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iOS App Development has created unparalleled opportunities for digital businesses to explore reach absolute . It helps push boundaries with best-in-class app functionality and meets the diverse requirements of users. Now is the time to invest in result-oriented iOS application development company to built up appropriate app for all Apple devices. If you are looking to hire iOS app developer that offers reliability, expertise, and experience, OrangeMantra comes ahead as the right choice. An industry presence of over two decades, coupled with the experience of having developed a wide range of iOS apps for diverse clients makes us a class apart. Our iOS app development team has seasoned professionals with the right skills, experience, and certifications in this platform, along with extensive knowledge of the latest mobile development.
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Our iOS App Development Services

As a full-stack iOS app development company, we build, deploy, and manage native iOS apps that quickly succeed on the App Store. We provide you with a suite of iOS app development services recognised for their features like scalability, safety, modern designs, and robustness.

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iOS UI/UX Design

Our UX design team has in-depth know-how of designing visually appealing interfaces and interactive experiences for your iOS app. Our expertise extends to core graphics, touch handling, gestures, and animations as well.
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iOS Universal App Development

Develop universally targeted iOS apps for iPhone, iPad, and other Apple devices. Extend the reach of your business by indulging in universally accepted mobile app development to further increase your revenue.
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Custom iOS Apps

We bring advanced custom iOS apps with specialized features that match the needs and expectations of users. Collaborate with us to hire iOS developers who are capable of understanding your needs and contextual app solutions.
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iOS Gaming App Development

Our iPad and iPhone app development services include gaming app development. We have rich experience in creating the most immersive gaming solutions that have a high engagement value.
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Apple Wearable App Development

Our iPad and iPhone app development services include gaming app development. We have rich experience in creating the most immersive gaming solutions that have a high engagement value.
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Enterprise iOS Apps

Build internal application solutions for the enterprise-level members and bring in seamless collaboration and communication. Rely on our expertise to build interactive and intuitive iOS enterprise mobile apps to ensure seamless integration.
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iOS App Testing

We do not just create mobile apps, but deliver flawless ones. Our QA specialists ensure that each of the iOS apps, we develop are tested thoroughly across the entire phases of development and what the clients get is a high-quality, bug-free solution.
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iOS Maintenance & Support

Beyond just catering iOS mobile application development services, we provide dependable maintenance and support services that keep your app up and running through its life span. We monitor apps in real-time, reduce downtime, and increase availability.
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iOS App Security

Maintain the safety of your iOS app with our end-to-end application security measures and support. We provide you with the necessary protective shield to safeguard the privacy and valuable data of your iOS mobile application.

Success Stories with OrangeMantra Mobile App Solutions

One-Stop-Solution for Hero App to Reach out Android and iOS user

We built a cross-platform app as one stop solution for Hero’s eCommerce store with features like used-vehicle marketplace, motorcycle navigation, and customer service. With the launch of the Hero One App on both iOS and Android, the company saw a visible surge in digital engagement.
hero case study

App Development for a PVR, Leading Entertainment Service Provider

Our client, an entertainment service provider, needed an in-house app to engage customers with personalised services. They need the app to help walk-in customers go through the new movie release, schedules, food options, discount offers, ticket booking and many more features. We delivered exactly that and the app has been used by PVR for giving customers a virtual feel of sitting options to make smart selection.
pvr case study

Automated Solution For World’s Largest Furniture Retailer – IKEA

IKEA, the world’s largest furniture retailer, needed a kiosk application to showcase their product catalogue for their walk-in customers. The aim was to help customers go through the store’s product catalogues right from the kiosk installed at the retail outlet. Our developed app has been used by IKEA to offer customers smart selection by exploring the latest in-home products and experiencing innovation.
ikea casestudy

State-of-the-art Tech Stack for iOS app Development

We are known for our expertise in iOS development due to the cutting-edge tech stack we use
  • Languages

  • SwiftUI SwiftUI
  • Swift Swift
  • Objective-C Objective-C
  • Python Python
  • Frameworks

  • Corona SDK Corona SDK
  • Native SDK Native SDK
  • Phone Gap Phone Gap
  • IUIKit IUIKit
  • Platforms

  • Mac OS Mavericks Mac OS Mavericks
  • macOS Sierra macOS Sierra
  • macOS Big Sur macOS Big Sur
  • Yosemite Yosemite
  • Database

  • SQLite SQLite
  • CoreData CoreData
  • Realm Realm
  • Firebase Firebase

Sophisticated iOS App Developments We Use

We utilise all the prominent and highly sophisticated iOS app development platforms to get the best product for your business growth.



