wanted to enhance its curriculum and engage students in a more interactive learning experience. They sought to leverage emerging technologies to create innovative educational tools that could supplement traditional teaching methods and improve student outcomes. Our team developed an AR learning app that provided students with immersive educational experiences across various subjects. The AR learning app revolutionized the educational experience for students and teachers alike, leading to improved learning outcomes and increased student engagement. 

Case Study

Interactive virtual tour experience for real estate agency 

Our reputed client and real estate agency wanted to provide potential buyers with a unique and immersive way to explore properties remotely. They sought to differentiate themselves in a competitive market and attract tech-savvy buyers. Our team developed an AR-based virtual tour app that allowed users to explore properties in 3D from the comfort of their own homes. The app utilized geolocation and mapping technology to provide an accurate representation of property layouts and surrounding environments. The AR virtual tour app transformed the real estate agency’s approach to property marketing and sales. 

Case Study

Modern Technology For Augmented Reality App Development Solutions For Your Business

If you want to offer a seamless user experience aligned with your business goals? The smart technology stack helps to offer the business evolution with an easy process. Our AR app development company in India helps your business to get future-ready success!

Technology Stack We Integrated To Offer AR App Development Solutions

As a leading AR app development company with the right resources and experience, we bring rich technology expertise into the projects we undertake. Here are some technologies that we use to create user-centric AR apps.

  • AR

  • Technology Artoolkit
  • Technology Google-Arcore
  • Technology Apple Arkit
  • Technology Vuforia
  • Technology Wikitude
  • Frontend

  • Technology Application UX/UI
  • Technology Scene Rendering
  • Technology 3D Modeling
  • Technology Gesture Recognition
  • Technology Computer Vision
  • Backend

  • Technology Application Backend
  • Technology SDK/API Integration
  • Technology Machine Learning
  • Technology Interaction Logic
  • Technology Image Recognition
  • Databases

  • Technology MySQL 
  • Technology Oracle
  • Technology Cassandra
  • Technology PostgreSQL 
  • Technology Azure SQL Database

Why Should You Invest In AR App Development Services For Your Business Success?

AR applications serve as a worthy investment for businesses that want to outgrow their boundaries by embracing innovative solutions. Here are some reasons that make AR-based apps a must-have for your selling and branding portfolio.

Overall Analysis

Marketing Advantage

Get the winning advantage for your marketing campaigns and stand apart with an AR app development solution that gives you a distinctive presence in the competitive scenario.

Localization Benefits

Localization Benefits

Unleash the potential of location-based technology to bring the benefits of localization to your augmented apps and customers to satisfy their expectations of your business.

Enhanced engagement

Enhanced Engagement

Engage your customers with interactive experiences with the customized Augmented Reality-based solution that drives stronger connections and builds brand recognition as well.

Industrial Training

Industrial Training

Leverage the powerful AR technology to create lifelike, simulative experiences for industrial training and maintenance. With the structure maintenance for solutions. 

Regular Reports

Interactive Marketing

AR app development solutions enable businesses to create interactive marketing campaigns that captivate audiences and drive brand engagement among users. 

Innovative Solutions

Innovative Solutions

Whether it’s enhancing customer experiences, improving employee training, or streamlining business operations, AR technology helps to develop custom solutions.

Industries We Cater To

As a trustworthy AR app development company in India for augmented apps across diverse domains. Here are the industries we cater to and the ways that Augmented Reality app development can empower them.

Our Strategic Process For AR App Development Solutions For Business

We at OrangeMantra present you with step by step process to offer customized Augmented Reality application development solutions for your business.

  • Analysis


    We start by analyzing your business requests to offer full-fledged support to your unique needs to customize the user journey with algorithms.

  • Design


    Our AR app development company in India designs a blueprint to model the project case and customize the best-in-class business solution.

  • Implementation


    After designing the complete blueprint we ensure to integrate the AR technologies to help you get quality-driven solutions for businesses.

  • Testing


    We integrate augmented reality development and testing to ensure the smooth execution of the application and customize it after getting feedback.

  • Support


    The final stage comes after the successful deployment of your AR application and we support you with 24/7 maintenance services.

Want to Invest in AR App Development Services for Customized Business Solutions?

Why Choose Orangemantra As Your AR App Development Services Partner?

At OrangeMantra, we present you with several best-in-class automated AR applications that offer immersive user experience.

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Frequently Asked Question

The whole AR app cost ranges between $10,000 and $200,000. The cost is determined by the requirements of your mobile app, timetable, and complexity.

In total, you need at least seven skills. Programming: Experience with languages such as C#, Java, or Swift for AR app development. AR development frameworks: Mastery of ARKit (iOS) or ARCore (Android), as well as the Unity/Unreal Engine. 3D Modeling: Understanding of 3D modeling tools (such as Blender and Maya) for developing AR content.

Augmented reality is a technology that allows users to see 3D visualizations in the actual environment, creating the illusion that the virtual object coexists with them in the physical world.

Modern mobile augmented reality systems employ one or more of the following motion-tracking technologies: digital cameras and/or other optical sensors, accelerometers, GPS, gyroscopes, solid-state compasses, and radio-frequency identification. These technologies provide varied degrees of accuracy and precision.

AR/VR technology aids in the detection and elimination of dangers, as well as the training of personnel and the reduction of field accidents. Improved quality. AR/VR improves precision in all aspects of the industrial manufacturing process, resulting in not only a shorter time to market but also higher quality manufactured items.

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