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Services Our Project Manager Offers

Hire Project Managers in India to escalate your project with expertise, precision, and clear-cut strategies. Our project manager will streamline your business by maintaining a balance between your costs and returns.

Working Man

To gain an effective strategy right from the start to end i.e., from imagination to deployment, hire project manager from Orangemantra. Their years of experience are enough to maximize your business revenue.

A Project's success is all about its completion and closure and a team is the backbone to attain it. A systematic and coordinated team is needed to get hold of the expected outcome and our project manager knows this.

Hire Project Manager to fix a timeline and maintain it. Our managers will look into your project from time to time to drive it to its completion within the selected time frame.

Our Project are well-versed in fitting all the features and requirements for your business in the proposed budget anyhow. Hire Project managers in Gurgaon to ensure that you are receiving all the services or not that are only within your fixed budget.

When you do something, conflict will occur and to achieve something, it is necessary to take risks. Orangemantra’s project managers are familiar with or renowned for taking calculated risks and settling any conflict that emerges.

Hire dedicated project manager to maintain crystal-clear communication with clients effortlessly. We have a team of project managers who are trained adequately to have cut-to-cut conversations with clients without any discrepancies.

Success Narrative of our Clients who Hire Project Manager from Orangemantra!

Over the years of its existence, Orangemantra’s project managers have marked their presence in multiple fields.

Impeccable Project Management Leads to a Reduction in Admin Time by 20%

Our client is mainly focused on software consulting services for all the enterprise-level execution of services and products. However, they are facing too many complications in task management solutions. It appears in poor interdepartmental transparency and time-consuming entry tasks. The ultimate solution for them is to knock on the door of Orangemantra to hire Project manager. The results are an increase of 5% in the utilization rate along with 20% less admin time. Besides this, improved forecasting, resource management, and a single source to gain insights into their project analytics.

Enhancement in Client Satisfaction and Global Business Processes with Orangemantra

Our client is a renowned tax, audit, and consulting company providing a wide range of professional services to clients in Canada and the USA. The challenge faced by the company is with its legacy system. It doesn’t have the essential features needed to assist their work and time-intensive projects along with delivering insights regarding project trends. Their whole process turns upside down after hiring project managers. The result is improved risk mitigation in tax compliance, smooth communication, and better usage of the KPIs and project status.

Witnessing the Improvement in Business Processes and Consistency in Project Delivery

Tools used by our client are not proven to provide the required data insights and clarity for better project management. It puts limitations on effective resource management. Ornagemantra’s project manager comes here in the game. Their presence resulted in refined forecasting, flawless internal team communication, commendable consistency in project delivery, and enhanced resource data insights.

A Library Full of Tools That our Project Manager Relies on!

Discover the tools that act as a driving force for all of our dedicated project managers to bring the ideation of projects by clients into reality as an acclaimed brand.

  • Programming Languages

  • PythonPython
  • JavaScriptJavaScript
  • Frameworks

  • ScrumScrum
  • KanbanKanban
  • Data Set

  • PostGRESPostGRES
  • MongoDBMongoDB
  • RedisRedis
  • Libraries

  • ReactJSReactJS
  • ChartJSChartJS
  • AnimeJSAnimeJS
  • jQueryjQuery
  • D3JS D3JS
  • OCR

  • Tesseract OCR Tesseract OCR
  • Adobe Acrobat DC Adobe Acrobat DC
  • ReadirisReadiris
  • Google Cloud Vision OCRGoogle Cloud Vision OCR
  • Microsoft OneNoteMicrosoft OneNote
  • PM Tools

  • BasecampBasecamp
  • TrelloTrello
  • SlackSlack
  • JiraJira
  • AsanaAsana

Elaborated Ways to Hire Project Manager for Your Business

Fulfill the demand of your project by having Project Manager in your team through these models. Explore which one suits your needs well, tilt towards any model, and you’ll find an ideal project manager for your business.


Full-Time Engagement

Want to have a dedicated team of project managers, long-term success, and a deep understanding of your business objectives, go ahead with this model to hire a project manager. With their experience or full-time presence, no discrepancy will arise.


