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Empowering Retail Excellence, Every Step of the Way

OrangeMantra is aware of the difficulties that retail establishments must overcome. With a range of all-inclusive solutions to improve every facet of your retail operations, our Store Management Software services are built to tackle these issues head-on.


Inventory Management

Effectively oversee and regulate your stock with accuracy. Our Retail inventory management software guarantees real-time visibility, reducing the likelihood of stockouts and overstocks and maximizing order fulfillment.


Warehouses Management

Optimize the efficiency of your warehouse operations by streamlining them. To ensure a seamless flow of products from receipt to shipping, our warehouse management system assists in planning, monitoring, and optimizing warehouse operations.


Scheduling of Production

Use our manufacturing Planning module to streamline your manufacturing procedures. Arrange, plan, and oversee production processes to guarantee the best use of available resources, prompt delivery, and increased productivity.


Forecasting Demand

With the help of our demand forecasting tools, we can precisely predict market demand. Utilize data analytics to forecast market trends and consumer preferences, facilitating proactive decision-making and cutting down on surplus inventory.


Engagement of Digital Customers

With the help of our digital customer engagement solutions, we can improve customer interactions. Construct individualized experiences, use focused marketing tactics, and cultivate client loyalty with successful engagement programs.


Mobile Apps for Retail

With our retail mobile apps, you can stay in touch with your consumers while on the road. Product information management systems allow push alerts, tailored offers, and seamless shopping experiences to increase consumer pleasure and convenience.

Our Retail Management System Services to Boost Your Retail Experience

At OrangeMantra, we think that smooth operations and effective management are fundamental to a successful retail business. Our Retail Management System services are designed with care to empower your company by offering a strong foundation that improves every step of your retail experience. Our Retail Management System is a strategic tool intended to optimize workflows, smooth out obstacles, and set you up for success in the retail industry. It is more than simply a software program. Our Retail Management System services aim to revolutionize your company operations, going beyond transaction management. With our creative and customized Retail Management Software solutions, you can stay ahead of the curve in the retail space while streamlining processes, making the most use of available resources, and ultimately driving commercial success.

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Empower Your Retail Journey with Unmatched Efficiency and Innovation

Learn how OrangeMantra's Retail Management System goes above and beyond traditional options, providing a variety of advantages that will completely transform the way you do business in the retail industry.

Increased Effectiveness of Operations

Optimize your store's processes with accuracy. Our solution increases overall operating efficiency significantly by streamlining communication, automating procedures, and optimizing inventories.

Visibility of Inventory in Real-time

Unmatched inventory visibility is now possible. You can avoid stockouts, cut down on extra inventory, and make well-informed choices that will improve your bottom line with real-time monitoring and centralized management.

Enhanced Client Contentment

Enhance client experiences by offering individualized services. Our Retail Management System improves consumer happiness via targeted discounts and smooth transactions, which encourages repeat business and loyalty.

Making Strategic Decisions

Boost your company's performance with insights from data. Online dealership management system offers thorough analytics and reporting capabilities, facilitating strategic decision-making in line with your company's objectives and the needs of the market.

Expandability for Enterprise Development

Scalable solutions will help you position your company for development. Our Retail Management System adjusts to your changing demands, whether you are a small or big business, guaranteeing continued success and growth.

Smooth Channel-to-Channel Integration

Easily unify your in-store presence. Product information management technology streamlines your internal procedures while providing your clients with a seamless online and offline buying experience.

Discover Real-World Solutions, Learn from the Wins and Ignite Your Business Potential

Magento e-Commerce Store for an Acclaimed Fashion BrandAn acclaimed fashion house wanted to move on from retail selling to online selling as well. Find out how we created an impressive Magento store with a visually appealing customer interface which replicates the finesse that the client’s brand is well-known for.  

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On-Demand Grocery App The competition in the grocery retail landscape is humongous and growing with a rapid pace. The only way to stand apart is to deliver according to consumer expectations. Read how we empowered a renowned grocery brand with an on-demand grocery app that captured a major market share for them.

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Sharepoint Intranet for a Leading Liquor BrandLarge scale liquor companies that are into manufacturing and retail face myriad challenges, the biggest one relating to the management of information flow within the organization, see how we enabled a world-leading liquor brand resolve this challenge with a Sharepoint intranet portal.

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Uplift Your Customer Experience with Retail Management System

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Futuristic Technology, Seamless Retail Solutions

With OrangeMantra's cutting-edge and powerful tech stack, on a technical voyage that will revolutionize store management. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, our Retail Management System offers a sophisticated and seamless solution that meets the changing demands of the retail sector.

  • Front-End

  • PostgreSQL  HTML 
  • MySQL   CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Oracle Angular
  • Oracle Vue.js
  • Oracle jQuery
  • Backend

  • PythonDjango
  • Java  Python
  • C Laravel
  • C++CodeIgniter
  • C++Symfony
  • C++PHP
  • Frameworks

  • Microsoft Azure  Swift
  • AWS  Object-c
  • Google Cloud  Kotlin
  • IBM Cloud Java
  • IBM Cloud Flutter
  • IBM Cloud React Native
  • Analytics and Reporting

  • Microsoft Azure  Oracle
  • AWS  PostgreSQL
  • Google Cloud  MySQL
  • IBM Cloud MongoDB
  • IBM Cloud Redis
  • IBM Cloud Apache Cassandra Native

Transforming Visions into Seamless Retail Solutions 

From Understanding Your Needs to Providing Ongoing Support, we ensure a Comprehensive Journey Through Every Stage of Retail Management System Implementation.

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Revolutionizing Retail Across Diverse platforms

Discover how OrangeMantra's Retail Management System Revolutionizes Retail Operations with its Adaptability to Diverse Business Needs

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Unmatched Expertise, Seamless Solutions – Your Retail Journey Elevated

Discover Why OrangeMantra Stands Out as the Preferred Partner for Retail Management System Software, Offering a Perfect Blend of Innovation, Reliability, and Customer-Centric Solutions.


Uplift your business with a Retail management system. Take it to new heights and develop a transforming model for all your needs

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Frequently Asked Questions

A Retail Management System (RMS) is an all-inclusive software program created to maximize and simplify a range of retail processes. Retail Management Software India enhances overall retail productivity, it usually has features like inventory management, point of sale (POS), customer relationship management (CRM), and other tools.

Improved inventory control, better customer experiences, simplified operations, data-driven decision-making, and higher overall efficiency are just a few advantages of using retail management system software. It aids companies in being competitive and adjusting to market needs.
The Retail Management System Software from OrangeMantra is quite customizable. Since every company is different, we may customize our solution to meet your needs in size, industry, and operations.
Indeed. We built our retail management system with smooth integration in mind. We make sure that our system works flawlessly with your current tech stack, whether you're utilizing accounting software, e-commerce platforms, or other third-party apps.
We provide thorough guidance and instruction throughout the implementation process. Our team is committed to making sure the transfer goes well, delivering training sessions for your employees, and extending continuous assistance to handle any questions or problems that may arise.
The priority is security. To safeguard your data, OrangeMantra's Retail Management System complies with industry standards. Retail Management Software company protects your company's data, we use encryption, access limits, and frequent security upgrades.
Yes, your firm can grow with our Retail Management System. Whether you run a small shop or a huge corporation, our solution can grow with your company to meet its evolving demands and handle its increasing complexity.