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Create new business models with vehicle telematics

Modern telematics enables vehicles to stay connected while enhancing the driver’s and traveler’s experiences as well. Essentially, this technology drives integration of data flowing from and to the vehicles through wireless networks for providing smart automation. The potential of telematics is immense as it provides advanced mobility, stronger security, improved navigation, reliable autonomy, and personalized in-vehicle experiences. It is poised to reinvent the automotive industry with cars that will be capable of tracking the vehicle condition, fuel usage, traffic, insurance details, and more, all with a tbox fitted on the dashboard.

Bringing this technology into practice for your automotive brand requires an expert technology partner and OrangeMantra is a name you can trust. With our expertise in cloud, connectivity, and embedded technologies, we can develop an empowering telematics solutions to build the cars of the future. We have collaborated with global automotive leaders to develop futuristic telematics solutions for them, which gives us a winning advantage in this domain.

Explore The Telematics Applications We Deliver

As connectivity becomes the future of mobility, we offer an array of telematics applications that drive connected vehicles

Connected Cars

Monitor vehicle information for scheduling regular maintenance, enhancing driver safety, and tracking driver performance for promoting safe driving practices. Analyze the route information to reduce travel time, lower fuel consumption, minimize the environmental footprint, and control costs.

Fleet Management

Innovative solutions that bring efficiency in fleet management with real-time visibility and data for streamlining processes and procedures, optimizing shelf-life, maintaining product integrity, lowering insurance risks, and reducing losses across the supply chain.

Insurance Telematics

Leverage telematics data to analyze the driving practices and track the vehicle mileage for calculating personalized insurance quotes. Insurers can boost their profitability, enhance customer relationships, and get a better understanding of customer behavior with telematics.

Remote Vehicle Diagnostics

Keep a check on cars and transportation fleets with telematics-based remote vehicle diagnostics to identify defective systems or critical situations for preventing delays, reducing costs, and avoiding accidents. Strengthen the health and safety systems of vehicles with reliable diagnostics.

Benefits Of Telematics

  • Improve traffic management by optimizing the traffic flow on the based of current transport infrastructure
  • Better monitoring of factors such as fleet tracking, driver behavior, fuel consumption, vehicle maintenance, and more
  • Enhanced safety on the road with a close watch on traffic, driving , and predictive maintenance
  • Smart security features for vehicles such as remote door locking and unlocking, stolen vehicle tracking, and more
  • More personalization in the automotive industry with experiences that are tailored for drivers and passengers
  • Provision of maps along with turn-by-turn assistance to simplify navigation for the drivers
Benefits Of Telematics

Core Features Of Our Telematics Solutions

GPS Vehicle Tracking

GPS Vehicle Tracking

Keep track of your vehicle or fleet with the in-built GPS right from the vehicle’s dashboard or through the mobile app.

Live Speed Tracking

Live Speed Tracking

Get accurate information about the speed at which your vehicle in your fleet is being driven and send across a warning to alert the driver.



Vehicle telematics support eSIM out-of-the-box, ensuring that the Vehicle Tracking System is connected 24×7 during the commute.

Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Track, gather, store, process, analyze and visualize in-vehicle data of any volume, variety, or velocity and use it for predictive maintenance.



Avail the advantage of consistent connectivity with cellular networks for in-vehicle data, messaging, and calls.

Telematics To Prepare Automotive Businesses For The Future

Telematics To Prepare Automotive Businesses For The Future

Successful implementation of telematics systems is greatly dependent on customization because every business has unique needs and goals. The requirements may vary depending on whether the solution is to be used for powering connected cars, enabling fleet management, or assisting insurance providers. As a trusted telematics vendor, we make sure that the solution we develop for our clients are just right for them. With our rich experience and skilled resources, we emerge as a partner that you can trust for building an empowering telematics solution for your business.

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