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Range of iOS Development Services

We take pride in offering a comprehensive range of services specifically customized to meet your iOS app development needs. Hire dedicated iOS developers from us who are committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions that elevate your digital presence.

Working Man

Leverage our expertise to create bespoke iOS applications tailored to your unique business requirements. From concept to implementation, our developers ensure a seamless and intuitive user experience, combining functionality with an aesthetically pleasing design.

Craft visually stunning and person-friendly interfaces with our expert iOS UI/UX designers. We prioritize growing designs that no longer only captivate users but also enhance the general usability of your iOS packages, resulting in an engaging and intuitive experience.

Ensure the flawless performance of your iOS app with our comprehensive testing and quality assurance services. Our meticulous testing processes cover functionality, security, performance, and usability to guarantee a robust and bug-free application.

Seamlessly integrate your iOS app with third-party APIs, databases, or other systems to enhance functionality and improve overall performance. Our developers excel in creating connections that optimize your app's capabilities and streamline business processes.

Stay ahead in the rapidly evolving tech landscape by upgrading your existing iOS app or migrating it to the latest iOS version. Our developers ensure a smooth transition, preserving data integrity and incorporating new features to keep your app competitive.

Explore the immersive possibilities of AR and VR technologies with our specialized iOS development services. From interactive gaming experiences to engaging educational apps, we harness the power of AR and VR to create unique and captivating user interactions.

Our Success Stories for iOS Development Services

Redefining Customer Convenience with One App for Many Solutions

One of the top automotive brands in India, Hero MotoCorp approached OrangeMantra for to build applications for them. Key challenges emerged at the next step: figuring out the tech stack. Since they needed to combine existing digital solutions on one platform, the technology requirements were specific. We built an app that bundles an array of solutions. From Hero’s eCommerce store and used-vehicle marketplace to a motorcycle navigation app and customer service, the master app is a one-stop shop for many solutions.

Improvisation of eCommerce iOS App to enhance performance

A prominent eCommerce brand, aimed to enhance its mobile shopping experience and boost customer engagement. They opted for app performance improvement services because they were facing some issues in their application performance. And they wanted to integrate new functionalities to stay updated in the market. Our iOS development team collaborated with the Retail company to revamp their mobile app.

Technology & Frameworks that Our iOS Experts Use

Being an acclaimed iPhone app development company, we possess comprehensive technology expertise that makes us capable of delivering high-end apps to match the client’s business needs.

  • Languages

  • SwiftUISwiftUI
  • SwiftSwift
  • Objective-CObjective-C
  • Frameworks

  • Corona SDKCorona SDK
  • Native SDKNative SDK
  • Phone GapPhone Gap
  • Platforms

  • Mac OS MavericksMac OS Mavericks
  • macOS SierramacOS Sierra
  • macOS Big SurmacOS Big Sur
  • Databases

  • SQLiteSQLite
  • CoreDataCoreData

Our Engagement Models

Whatever your needs and expectations are, we offer a range of engagement models to match. Hire ios app developers or team from our skilled iOS app development team that is backed by seasoned team leaders and project managers.


Dedicated Hiring

With the dedicated hiring model, you can hire a dedicated iOS developer or team to work just on your project. You have an outsourced professional or team working on your app, just as a part of your in-house team.


Hourly Basis

Hire iOS app developers based on an hourly basis payment mode to meet short-term development requirements. Find reliable development resources for a specific period. Also, the final billing will be calculated at the end of an app development project.


Staff Augmentation

Improve the efficiency of your existing team. By adding our knowledgeable iOS experts to your team, you may boost their skills. Additionally, fulfill changing needs while increasing the capabilities of your project.

Industries We Served for iOS Developer Expertise

As a no#1 iPhone app development company we have worked for several industries and provides Steller solutions to each client in India as well worldwide.

The Hiring Process We Follow

We are focused on accommodating every kind of iOS app development requirement. Our hiring process offers flexibility so that you can find the best match.

  • Finding

    Discuss Project Requirements

    At first step, we look at the project details, discuss and analyze it thoroughly. Our in-depth analysis helps the team concerned to execute the project smoothly achieving the business objective.

  •  Process Design

    Project Technical Feasibility

    In the next step, we select the technology suite that fits perfectly with your project needs. We also provide suggestions of suitable technology for your iOS project.

  •  Process Design

    Deploy Best Resources

    We ensure our best experts work on your projects to ensure the best results because we align the most efficient team of experts who put their expertise into it and ensure the business growth remains on track.

  •  Process Design

    Choose Hiring Model

    We offer different hiring models that include dedicated, hourly basis and staff augmentation that cater to satisfying all your business needs. Choose suitable hiring models according to your budget.

  •  Process Design

    Pay and Get Started

    Once the initial payment is made from the client’s side and the NDA is signed by both sides, we proceed with the development work and ensure the utmost security of the data and keep a backup of it.

Looking for iOS app development Services?

What does Our Client Say 

We have been serving the industry for over 21+ years now and continue to present quality-driven services.

Why Should You Hire iOS Developers from OrangeMantra?

At OrangeMantra, we understand that the success of your iOS app depends on the expertise and innovation of the development team behind it.

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Get the Excellence at Every Step with our Experts

OrangeMantra offers experts to ensure 100% accuracy in your business projects.

Karan Pathak
IOS Developer

7+ years

Swift AppCode XCUITest Core Graphics

Vaibhav Jain
IOS Developer

6+ years

Swift SwiftUI AppCode Xcode Objective-C

Sumit Thakur
IOS Developer

8+ years

Swift SwiftUI AppCode Xcode Objective-C

Sweata Singh
IOS Developer

5+ years

Swift SwiftUI AppCode Xcode Objective-C

Frequently Asked Question

iOS app development offers several advantages, including a highly engaged and affluent user base, a standardized development environment, and a reputation for prioritizing security and user privacy. If your target audience predominantly uses Apple devices, developing an iOS app can enhance your market reach and user experience.

The primary programming languages for iOS app development are Swift and Objective-C. Swift is the modern and preferred language, known for its simplicity and performance, while Objective-C is older but still relevant, especially for maintaining legacy apps.

The development timeline varies based on the complexity of the app, features, and design requirements. Simple apps might take a few weeks, while more complex projects can take several months. Factors such as the development approach (native or cross-platform), team expertise, and project scope influence the timeline.

Native iOS app development involves creating apps specifically for iOS using languages like Swift or Objective-C. Cross-platform development uses frameworks like React Native or Flutter, allowing developers to write code once and deploy it on multiple platforms. While native apps offer optimal performance, cross-platform development can be more cost-effective for maintaining apps on multiple platforms.

When selecting an iOS app development company, consider factors such as their portfolio, experience in iOS development, client testimonials, and the ability to understand and meet your project requirements. A transparent communication process, a well-defined development methodology, and post-launch support are also crucial considerations.

The App Store submission process involves creating an Apple Developer account, preparing your app for submission, ensuring compliance with Apple's guidelines, submitting the app through Xcode, and undergoing Apple's review process. Once approved, your app becomes available for download on the App Store.

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