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Adding Intelligence & Efficiency to Organizations with LMS Solutions

With a Learning Management System, you can seamlessly provide employee training, manage skills development programs, and do much more from a centralized software platform. LMS solutions are widely used by medium and large businesses, government agencies, and educational institutions, among others.

A well-designed LMS can dramatically improve the training, learning, and online education processes. We develop LMS software to empower corporate trainers, HR departments, sales & marketing leaders, compliance managers, end educators alike.

We build LMS solutions that enable cross-platform access to training, learning, and skills development courses and materials. The solutions are designed to create optimal engagement among participants.

Key Features of Our Learning Management Systems

Online Courses & Content

A well-designed LMS provides access to seamless learning options and content management. Users can incorporate content creation tools to the system. Features of the LMS solutions are designed to enable frictionless navigation for learners.

Tracking & Evaluation

An LMS allows you to accurately monitor the progress of a learner. In-built features let you review performance and have actionable insights into the effectiveness of a course. Functionalities like dashboards enable you to visualize data and make decisions.

Personalized Learning

Create a highly customized learning experience. Combine multiple courses logically and enhance learning. Learners can engage easily and effectively by leveraging the personalized experience.


Gamification can dramatically improve learners’ engagement. With gamification, you can also motivate learners to be proactive by offering them badges, rewards, etc. Foster friendly competition and make your training or instruction course more effective.

Training & Instruction

Smartly schedule virtual and classroom training sessions. With an efficient LMS system, you can create intuitive learning modules for participants. An LMS enhances the capabilities of an instructor in terms effectiveness of a course.

Task Automation

The most advanced learning management systems feature automation solutions. The automation of repetitive tasks enables instructors and admins to focus on teaching. Tasks like enrollment of participants, group creation, etc. can be easily automated on an LMS.

LMS Offerings from OrangeMantra

Sales Cloud and Service Cloud
Custom LMS Development
Get an efficient LMS according to features and functionalities specific to your requirements.
Sales Cloud and Service Cloud
LMS UI/UX Design
Design-rich LMS interfaces that create an immersive experience for learners.
Sales Cloud and Service Cloud
Cloud-based Learning Management Apps
iOS & Android learning management apps built in an easily-accessible cloud environment.
Sales Cloud and Service Cloud
Learning Management Web Apps
Web apps to make teaching and learning experience seamless and personalized on a PC.
Sales Cloud and Service Cloud
LMS for HR Departments
Enhance employee training and skills development with a feature-rich learning management system.
Sales Cloud and Service Cloud
LMS Maintenance & Support
Seamless maintenance service and customer support to minimize the downtime of your LMS.


A learning management system (LMS) helps you to manage an organization’s learning activities and competencies. It enables you to upload content such as courses, tests, resources, etc. specify who receives what content, tracks and reports on its use. To know more about LMS, get in touch with our experts.
With us, you get speed, knowledge, and solutions. We stand ready to answer all your questions in a timely manner. A qualified team member will respond and understand your specific software needs and provide you with the best-fit solutions and answers to your challenges. We are available 24/7 to help you overcome your critical issues related to the application.
No worries. Whether you have Word documents or PowerPoint presentations, videos, and/or SCORM, AICC, TinCan (xAPI) courses, our LMS solution can easily upload any content and all right into the system.