We use this comprehensive suite and its robust debugging tools for seamless iOS app development and the highest compatibility with iOS devices.


Our iOS developers use this modern, safe, and expressive language to ensure the highest performance of your iOS app.


OrangeMantra developers utilise this advanced coding assistance for the greatest productivity and the best outcome that adds to your revenue streams.

React Native

For efficient cross-platform development with a single codebase and an intense UI-focused approach, we use React Native.


With Flutter, we expedite our development effort and ensure visually appealing and high-performance iOS apps using a single codebase.


We leverage web technologies to swiftly build iOS apps with a well-refined and streamlined development approach.

Industry We Work as iPhone App Development Company

We have helped several partners enter the lucrative iOS app market and added to their monetisation endeavors with stellar solutions.

Our iOS App Development Process

Known for our expertise in iOS app development, we ensure you get top-notch iOS applications that help you reach high-quality target customers. Our evolved iOS development process ensures a great user experience and highly compatible app functionalities to augment your revenue streams and assist you towards business goals.

  • Finding


    • Grasping your unique iOS app prerequisites.
    • Understanding your business objectives and your target user base.
    • Conducting extensive research to align the app with your goals
  • Finding


    • Crafting a strategic outline for the best iOS app development
    • Defining the methodology and technologies to be utilised
    • Listing and prioritising features essential for app success
  •  Process Design


    • Creating initial wireframes for conceptualising the app’s structure
    • Infusing aesthetics into the design for an appealing UI/UX
    • Adding final touches for an intuitive and engaging user experience
  •  Process Design


    • Utilising cutting-edge development tools specific to iOS
    • Collaborating with our proficient team of iOS developers.
    • Writing precise and adaptable code, accommodating necessary iterations
  • Dеvеlopmеnt


    • Conducting comprehensive and rigorous testing to ensure your bug-free app
    • Resolving any inconsistencies to guarantee a flawless user experience.
    • Deploying the iOS app within the specified timeframe.
  • Maintenance & Support


    • Actively monitoring the app’s performance and user feedback
    • Regularly updating and maintaining the app for optimal functionality
    • Implementing robust security measures to safeguard user data and privacy.

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Why Choose OrangeMantra for your next iOS App Development

OrangeMantra keeps the experience of your target user-base the forefront when developing iOS applications for your business. Along with the we offer multiple benefits to you mentioned on the right side of this screen.

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Frequently Asked Question

Swift is the most common programming language used for iOS app development. It offers high safety and speed, along with modern syntax.

The timeline for iOS app development varies depending on the complexity of the project, the number of features required, and testing needs. While simple app may take a few months, complex ones could take a year.

To develop iOS apps follow these 4 steps:
  • Step 1: Ensure your Mac is ready for iOS development.
  • Step 2: Download and install Xcode, the most essential tool.
  • Step 3: Use Xcode to develop your iOS application.
  • Step 4: Run it on a simulator or device for testing and refinement.

We will assign a dedicated project manager to stay connected with you throughout your project. Besides being available for communication, the project manager will pass your feedback to the team and keep you updated about the project’s progress.

Yes, it is absolutely possible to have minor changes, updates, and bug fixes for your Android app once it is launched. We are available for maintenance and support as well.

OrangeMantra is the best iOS application development company. It is a renowned Indian technology solution provider and digital transformation company that best understands your requirements and provides a feasible solution matching your business objectives. OrangeMantra offers end-to-end iOS app development solution to your business using a strategic and streamlined developmental process.

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