Hourly Basis

Flexibility is at the core of this model i.e., Hourly basis. Hire project managers in India by the hour. It is an ideal way to have expertise for a brief period like for consultation or any instant project demand. Disburse for the hours when you need a project manager.


Staff Augmentation

Build your team by hiring dedicated project managers from us and enhance the efficiency of your entire team. Furthermore, hire anytime when you feel the need to meet the project needs. Our experienced project manager will leave no stone unturned in taking care of your project.

Industries Evolved with The Assistance of our Highly Proficient Project Managers

Take a glance at assorted industries or domains that transformed with the skills or helping hands of our project managers. They serve your project with the vision of making it a big one.

How our Project Managers will Operate Your Project?

Know every step to possess clarity before moving further to hire project manager from Orangemantra.

  • Finding

    Discuss Your Project Demands

    Tell your project requirements to our dedicated project manager. Then, they will come up with a systematic, strategic, or well-fledged strategy to start with your project.

  •  Process Design

    Hire Dedicated Project Manager

    Meet us, convey your ideas or expectations, and review the project proposal for a better understanding. Once you receive the approval, you are good to go to hire project manager.

  •  Process Design

    Get The Task Done

    Our project manager will take control of the team, and guide them in the apt direction to ensure that the project will finished in the right manner. Your project manager is available for you every time so you can connect with them anytime you need through chats, emails, or calls.

  •  Process Design

    Analysis and Delivery on Time

    Our Project manager performs extensive testing before delivering the project through testing automation to guarantee that no flaw will persist. In the end, they deliver flawless and high-quality products that satisfy all your business needs or goals.

Looking to Hand over Your Project in Safe Hands? Hire Project Manager Today!

Word of Mouth of our Clienteles for Our Prodigious Project Managers

Listen to the success tales coming from our clients themselves. See how they feel by witnessing how their project idea developed as a reputed brand with our Project managers.

Why Hire Project Manager from Orangemantra?

The vision or approach of our project managers towards a project makes us stand out of the clutter. Our project managers take complete accountability and go the extra mile to reflect the imagined outcome. Swinging in a dilemma about whether to hire or not, clear it out.

Turn Your Dream Project into a Competent Brand Name

  • whychooseusHighly experienced in web and full-stack development
  • whychooseusReduction in cost overall by up to 50%
  • whychooseusSkilled, proficient, and dedicated project manager
  • whychooseusEnsure complete safety or privacy with an NDA-signed agreement
  • whychooseusFlexible engagement model
  • whychooseusApproach and result as per the project requirements
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A Picture of The Team Taking Care of Projects Phenomenally

Dive into the profiles showcasing years of experience and forte or skillset of our dedicated project managers.

Deepak Sharma
Project Manager

Experience: 10+ years

Risk Mitigation Conflict Management Budget Planning

Shivani Gupta
Project Manager

Experience: 6+ years

Strategy and planning Project management Scheduling

Rahul Kumar
Project Manager

Experience: 12+ years

Process Orientation Decision-Making Budget Management

Mohit Sharma
Project Manager

Experience: 6+ years

Communication Risk Management Visionary planning

Frequently Asked Question

Project managers will analyze the project first in and out to impart solutions based on the gaps. They will form a team as per the requirements of the project or strategy to take it in the right direction. Once you receive the advice or their views on your business, start developing the team that is meant to be formed for that specific project only.

Our Project manager has experience in working in a complicated ecosystem by making it effortless. They execute a systemic approach that comprises:
  • Project planning
  • Identification of the business objectives
  • Designing and development
  • Product testing deeply
  • Deployment
  • Dedicated support or maintenance

It is pivotal to take a team of several people together and make them work in one way toward the end goal. Some of the reasons that can compel you to hire a project manager are:
  • A single point to communicate
  • Control the project scope
  • Tackle the pace, bugs, issues, and conflict
  • Management of the project cost
  • Bind the team to work together
  • Management of time and resources