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How Does API Integration Work?

Application programming interface (API) integration connects two or more systems or applications via their APIs. It enables the systems to exchange data. Many enterprises use APIs to transfer data between systems quickly and sync information across processes.

Businesses that use web-based services like CRM, marketing platforms, ERP, etc. most commonly use REST APIs. REST APIs offer immense flexibility and are comparatively easy to develop. REST APIs use web-based applications, a remote server, and returned data, among other elements.

API integration refers to the process of linking two or more APIs via their respective APIs to link their functionalities.

API Integration Services to Scale Your Enterprise Software Applications

API Integration Services to Scale Your Enterprise Software Applications

API integration facilitates the connection of your custom application with external systems. It also allows us to shorten the development time of crucial software solutions and reduce the overhead. Enterprise solutions with the right API integration provide superior performance in your software ecosystem.

We have an experienced team of software architects and API developers to build deeply customized APIs. Being a trusted API integration company, we are committed to streamlining clients’ tech infrastructure with custom APIs.

Our API Development and Integration Services

We cater to a diverse clientele, providing them with a comprehensive range of API development, integration, and maintenance services.

Custom API Integration
We offer integration of deeply customized APIs, covering everything from development, documentation, deployment, and more.
API Development
APIs built per the specific needs of your business or organization. We help you boost the connectivity and performance of software solutions.
Cloud Integration
We help you connect applications and systems and exchange data across multiple cloud environments by using efficient APIs.
API as a Service
Use APIs to facilitate software-based services by relying on web capabilities like HTTPS, JSON, REST, and SOAP, among others.
API Testing
We use a battery of tried-and-tested tools and technologies to thoroughly test APIs and find out every single flaw or bug.
API Maintenance
Whether it’s getting the optimal performance from your API or fixing a technical issue, we address your needs promptly and professionally.

Why Choose OrangeMantra as Your API Integration Partner?

Technology consulting

Technology consulting

We have a team of highly experienced tech consultants and software development experts to guide you through the entire integration process.

Seamless API connectivity

Seamless API connectivity

We ensure that the purpose of your API integration process yields the best results and establishes the connectivity and data exchange you need.

Cutting-edge cloud solutions

Cutting-edge cloud solutions

Cloud solutions being one of our expertise areas, we know how to best use the cloud to build flawless APIs that deliver the desired results.

Advanced technology stack

Advanced technology stack

We rely on a battery of the most evolved and sophisticated technologies to build best-in-class API solutions for your business.

API Development Technology Stack

We use an array of the latest and most evolved design, development, and testing tools to build and integrate impeccable API solutions.


Written in the PHP coding language, Laravel is a widely used backend web development framework. It is built on the MVC architecture model and provides beautiful syntax.


Django is based on the Python language. It follows the MVC software architecture and is suitable for building sophisticated software solutions. Offers optimal pluggability, reduced coding, and rapid development.

Ruby on Rails

It’s a Ruby language-based web development framework. The framework offers database default structures and web pages, etc. It enables the use of data transfer standards like XML and JSON.


ASP.NET Core follows ASP.NET architecture. It’s a modular development framework that can run across the entire .NET ecosystem. Being a cross-platform framework, it makes API development more efficient.


Angular is truly a development framework instead of just a suite of libraries. It enables front-end developers to focus more on creating a great user experience instead of searching for libraries.


React is a front-end development framework created by Facebook. It works with a virtual DOM and applies abstract copies of the real DOM. React is known for making faster updates on the web front-end.

Our API Integration Portfolio

We have developed, integrated, and enhanced APIs for a diverse group of clients spread across industries.

Our API Integration Portfolio

What Clients Say


An application programming interface (API) works like a bridge that connects two software systems. APIs are messengers that process requests and ensures seamless connectivity between enterprise systems. They enable interaction between data, applications, and devices. In short, APIs allow applications to communicate with backend systems. API integration facilitates all these capabilities.
The HTML version of an API takes an incredibly short time to integrate. However, the integration time may extend based on your specific requirements and the complexities of the APIs being integrated.
There’s no such predefined or average cost for integrating an API. Nonetheless, our experts could give you an estimate based on your requirements. OrangeMantra offers API development and integration services at market-best prices.