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OrangeMantra is recognized as a pioneer in modern vehicle telematics and continues to transform the industry with its cutting-edge Fleet Telematics system.


GPS Tracking

GPS tracking allows fleet managers to track the location of their vehicles in real-time, which helps them keep an eye on their movement and position. By utilizing GPS tracking in our comprehensive fleet management system, drivers can optimize routes, minimize fuel usage, and improve overall operational efficiency.


Remote Vehicle Diagnostics

Keep a check on cars and transportation fleets with telematics-based remote vehicle diagnostics to identify defective systems or critical situations for preventing delays, reducing costs, and avoiding accidents. Strengthen the health and safety systems of vehicles with reliable diagnostics.


Driver Behavior Monitoring

Our vehicle telematics software includes features for monitoring driver behavior, such as driving speed, parking, cornering, and stoppages. Insurance companies often rely on telematics data to create tailored insurance packages, where premiums are determined based on individual driving habits and behaviors.


Insurance Telematics

OrangeMantra helps you access and use telematics data to analyze driving practices and track vehicle mileage to calculate precise insurance quotes. Insurers can boost their profitability, enhance customer relationships, and get a better understanding of customer behavior with our vehicle telematics offerings.


In-Vehicle Infotainment

Our custom vehicle telematics applications facilitate in-vehicle connectivity through features like real-time traffic information, weather updates, connectivity with streaming platforms, and news alerts. These vehicles are equipped with advanced vehicle telematics with interactive dashboards for an enjoyable driving experience.


Fuel Managment

Get more mileage out of your fuel by receiving instant notifications about idling, fuel quality and road conditions. Our personalized telematic solution helps drivers gain valuable knowledge about driver performance and utilize resources to maximize the fuel output and vehicle lifespan.

Innovative Vehicle Telematics Services That Make Fleet Management a Cinch!

At OrangeMantra, we recognize the importance of effective fleet management in minimizing risks and maximizing uptime. That’s why our integrated solutions are designed to replace time-consuming, mundane manual tasks with state-of-the-art technologies. With our proven experience in telematics apps, we help drivers gain insights into vehicle safety, driver compliance, and fleet security.

Our telematic solution automotive combines navigation, safety, convenience and communication into one ready-to-use technology that fits in your vehicle’s dashboard.

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A Global Leader in Telematic Solution Automotive and IoT

OrangeMantra's vehicle telematics solutions offer real-time visibility to improve route performance, fleet efficiency, and customer service.

Vehicle Telematic Solution

Smart Traffic Management

Improve traffic management by optimizing the traffic flow based on current transport infrastructure

Vehicle Telematic Solution

Telematics Fleet Management

Better monitoring of factors such as fleet tracking, driver behavior, fuel consumption, vehicle maintenance, and more

Vehicle Telematic Solution

Advanced Mobility

Enhanced safety on the road with a close watch on traffic, driving, and predictive maintenance

Vehicle Telematic Solution

Bulletproof Security

Smart security features for vehicles such as remote door locking and unlocking, stolen vehicle tracking, and more

Vehicle Telematic Solution

Personalized In-Vehicle Experiences

More personalization in the automotive industry with experiences that are tailored for drivers and passengers

Vehicle Telematic Solution

Improved Route Navigation

Provision of maps along with turn-by-turn assistance to simplify route navigation for the drivers

Success Stories of Clients Who Utilized Our Vehicle Telematics Solutions

Explore our client's journeys marked with countless success stories across multiple industries, courtesy of our seasoned professionals.

Supercharging a Leading Transportation Company’s Fleet Management Capability As fleet management becomes increasingly complex but equally crucial to business productivity, our client wished to adapt to these changes by harnessing the power of telematics solutions. OrangeMantra developed a cutting-edge car telematics app to assist the client track their whole fleet remotely.

Case Study

Reducing Journey Time for a Reputable Logistics Company Our client, a logistics leader in the UK, experienced poor customer feedback due to extensive journey times. That’s where they hired OrangeMantra as their go-to technology partner and built a telematics vehicle tracking software. By merging real-time traffic information with vehicle location data, the client can now easily supervise fleet drivers and suggest alternative routes anytime, anywhere. This helped reduce traffic time, allowing the workforce to be more productive and accomplish more tasks throughout the day.

Case Study

Automated Maintenance Scheduling Helped Client Maximize Their ROI Timely scheduling, maintenance and repair is imperative to business profitability, something that our client was struggling with. By leveraging OrangeMantra’s customized software solutions, they installed automated Fleet Telematics system into all their vehicles. As a result, maintenance can now be booked in advance, allowing fleet management to take the vehicle off the road. Even alert notifications are sent to see what component or part needs replacing or repairing ahead of time, thus greatly improving business ROI.

Case Study

Our Illustrious Clients

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We Build Future-Ready Vehicle Telematics Software That You Can Trust

Modern telematics for vehicles enables automobiles to stay connected while enhancing the driver and passenger experience. Telematics in automotive industry will enable you to evaluate vehicle conditions, fuel usage, traffic, and insurance details - all with a Tbox fitted on the dashboard.

Whether your business relies on one car or a thousand trucks, we've got the perfect telematics fleet management solutions for you.

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Empower Client's Fleet Operations with Ready-To-Use Vehicle Telematics Software

Collaborating with Global Automotive Leaders, We Build Vehicle Telematics Applications for the Cars of the Future

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Client Speaks – Our Cutting-Edge Vehicle Telematics Offerings

OrangeMantra's vehicle telematics applications have completely revolutionized the way we handle our fleet. They have not just boosted our productivity, but also enhanced the security of our drivers and vehicles.


Frequently Asked Questions

Vehicle telematics apps offer businesses real-time data on fleet management, driver behavior, fuel efficiency, and maintenance needs. This information can lead to operational efficiency, cost savings, improved safety, and better decision-making.
A robust telematics app should have cutting-edge features such as GPS tracking, live monitoring, geofencing, analyzing driver behavior, vehicle diagnostics, automated maintenance alerts, etc. Moreover, it should seamlessly integrate with other systems, which is precisely what we ensure with all our digital offerings.
Certainly! By simplifying and automating processes through the OrangeMantra Application Development ToolKit, businesses can enhance operational efficiency and add new functionalities to existing software, taking their fleet management capabilities to the next level.
It is extremely important to have security measures in place to protect driver/user data. To ensure that the information collected remains confidential, hire experienced developers from OrangeMantra, who prioritize data security. Encryption, secure data transmission, user authentication, and secure server storage are some key security features that we add to your solution.
Absolutely! Our team of skilled developers deliver customizable and scalable telematics app solutions that align with your specific business requirements. This includes tailored features, branding, and integration with other fleet systems/technologies.